A Step By Step Guide To Starting A Business

Are you planning to start a business? Then this step by step guide written as a series of articles could help you.

I’ve written this with precisely you, the rookie entrepreneur in mind. I hope that in my own little way, I could help make your dream of having your own business come true.


Step 1:
Are You Ready To Be An Entrepreneur?

Step 2:
Come Up With Your Business Idea

Step 3:
Evaluate The Profitability of Your Business Idea

Step 4:
Do Market Research

Step 5:
Design Your Business Model

Step 6:
Define The Mission, Vision and Values of Your Business

Step 7:
Choose The Right Business Structure

Step 8:
Write A Business Plan

Step 9:
Plan Your Production System Part 1
Plan Your Production System Part 2

Step 10:
Determine How Much Startup Capital You Need

Step 11:
Raise The Needed Startup Capital Part 1
Raise The Needed Startup Capital Part 2

Step 12:
Find The Right Location For Your Business

Step 13:
Register Your Business

Step 14:
Launch Your Business

Best wishes on making your dream business a reality!

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