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Updated: June 6, 2018

What is Ready To Be Rich?

Ready To Be Rich is a blog that talks about entrepreneurship, business marketing, investments, financial planning, personal development and various income opportunities that are available in the Philippines.

Visitors to the website consists mainly of internet users from the Philippines and overseas Filipino workers in the Middle East and Southeast Asia who are seeking information on how to improve their finances.

Seventy percent of its audience are middle class office employees, professionals and small business owners living in the Philippines.

Why should you advertise here?

Ready To Be Rich has established itself as a quality source of information for personal finance, investing strategies and business development. It has already won several awards and recognition, including the Best Business Blog in the Philippine Blog Awards for the past two years.

The published articles on the site are always focused on teaching readers about the proper mindset and strategies for financial success. And it is proud to say that most, if not all visitors of this website come with genuine interests on finance and business.

Since its foundation in 2007, it continues to experience significant improvements in traffic. The website currently receives at least 135,000 unique visitors and more than 310,000 page views per month.

Moreover, third-party web statistics show that the blog consistently experiences a minimum of 3% increase in page views and a 7% increase in new visitors with each succeeding month.

Furthermore, this blog consistently gets at least 180 new email subscribers every month while it’s Facebook Page gets an average of 300 new fans every month.

The statistics above came from data gathered between January 2018 and June 2018. It is expected that these numbers will continue to grow as more original content is added to the website.

What are the advertising options?

A. Image Ad Blocks
These are 125 x 125 ad blocks located above the fold. It is displayed at the sidebar and one of the first things that visitors see upon arriving on the site (desktop version). These ad blocks are site-wide and appear in all pages and posts, including the front page.

As a direct placement advertiser, you will receive free ad performance reports every month. This report shall contain the number of visitors who saw your ad and the number of people who clicked your ad, among other details.

Lastly, all image ads will be subject to editorial approval.

B. Sponsored Content
Ready To Be Rich accepts writing assignments or sponsored posts that can help publicize your product, service or business. The post will be informative in nature, with details based on the data which can be supplied by the sponsor.

In the interest of editorial integrity, please note that:

  • The commissioned article will be written by me. Press releases can be published but it will contain personal introductory remarks.
  • The article will include objective commentary. I will post the sponsor’s message, but I reserve the right to share my honest opinion about it.
  • The comment section of the post will remain open to welcome thoughts from readers. Commissioning an article on Ready To Be Rich does not mean immunity from valid criticisms that might be said in the comments section by the readers.

C. Facebook Status Marketing
The Ready To Be Rich Facebook page has more than 126,000 fans and is growing at a steady pace every day. Get the chance to reach out to this focused market through a sponsored Facebook status.

For a minimal cost, I will post a status update as administrator to the Facebook page, ensuring maximum exposure to all page subscribers and fans.

Here are a few of the things that can be posted:

  • A link to your website, or any page within.
  • Share a relevant photo or an informative video.
  • Ask a question to or get feedback from our fans regarding your product, service or business.
  • Invite them to become a fan of your Facebook page

Where do I start?

I do not work for any PR Firm. So if you’re interested in availing any of the above advertising option, then your first step is to reach me through my contact form here.

I offer flexible advertising rates and options that will surely fit your marketing budget. So kindly include in your email as much detail as possible regarding your advertising inquiry, which should include the URL of the website to be advertised or business to be featured.

Other Forms of Advertising

Do you have an advertising proposal or a marketing strategy in mind that’s not covered above? Don’t worry, I’ll be happy to listen to your proposal and let’s see how we can work together on it.

If you’re in Metro Manila, then I could meet up with you or your marketing team and discuss possible advertising packages, if you like.

Again, just send me an email and let’s proceed from there. Thank you.


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