How To Start A Dog Breeding Business

Updated: July 14, 2015

One of the most lucrative home-based business you can do nowadays is dog breeding.

I have a couple of friends who are into it and they say that breeding dogs for profit has become one of their major sources of extra income.

But how do you start a dog breeding business?

Do you just buy a male and female dog, let them mate and then sell the puppies?

I’ve interviewed my friends about their “hobby” and this is what I’ve found out. Hopefully, these information can help you get started into dog breeding.

What are the requirements to start a dog breeding business?
The most important requirement is that you must love dogs. If you cannot be a “dog’s best friend”, then you have no right to do business with man’s best friend. This is a must.

Remember, dogs have that “scent” – which should be okay with you. And since you plan on breeding, then you have to be willing to handle the mating and birthing of your dogs which can be “icky” at times – if you know what I mean.

In general, if you don’t mind your dog sleeping beside you in bed and you have no problems with them licking you all over the face, then you should be okay at the very least.

Moreover, there’s a need to consider the people in your household and your neighbors. They must be open to the idea of having lots of dogs in the house – and likewise be tolerant of the scent and all the barking.

But keep in mind that loving dogs is not enough, you should also be interested and passionate enough about them that you’re willing to study and do research.

Study? Research?
Yes, it’s important that you know the different breeds of dogs – their history, genetics, pedigrees, characteristics and temperament.

Moreover, you should also be informed in the proper health care, breeding and mating techniques of dogs. There are so many resources out there and it won’t be difficult to find them, the real question is if you’ll be patient and committed enough to learn.

Let’s say everything checks out so far, so how do I start the business?
Technically, the very first thing you should do is to decide the specific breed you want to focus on. Choose the breed that appeals to you most, and start from there.

Once you’ve decided on the breed, then your next general steps would be to:

  1. Learn all about that specific breed – history, characteristics, proper care… everything.
  2. Study the market for that breed. How much is it selling? Who’s buying them? How popular is it compared to other breeds? Etc.
  3. Prepare your finances. Have enough capital not only to buy one or two dogs, but more importantly, a budget for dog food, vaccines and veterinary care. Also consider the expenses for registration and marketing. It’s a business – so prepare a business plan.
  4. Ready the space in your home. Depending on the breed, you should be able to accommodate at least two dogs at the start and if possible, a space for a puppy nursery.
  5. Lastly, buy the dogs, if you don’t have one already. Most of those who explore the business of dog breeding actually start with their own pets.

How much can you earn from dog breeding?
It’s hard to give specific amounts. But let me give you some general estimates on your possible income:

  • In selling puppies, you can recover your costs of buying and caring with three or four puppies. But that’s depending on the breed, if you get a rare color or a champion breed, selling one or two puppies can earn you good profits already.
  • In providing stud services, the costs of caring for your male dog can be sustained by this. If your dog has a good record of successful mating, more people will get him and you can make modest and constant profit from it.

What are the legalities involved in this business?
If you’re just starting out, then you can simply do it as a freelance endeavor. After some time, when your kennel begins to grow, then you can register it as a business.

However, from the very start, you should already have and properly file the veterinary records of your dogs, specially the shots it already had. And most importantly, the dog’s registration papers.

If a dog has no paper, or if it gets lost – then its selling value will be greatly reduced. In the country, dogs are registered through the Philippine Canine Club, Inc. (PCCI). If you need more information on the paperwork involved in breeding, buying and selling dogs, you can just contact their office.

Any last advice on dog breeding?
There are a lot of dog lovers and breeders out there – make friends with them and you’ll learn a lot. Most of us who are into the business are generous with giving out dog breeding tips.

This is actually how I learned – by first joining dog clubs and making friends with fellow dog lovers. Then I attended dog shows and that’s where I met dog breeders who are willing to show me the ropes of the business.

It’s a fun hobby-business. It can get stressful at times but overall, dog breeding can be financially and emotionally rewarding.

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By the way, the photos are of my dog, Brandy the Beagle 🙂


  1. What a coincidence, I just told a friend (who loves dogs) to go into breeding dogs for extra income. It may not be literally a ‘passive’ income; it can be a good start until she finds a good system to make it one.

