Top 10 Blog Posts of 2020

Updated: December 31, 2021

The year 2020 has been quite a year. And today, we look back at the blog articles that resonated the most with you.

These articles received the most views and shares for the year. It’s a list that you helped create, so I’d like to say “Thank You” for being part of my blog.

Again, my gratitude goes out to you for your generous support, and my wish is that you’ll continue to be part of my financial journey through 2021.

That’s it for our intro, let’s now proceed to the list.

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2020

Top 10
The Best People to Copy on eToro
A lot of you learned about copytrading in 2020, and this was the list that helped you create your initial portfolio on eToro. This post inspired me to create this Top Recommended People to Copy for Beginners on eToro CopyTrader.

Top 9
List of PERA Administrators and PERA Investment Funds
A rundown of the administrators and investment options for the Personal Equity and Retirement Account. This page will continuously be updated as the list grows, so bookmark it for reference.

Top 8
Digital Banking in the Philippines: Best Features and List of Digital Banks
The year 2020 is the year when more Pinoys learned about digital banks. This article gives the pros and cons of digital banking, and why I believe it’s one of the best financial products out there.

Top 7
Withdrawing Huge Cash is a Risky Move During These Quarantined Times
This article was written in collaboration with BDO for the #BANKyanihan campaign. It gives tips and insights on how one should navigate their finances through the quarantine period.

Top 6
5 Ways To Earn Passive Income Through Real Estate
Real estate is a great source of passive income, and you can make money not just from rental properties. Here’s a list of other ways you can create real estate cashflow.

Top 5
What To Do During a Recession to Protect Your Money
The Philippines went into an economic recession this year. Here are the personal finance tips that will help protect your money in these trying times.

Top 4
5 Businesses You Can Start With Zero or Very Little Capital
If you’re looking for low-capital business ideas, then this list can definitely help you get started on becoming an entrepreneur.

Top 3
Investing in Stocks with High Dividend Yields
Buying companies that give high dividends is a long-term investing strategy that many consider. Here’s what I think about this and a list of the stocks you can consider.

Top 2
How To Sign Up for BDO Online Banking and Bank From Home
The lockdown has forced a lot of Filipinos to do online banking. And this article has been among the most searched for articles in 2020.


Top 1
25 Good Business Ideas To Start During and After the Lockdown
Our budgeting skills were challenged in 2020, and many wanted a way to earn extra income. I hope this article was able to give you great business ideas to pursue.

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