Allow Yourself To Be Uncomfortable, Go Out of Your Comfort Zone

Updated: September 11, 2021

Do you want to grow as a person, find success, and change your life for the better?

Then allow yourself to be uncomfortable.

Face your fears and do the things that scare you.

Venture into the unknown and discover new things.

Go beyond the safety net and be uncomfortable.

When was the last time that you intentionally did something that made your stomach turn, your knees weak, and your palms sweat?


If you can’t recall when then you’re not making yourself uncomfortable enough to test your limits and grow.

But that’s okay – for it is human nature to avoid risks and stay within our comfort zone.

However, know that it is difficult or almost impossible to take ourselves to the “next level” without getting uncomfortable in the process.

So how do you allow yourself to be uncomfortable?

By trying out new things…

… like learning that craft or skill you’ve always wanted to have. Be a student hungry for knowledge. Commit the time to train.

By facing your fears…

… specially the fear of failure. Be courageous and persistent. Know that each mistake you do only brings you one step closer to success.

By having something important at stake…

… like your reputation. Take a challenge and announce it to the world. Be accountable. Accept responsibility.

Take an inventory of your life and write down the things you want to change. Dig within and identify what’s truly stopping you from making that change. Then create a plan and tell the people around you to expect that change to happen for you.

That’s how you become uncomfortable…

That’s how you achieve things, which you thought were impossible.

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  1. I have my own Version of saying with relevance to this: “MATUTO KANG PAHIRAPAN ANG SARILI MO, KUNG GUSTO MONG MATUTO!!! Another example when you go to Gym or play some sport, we were advised to do stretching and its kinda painful to stretch (at least momentarily). But Lesson is: “THE MORE EFFORT & PAIN YOU EXERT FOR STRETCHING, THE LESS LIKELY YOU WILL SUFFER FROM INJURY”

  2. One of my favorite saying is “shoot for the moon, for if you miss you will land among the stars”. It can be uncomfortable to take risks, but if you do you could be rewarded or at least find yourself in an experience that will help you grow.

  3. I learned a lot from this post Fitz! and also from your talk last night at the blogger fiesta 🙂

    To make more money, I think it is natural to be uncomfortable with your ventures and get pass your fears!

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  5. when we are uncomfortable with what we are doing, then we are walking along the limits of our comfort zone and “dangerously” threading that of the courage zone, which is great. Whenever we feel we are in that “uncomfortable” zone, then it would actually be a blast to jump in and enjoy the “unknown”.

  6. Military training teaches you to react quickly, almost automatically. You can push your limits while knowing that you have the edge over the adversary. My perception is that it is the same in civilian life, business or even school. Be thankful that most of us do not have to compete in a life threatening environment.

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