    I do not keep a dog as a pet because of its scent (esp. wet dog smell). I have sensitive olfactory sense, which at times can be very uncomfortable. Lately, I came across a dog breed which does not smell at all (or at least my nose cannot detect any usual dog smell). I was even willing to let it on the bed! Now, the idea of breeding dogs sans the usual dog-smell came to mind. People (like me) who like dogs but cannot stand the usual dog-smell can now have the chance to keep one. Niche market! Yey!

  2. Thanks for this!! and oh I LOVE the beagle pics. I’ve only gotten as far as getting my license as a breeder from PCCI but as for the business planning part, that yet has to take off but reading this article was such a good start. 🙂

  3. How about fighting Cock Breeding? although primarily it sounds Gambling, But I’ve heard some Big Boys having it as a huge Business.

  4. Hi Fitz! You never run out of good ideas for business. My apartment does not really allow pets so I can’t venture into this kind of business. But my landlord is into this. Thankfully, I don’t smell his dogs that much. lol.


  5. Hi Fitz, please think twice before suggesting businesses like this. Dog breeding and its puppy mills is a cruel industry, endangering the health of mother dogs by making an “inahing baboy” out of them. People who would like to have pets, whether mongrels or pure bred,should try getting them from animal shelters like PAWS. Promote pet adoption not pet buying.

  6. Hi Greg. I understand what you’re trying to say and I respect your beliefs.

    Animal rights and welfare is a subject that everyone must be aware of and something that one must know when going into dog breeding.

    As written – “you must love dogs” is the first requirement. And if I may add, one should not go into this business primarily because of the profit.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on this.

  7. This is informative. My sister is a graduate of veterinary medicine. She’s planning a business like this. Let me share this to her. Nice post!

  8. tnong lng..pano q mala2man kung tunay ung pcci papers ng puppy n nbili q??my mrefer kba s akin n ngbbreed ng harlequin greatdane?un kc gus2 q breed..ung affordable

  9. unang una ang objective po ng breeding nyo ay pera agad. ang sagwa na agad pakinggan. ang binebenta nyo po ay aso as pets hindi po pagkain.
    lucrative po ang negosyong dog breeding kung puppy miller kayo. ibig sabihin pinapaanak nyo lang ang aso ng pinapaanak na hindi tinutugunan ang kanilang instinctual needs. basta may pera ang buyer ok na, done deal, bigay agad ang tuta. di nyo na minomonitor kung responsible dog owner sya.

    “The most important requirement is that you must love dogs”, hala mali agad. dapat po knowledgeable dog lover ka, yan ang dapat na requirement bago ka mag start.

    “They must be open to the idea of having lots of dogs in the house”, madaming aso?! mahihirapan ka ngang ifulfill ang needs nila nyan. not unless mag hire ka ng mga tauhan para iwalk, i-takbo, etc etc.

    “Technically, the very first thing you should do is to decide the specific breed you want to focus on. Choose the breed that appeals to you most, and start from there”, hala kung gusto ko ng border collie, tapos pag aralan ko ang breed nya, pwede na agad na yun ang kunin ko? basta may market pwede ko na sila agad ibenta? kahit working type dogs ok lang na gawing pets yun sa isang non working environment? tsk tsk

    para sa akin ang reesponsible dog breeder, alam ang psychology at biology ng aso. may time at tamang environment sya para ifulfill ang needs ng aso nya. may pera sya para malaman kung may genetic diseases ang mga binebenta nya. inaalam ang mapupuntahan ng aso nya. at may kakayahang tumanggi kung walang kakayahang ifulfill ni buyer ang bibilhin nyang aso.

    over-populated na po ang mga shelters ng aso dito sa pinas. tanuningin nyo muna ang purpose ng bibili. kung pet o companion lang naman, i suggest nyo po ang adoption mula sa shelter kasi kadalasan po askal/aspin naman ang mga nadun at sila po ang the best ng household pet. kung may mga tupa naman syang dapat i herd, dun po natin sila bentahan ng herding dogs.

  10. Hi toto, I’m a dog breeder and I find nothing wrong with the article.

    First, objective naman ang pagka-present ng information. I agree na dapat you must love dogs ang first requirement.

