How To Be Resilient In Times of Difficulties

Updated: August 29, 2023

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I was once asked by a friend if I had to choose, which one would I want: a good life, or a beautiful life.

Slightly confused, I asked what’s the difference between the two.

She simply said, “The good life is where everything comes easy for you; while the beautiful life is where difficulties happen very often, but you always manage to overcome them.”

After she said that, I instantly knew what I wanted. But how about you? If you were to choose, which one would you want?

Filipinos are said to be resilient; as evident by our history where we, as a nation, have always managed to work together in camaraderie to survive economic difficulties and environmental calamities.

But how exactly do we manage crisis as a nation? Or to put it more aptly, how did our resilience come about?

I guess only historians and social anthropologists can rightly answer that question.

However, based on what I’ve observed and what I’ve experienced – resilience is not a characteristic you’re simply born with – but more often than not, it’s an attitude that one develops over the years.

Here are ten ways that can help you become more resilient in times of difficulties.


Believe in your abilities.

Nurture healthy self-esteem. Be confident with what you know, and what you can do. You have within you everything you need to get through life’s problems.

Exercise your problem-solving skills.

The more you use your mind, the more powerful it becomes. Enhance your thinking and increase your brain power by doing crossword puzzles, playing strategy games, and other “mind activities”.

Develop self-mastery.

Never let your emotions get the best of you. Live consciously and be aware of your thoughts and feelings. Always think before you act.

Be realistically optimistic.

Believe that your plan will work – that’s being optimistic. Having a backup plan just in case it doesn’t – that’s being realistic.

Allow yourself to be uncomfortable.

When you get out of your comfort zone and venture to the unknown, you’ll more often than not, discover new resources and opportunities that you thought did not exist.

Find strength in others.

Life’s difficulties become more bearable when family, loved ones, and friends are by your side. Don’t be afraid to reach out, and let others help you.

Fail productively.

Don’t be afraid to fail, because nobody ever succeeded in life without failing first. But more importantly, every time you fail – be sure to learn the lesson and correct your mistakes.

Live a healthy lifestyle.

Problems cause stress, which can eventually take a toll on our physical and mental health. Nurture your mind and body with healthy food, regular exercise, and most importantly – a good sense of humor.

Have a definitive purpose in life.

Don’t drift through life just waiting for things to happen, because believe me – nothing will ever happen. Snap out of your inertia, and find a worthy personal goal to pursue.

Just keep moving forward.

Resilience is synonymous with patience and persistence. Work through life’s difficulties one step and one day at a time, and you’ll eventually reach your destination.


Resilience is one’s ability to face failures, adapt to setbacks, manage crises, and endure pain without losing one’s confidence and belief that things will get better.

Be resilient – because life is beautiful.

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  1. “The good life is where everything comes easy for you; while the beautiful life is where difficulties happen very often, but you always manage to overcome them.”

    Talagang sa buhay kailangang ang Risk para sa pag grow as a purpose and driven person

  2. Believing in your abilities is so important. You’re not going to know exactly what to do in every future situation, so just trust that you’ve been trained to do what you need to do. Great advise.

  3. I find this article on “How to be resilient in times of difficulties” to be very informative and inspiring. You very well said it. And yes, horrible things happen to people which only make the living difficult, or sometimes chaotic. But these are why life is a beautiful experience. We need to believe in ourselves; that there’s always hope and things will get better.

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