How To Change Your Life

Updated: January 28, 2024

Is your life a seemingly pointless and boring routine?

Are you stuck and feeling trapped in the daily grind?

Do you often wish there’s a way to break free from your life’s monotony?

Then read on… because I have something to tell you – and I know it will change your life.

I’ve recently read a book entitled, Thinking for a Change: 11 Ways Highly Successful People Approach Life and Work, and the author, John C. Maxwell points out a simple solution on how a person can change his or her life.

First, Change How You Think

Ask any motivational speaker and he or she would say that all change starts in the mind. That’s why your first step should be to change how you think.

When you see a rich, old guy married to a young, beautiful woman – what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

Do you immediately conclude that the lady probably just married him for his money? Would it be hard for you to think and accept that the two might be, just plainly in love with each other?

Change how you think by being open to many possibilities. Always remember that most of the time, there is more to what your eyes can see.

When You Change How You Think, You Change Your Beliefs

The moment you start thinking differently, your belief system will soon follow – because the things you believe in are merely a summation of your thoughts.

When you wake up late for work, get stuck in a traffic jam, arrive at the office with your boss in a sour mood and then see tons of paperwork piled on your desk – do you immediately conclude you’re having a bad day?

If you’re someone who tends to think differently than most people, then you’ll probably say you’re just having a rough morning. And because of that, it won’t be hard for you then, to believe that your afternoon can become better (and most of the time, it will be).

Change your beliefs by focusing your thoughts on creativity, opportunity and positivity. And you’ll see that what you believe in, will often manifest into reality.

When You Change Your Beliefs, You Change Your Expectations

Belief is a powerful tool for manifesting the things we desire – because you will force your mind to subconsciously find a way to prove you’re right.

Imagine yourself as an Olympic track and field athlete. Do you think you’ll win the race if you believe the person next to you can run faster than you? Of course not.

But when you believe that you’re the best on the field, and you begin to visualize yourself crossing the finish line first. Your mind, and your body, begins to react and work together to meet that expectation.

Change your expectations by believing that you can do anything that you put your mind into. More often than not, your expectations will become a self-fulfilling prophecy – so believe in your success.

When You Change Your Expectations, You Change Your Attitudes

Expectations often affect how we approach and handle things – because it’s a natural response for humans to be prepared for what they believe will come.

When the weather forecast says that a low pressure area is forming in your area, then you expect there will be rain, so you bring an umbrella, right?

If you see your life as a boring routine, then you’ll expect that each day will just be ordinary and uneventful, which then causes your attitude to unconsciously hold back and miss out opportunities that may come around.

Change your attitude by expecting an extraordinary, life-changing event happening to you soon. You’ll see how this simple adjustment in attitude can change how you see the world around you.

When You Change Your Attitudes, You Change Your Behavior

Your attitudes always determine your behavior – because those that we give value, we complement with action.

Do you know someone who’s always late? More often than not, the reason for that behavior is because that person has a self-centered attitude and thus, he does not value other people’s time.

Keeping a positive and healthy mental attitude towards yourself and other people, will help you become a person of value, which can then transform you into a person of admirable actions.

Change your behavior by changing your mindset. Choose carefully the things which you give value, because those are the things you’ll attract in your life.

When You Change Your Behavior, You Change Your Performance

Your basic behavior is made up of things which you are comfortable doing. And if you are not willing to be uncomfortable, then nothing will ever change in your life.

I have a friend who would always take the same route to work every day. One time, a road construction forced him to take a detour, which consequently made him arrive 30 minutes late at the office. However, he challenged himself to find better routes and after almost a week, he found two paths that can bring him to work on time.

People who are unwilling to change their behavior are too afraid to go out of their “comfort zone”, and thus they don’t get the chance to test their limits, become more productive and improve their performance.

Change and improve your performance by constantly taking on challenges that will force you to be out on unfamiliar territory. Remember that self-improvement is a life-long journey.

When You Change Your Performance, You Change Your Life

It all started with how you think, which changed your belief system. Then by believing that your life can be better, you begin to change your expectations and prepare yourself for opportunities to come to your life.

Because you’re expecting extraordinary and exciting things to happen in your life, you begin to adjust your attitudes and behavior to accommodate new possibilities. This consequently, helps you become more productive and open towards self-improvement.

Then one day, you’ll begin to wonder, and start to look back at everything that has happened – and you’ll see and realize, how far you’ve already gone from where you started, and how much different and better, your world has become.

And that’s how you change your life.

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  1. I really liked though, “there is more to what our eyes can see.” It is the same with optimos prime words: “there is always more than meets the eye”… it is good to remember it always, it is basically “judging”… As what Jesus said ” don’t judge or you to will be judge”)

  2. As if, i am talking to my most dear friend when i’m reading your blog. These are the things i wanted her to tell me…but she never did. Thank you Fitz!! This post really inspire me to do the things i have forgotten for so long..”Going out of my comfort zone” for a better new “ME”. A real happy new year to you and your family.

  3. another inspiring post.

    just want to share something. when i was still in college, part of the curriculum for the final semester is attending seminars and trainings na related sa field na papasukin nila. di ba financial literacy is not really taught in school. we have basic accounting pero ang laging example ng prof namin is loan LOL! I just thought na kung may nagconduct ng financial seminar for graduating college students, kahit basic lang, it will open their minds and it will help them a lot with regards to how they will manage their income. most of us kasi will discover lang yung mga ganito later in life na, like me, who experienced a lot of “broke” days. so i guess, it’s one way of helping na rin these “future employees” to increase their financial knowledge, hindi lang yung knowledge sa field nila.

    just my two cents

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