    Kasi if you really love dogs, maiisip mo at bibigyan ng importance ang animal welfare.

    Which means hindi ka magiging puppy miller, and at hindi mo ibebenta ang isang dog sa alam mong hindi sha maaalagaan ng mabuti.

    Second, binigyan ng emphasis na dapat willing ka mag-aral at mag-research about dogs.

    Kapag ginawa mo yan, shempre malalaman mo kung anong breed ang pwede at hindi mo pwedeng alagaan, given your environment.

    Kasama na rin jan pati ang pag-aaral ng psychology at biology ng aso. Dito mo na rin malalaman kung ano ang mga needs ng specific breed at marealize kung kaya mo ba itong i-fulfill.

    After ng dalawang requirements na yan, dun pa lang naman nag-suggest na pwede kang maging breeder. Then yung business aspects na ang discuss.

    I think, dahil ang article na ito ay sinulat to discuss the possibility of dog breeding as extra income or business – yun ang na-discuss ng husto.

    Ang issue ng animal rights and welfare, hindi na mashado binigyan ng emphasis, pero binanggit pa rin naman.

    Na-a-approve naman ang comments natin, dito na lang natin sabihin ang “more humane” side of the story.

  11. hello sir john. discussion lang po eto ha at wala po akong intention na makipag-away. pero i would be happy to learn from this.

    unang una po kung makikita nyo sa taas ng page may nakalagay na “READY TO BE RICH”, pagkatapos po ang first line ng article ay “One of the most lucrative home-based business you can do nowadays is dog breeding”. Dyan pa lang po masyado ng “inviting” ang activity na ito. At may katotohanan po iyan kasi kung papansinin nyo sa facebook, sa sulit at kung saan saan pang social networking sites kabi-kabila ang puppies for sale. kung tutuusin po wala namang mali ngunit ang kaso po ilan lang sa mga nagb-breed ang talagang may kakayahan in terms of pera at time at karunungan para magpatakbo ng ganitong klaseng activity. ang isang problema pa po ay wala tayong tinatawag na standardized guidelines na sinusunod kaya ang nangyayari kahit saan at kahit sino na lang pwede basta ba meron kang tuta na may red at green marks go ka na. hindi po ako magtataka kung napakaraming 14,15 o 16 years old palang na mga breeders. at dahil sa article na ito ay lalo pa pong dadami ang mga iyan.

    pangalawa, paano po ba malalaman kung ang isang aso ay may tinatawag na genetic diseases? malalaman po ba natin ito sa mga papeles ng aso? kung may genetic screening for disease detection in dogs dito sa pilipinas, magkano po kaya ang gagastusin ng isang breeder. palagay nyo po ba ang subject na genetic diseases ay concern ng KARAMIHAN SA MGA BREEDERS? Di po ba pag ang isang aso na may genetic disease maipapasa nya ito sa kanyang mga tuta, at maipapasa naman ng mga tuta sa kanilang mga susunod na tuta sakaling i-breed din sila?

    pangatlo, tutumbukin ko lang po ulit ang sinasabi nung may akda, “Technically, the very first thing you should do is to decide the specific breed you want to focus on. Choose the breed that appeals to you most, and start from there”, di po ba dapat po pag-aralan mo muna ang breed bago ka magdecide kung anong breed nga ang gagawin mong “pang-negosyo”. di ba po dapat you should know your environment first then decide which breed has the biological structure(physical and behavioral) suited for that. para po sa akin mali yung information na binibigay nung author. seryosong bagay po ito at kung tutuusin po ganyan na po ang nangyayari ngayon. ano po ba ang mga breed na nakikita natin pagmaglalakad lakad tayo sa the fort; di ba po nanjan ang siberian husky, meron pa pong sheep dogs gaya ng old english sheep dog at border collie. makakaita rin po kayo ng labrador at golden retriever at kung ano anu pang working type dogs. sir, sa inyong experience po as a breeder, tama po bang gawing pet ang mga nasabi kong breeds? tama po ba na nandito sila sa manila?

