The 4-Step Minimalist Guide To Success

Updated: December 29, 2022

Each person has his own definition of success. But the path that leads to it, is the same for everyone.

Follow these four steps, and you’ll find yours.

Step 1: Courage


Be brave and challenge your status quo. Face your fears. Banish your doubts. Take risks. Go out of your comfort zone.

Step 2: Realization


Life teaches you a lot of lessons, so always pay attention. Be mindful. Do self-reflection. Learn from your failures.

Step 3: Resolution


Commit to change. Make a plan. Write your baby steps. Strategize. Be a captain of your fate and prepare for the journey.

Step 4: Action


Give your dreams a deadline. Work for progression, not perfection. Ruthlessly prioritize. Schedule your success.

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  1. Having courage and strength to do something is what many people lack when pursuing a goal. I know I doubt my strengths at times and it prolongs me finishing my goals.

  2. Super post, I think this is another good one to print and hang over the desk for that occasional reminder we all need.

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