My life story

I started my journey towards financial freedom in 2003 and I have learned and experienced a lot through all these years.

I made this online journal so I can pay it forward and help people, specially my fellow Pinoys, who likewise wants to pursue wealth and abundance in their lives.

I was once a corporate slave, working 8 to 10 hours a day.

Although I had a good paying job and was able to buy the things I needed, I’ve always felt that I wanted more – more time to spend with my family and friends, more time to travel, more time to do my hobbies, more time to learn new things, more time to sleep – I simply wanted more TIME.


I started looking for answers and found out that if I wanted to have more time then I should stop working for money and let money do the working for me.

The concept of passive income suddenly came into my life.

I started reading books and resources from the internet, I changed and improved my financial habits, I trained on how to start and manage a small business and I learned how to invest.

After a few months, I found myself doing more work and with actually less free time! Looking back, I find it amusing, but back then, it was very challenging.

I called this phase of my life as jumpstarting.

I did a lot of freelance work – I bought and sold stuff in the internet, I joined a multilevel marketing company and I did several liaison projects. I was so busy during this time that I had to quit my hobbies, lessen going out with friends and I even had to give up watching television.

I had so many things to do that I would often use some of my time in the office to do my freelance work. Although my expenses naturally went up during this time, I was also earning more. Every cent of my freelance income was going straight into my savings account.

I was preparing to put up my first business.


After almost a year, I realized that I already had enough money to venture into a small business and do some low-risk investments.

In just a few months, my first stream of passive income came. It was an exhilarating experience to witness the seeds I’ve planted slowly growing and bearing fruits.

Two years after I began jumpstarting, after going through all my finances and preparing for the worst case scenario, I finally had the confidence to quit my job.

My expenses went significantly down because I was working at home. Although I needed to do more freelance work to keep me afloat, I also had more time to invest and venture into other businesses.

And this, my friend, is where I am now.


It is important to say that through all those years until the present time, I never stopped investing in myself. That’s why I still read books and resources from the internet and I continue to change and improve my financial habits.

I try to learn more tips and strategies on how to build and manage a business and I continue to learn how to be a better investor.

My goal is to finally achieve financial freedom – a life without work, enough money to buy both the things I need and want; and all the time in the world to do whatever my heart desires.


Join me. Jumpstart your life. Be ready to be rich.

And it all starts here my friend…

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