    pang-apat, salamat na lang at nanjan si cesar millan at yung mga tao na-i-w-walk na nila ang mga aso nila, at yung psychological aspect ng aso ay nalalaman na ng mga dog owners. pero ang nagyayari ang pagkaka-alam ng mga dog owners dogwalk lang po ang kasagutan sa lahat. ang akala nila lahat ng bad behaviors ng aso pag na-drain sa paglalakad magiging balance na sila at fulfilled. ilang working type dogs ba ang nabibili sa mga breeders dito sa atin? ilang owners kaya ang nag aakala na maidogwalk lang nila ang mga ganitong aso nila ay masasabi na nilang responsible dog owner na sila kasi “fulfilled” ang aso nila.

    panglima, study and research? maganda ang buhay ngayon at may internet pero sa dinami dami ng resources dito sa web, ano ba ang tama o dapat na sundin? aba, sabi sa internet ang labrador at golden retriever ay may magandang temperament at ito ay nasa genes nila kaya magandang gawing pet ang mga ito. sir, yung pagkakaroon ng magandang temperament ng aso nasa genes? hmmmm ang gusto ko lang pong idiin dito di po ganun kadali ang pag-aaral ng aso lalo na ang pag-aaral sa breeding. palagay nyo sir, ilan sa inyong mga breeders nag research o ang nakakaalam ng critical period of brain development ng aso? (hehehe syempre pwede na agad i-google yan para malaman)

    at pang-anim, animal rights and welfare. sa totoo lang ayaw ko pong i-discuss ito pero magandang mabasa na rin ng mga tao. bakit po ba breed pa rin sila ng breed ng mga asong gaya ng pug, pekingese, english bulldog, at kung anu ano pang mga flat faced dogs? HIRAP PO SILA. ramdam ng breeders ito at owners pero dahil sa ka-cute-an nila ok na lang din. sir, tanong lang po ulit, tama po ba ito? tapos nanjan pa ang mga dog show na pararangalan ang mga asong hirap huminga, hirap manganak, di makatakbo ng mamaayos, etc etc na ang nangyayari ay mas lalo pang ini-enganyo ang mga tao na magbreed para dumami silang mga aso na hirap sa buhay.

    sabi pa nga ng isang biologist, “. The breeding programs are not concerned with adapting the dog to the household environment. Rather, the dog is being bred for its showplace value, a not-so-mere-bagatelle of form, with little concern for what’s inside, or even if the animal inside that aesthetic shape hurts.
    It’s a bestial way to treat your best friend”.

    sir, sa totoo lang, ayaw ko pong mapromote ang dog breeding as business, di ko naman po sinasabing mali ito pero nakakakitaan ko po ng kasamaan patungkol sa welfare ng aso lalo na kung marami ang hindi nakakaalam kung ano ba talaga ang totoong definition ng responsible breeder. siguro po hayaan na lang po natin ang dog breeding sa mga meron talagang kakayahan. kung ma-icocontrol lang natin ang breeding dito sa pilipinas mas magiging maganda po.

    sa ngayon po mahirap gawin yang ganyang sistema sa germany pero sana po yan ang magiging direction ng dog breeding sa bansa natin.

  12. toto, you may not notice but you have a very angry words in your statement. you have a very negative energy.

  13. xtori, sir, wala po akong magagawa kung palagay nyo ay galit ang pamamaraan ng pagsabi ko. kung malalagyan lang sana natin ng tono ang mga text na iyan baka dun ko lang po mapapatotoo na gusto ko lang pong mag-educate.
    palagay ko po, sa mga taong may pakialam sa totoong welfare ng sangkaasohan, tama po ang aking pinagsasabi at para naman sa iba puno naman ng galit at inis ang pinagsusulat ko lalong lalo na duon sa mga taong iresponsableng breeders.

  14. I totally disagree sa mga comments that this is a lucrative business and its just for profit kaya ka mg bbreed..i am a breeder myself, but before i started to breed dogs, I studied and researched all the things that I need to know..we are a family of dog lovers and up to date, we have 14 dogs as our pet, minus the dogs that i used for breeding..”you should love dogs” the phrase tells it all, once you love your dogs, it is but given na alam mo ang psychology and biology nila…im sure that all breeders would agree that breeding a dog for profit is nothing but diff from loving a dog as a part of your family..even same breeds have diff characteristic, and im sorry to tell you guys that even with that number of dogs, we still manage to give them enough attention and we are sure that they are happy to be a part of our family…Lastly, as an educated dog breeder and lover, i know when to mate my dogs not because nag heat na sabak na agad…dogs need to mate as well to stay healthy, im sure u know that as well..everyone is entitled to their own opinion and i understand if others would not understand kung gawin business ang dog breeding, para sakin na matagal na ng bbreed, even before pa syang maging business ng iba o pagkakitaan..msyado lng napupuna ang breeding ngaun dahil may involve na na pera..

  15. @toto instead of being sound angry, why not just educate the readers. you said “hala” . “mali agad” you feel so superior. admit it or not. you are really really angry. instead of educating the readers in a calm way, you are like a terror professor, scolding your students. i think something is wrong with you mentally.

  16. ok xtori, I’m like a terror professor, scolding my students and above all something is wrong with me mentally, now, can you say something about the article?

  17. Good day. I was looking for a pet food business then I got this as one of the results. I would have to agree with toto regarding pet breeding.
    True enough that people nowadays tend to consider having pets as companions at home. This thus makes “puppy selling” really a lucrative business. However, please note that by suggesting this would entice a lot of people getting into the business. Toto was right in which website should you choose to believe in doing research. Likewise, it’s also the responsibility of the parent dog owners to know who the person they are selling pets too. I wouldn’t just sell the puppies of my dogs just to anyone. Although malayo pa mangyari sa pinas na gayahin ang pet laws ng US, shows like pets101 and dog whisperer should be somehow serve as an example on what to with our pets. The transaction does not end only after getting the pay.
    Lastly, please do consider that these aren’t just toys you are selling. These puppies are alive. Please do not exploit dogs just to support yourself.

  18. Hi I have a question regarding dog breeding.

    If lets say i own a female dog and I was approached by a male dog owner regarding breeding.

    What are the usual terms or rules that breeders follow?
    1. How many puppies does each owner get?
    2. Who pays for the vet cost when the female dog will give birth?

    Any info will be helpful. Thanks!

  19. Please wag niyo sana gawing business ang dogs or other pets. I also breed dogs pero mas malaki pa gastos sa breeding dahil hindi ko tinitipid ang alaga ko at premium quality ang kinakain nila. Nag breed ako for improving quality. sa champion lang ako nagbbreed. Kaya madaming puppy miller at ibang mga aso napapabayaan dahil sa ginagawang business ang mga pets naten. kawawa naman sila. they are companions. thay are our best friends. for me they are my babies. Wag naten sila pagkaperahan. Madaming paraan para kumita ng pera. iba na lang please.

  20. I grew up sa family na nagreraise sa dogs

    For me, we started the business kasi alam namin na yun yung passion namin. We love our pets. Pero sobrang mahal talaga ng upkeep nila. Vaccine… Grooming… Shampoo…. Soap…. Dog food…. you name it. That’s when we considered breeding dogs as additional income.

    Before we bought additional dogs, inaral muna nmin yung mga breed na gusto namin makuha. Inalam din nmin yung mga registration sa PCCI and got other permits we need. We have a vacant garage (yung car sa harap ng house nakapark). Dun namin sila nilagay. Lahat sila halos babae. Nghahanap na lang kami ng stud sa PCCI members and online. Para alam nmin okay yung mate. mahirap na mixed breed yung makuha nmin. masisira din kami. Hindi na kami nag alaga ng male dogs kasi need din nman namin shooter. we actually felt sad na since may napurchase kami na male dog na nun, we have to sell it. Ang hirap bitawan nung aso. Hindi lang nman yun basta aso lang. In a way part sila ng family. Mommy, ate and kuya kami ng mga alaga namin. Pero I’m glad kasi so far, maganda yung napuntahan ng pets namin. We know kasi inaadd ng Auntie ko yung ibang owners sa facebook. Ngpopost sila kung ano contest sinalihan, ano new chew toy….

    It’s not just buying, breeding and selling dogs. It’s also a way to spread happiness. It’s sharing yung mga pets na ni-rear till pwede na sila ipaalaga sa iba.

    Pero hindi nman lahat kagaya namin. Pero chances are, if concentrated ka lang dun sa profit side ng pag aalaga, hindi malayong di mo siya mamanage ng maayos.

  21. May aso ako, ASPIN, ang name nya ay si “Mama” 5 yrs old na sya. Healthy at gaya ng pag aalaga namin sa nauna naming dogs, kumpleto din sya sa medikal na pangangailangan,atensyon at PAGMAMAHAL Lahat po kami sa bahay dog lover, at PAMILYA po namin ang mga aso namen…
    Itong February lang, isang miyembro ng pamilya ang dumating si “Wilson” sya ay LABRADOR-SHARPEI mix (ayon sa napagbilihan ko). May feature naman po sya ng both breed i can tell. Pero hindi po ito ang gusto kong ishare talaga sa inyo…
    Sinubukan kong chikahin yung nagbenta ng puppy saken sa halagang 2500php.
    Kung kamusta ba business nya, kung magkano ba kita nya, ilan ang aso nya ETC.
    Ang sabi nya saaken , hindi talaga sya breeder, may tao na nagdadala sa kanya ng puppies sa mababang halaga tapos reseller lang sya, Almost every other day may bago syang X-BREEDS na puppy sa FB page nya na talaga naman SOLD agad in few days at dating lang ng dating ang puppies sa kanya.

    Then i wonder, naisip ko yung mga ASO na nagiging parang FACTORY ng TUTA upang pagkakitaan nila, MIX sila ng MIX ng BREED tapos BENTA LANG
    NG BENTA. Tumatanggap po sila ng meet ups kahit malayo ang place….Yung puppy ko nakasakay lang sa MOTOR nung nakuha ko at naawa talaga ako dahil novaliches pa sya galing tapos SM NORTH KAMI NAG MEET UP.

    Dahil dito somehow nalungkot ako, na dapat hindi ako bumili sa mga ganitong klaseng tao. Pangalawa, kung may mga taong patuloy na tumatangkilik sa mga kagaya nila kawawa naman ang mga aso. Kagaya ko, natukso ako sa murang halaga. Tama yung nagsabi dito na dapat ma-monitor ang breeding dito sa pinas. Agree din ako kay TOTO about sa mga sinabi nya.

  22. Lesson learned for me, 1st time ko din kasing bumili ng aso, lahat po kasi ng aso namin bigay lang (ASPIN) kaya na excite ako kasi 2500 php lang without doing any research sa seller… KAYA PO HUWAG PO SANANG MAULIT ANG NANGYARI SAKEN, Sa may mga plan po bumili ng aso ok lang, as long as alam po natin kung saan galing ang mga aso natin at nasa disente ba syang breeder…AGREE din po ako sa nag post dito na MAS OK KUNG SA ANIMAL SHELTER din tayo kukuha… Kasi yung mga aso na nakukuha sa lansangan yung iba doon buntis pa..Ater Few months po na walang kukuha sa kanila sa shelter, pinapatay po agad sila sa GAS CHAMBER.

  23. Sino nakakaalam ng mga suppliers/distributors/wholesaler para sa mga pet foods plan ko kasi mag start business. Sana matulungan niyo ako please…pm niyo ako at
    Thank you so much!

  24. The article is helpful for those who want to breed dogs responsibly. Not to those who want to establish a puppy mill. I too is planning to breed dogs in the future with the man purpose of sharing the joy of owning a responsively breed puppy. For years I was dying to have a husky but couldn’t find a trusted seller. Some sellers I guess were just puppy mills and I’m afraid I could get a defective of sickly puppy. Glad I found one from I think a good kennel. If I could give the best puppy to a family who want the best, too, It’s a fulfillment to me. Though the article is dangerous to some, but It helps me in my research of having my own kennel in the nest year or so.

  25. I agree with @toto! Mga buy and sell groups ng dogs dito sa pilipinas even those na sikat na kennel hindi man lang maipost mga health exam results like for example sa labrador. Mga hips, eyes etc. Puro post PCCI papers, maipakita lang red and green marks.

  26. Masarap at mahirap mag breed ng aso,masarap dahil dog lover ka.mahirap dahil minsan talo ka,hirap din mag alaga ng TAMA..,meron dog na hindi nag pproduce,meron din may problema..meron nman suerte, ..tingin ko eto ay dapat hobby and lucky breeding..

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