Use the Fresh Start Effect to Help You Save Money (Episode 51)

Updated: December 11, 2021

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Episode 51 Chapters:

  • 00:58: Change Happens Slowly
  • 02:00: Temporal Landmarks
  • 03:05: A Fresh Start
  • 05:19: Episode Break
  • 06:20: Tip 1: Mindset
  • 08:41: Tip 2: Effortless
  • 10:12: Tip 3: Automatic
  • 11:35: Bonus Tip

Excerpts and Highlights:

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different?” – C.S. Lewis

Temporal landmarks motivate us to evaluate our lives and to consider taking new directions. These milestone events provide potential pivots for an individual’s behavior.

When it comes to setting goals and developing new habits, most people don’t start randomly. In fact, there are specific times when our minds are prone to making a fresh start.

Fresh starts such as the new year are opportunities for you to leave behind your old self and become the new person that you want to be.

“We cannot solve a problem on the level of consciousness that created it.” –Albert Einstein

Don’t force yourself to make big changes in your behavior because you will fail.

Make your saving habit automatic, which can mean setting up an auto-transfer or auto-debit facility on your savings account.

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  1. Most of the year 2020 was very challenging. There were many days we had to modify our plans and turn on a dime. A LOT of “fresh starts” if you will. Prior to an announced lockdown, like others, we wanted to pick up a few things that were running low only to learn that foreign credit cards were “blocked to prevent foreigners from hording cash.” Sounds great in theory but who would be hording cash that you need to pay for supplies to ride out the situation? Local vendors surely lost from that plan. It was only by the good fortune of having a compassionate bank manager where we hold our account for our largest business that we were able to learn what days and at witch ATMS my wife could get cash.

    I am usually a proactive person and certainly not reactive but man did I have to break some of my rules in 2020. Normally, I detest having uninvited cash lying around and not earning. Now, I conceder having P50,000 a bare minimum to have in the safe for a family of five. So many times we had to “do an about face” to keep things rolling.

    My conclusion looking back for the year: We may not have done everything perfectly. We might have done many things much better than we did on short notice & quick thinking. Still, we came through the crisis with only a small overall drawdown of cash and no immediate or extended family members fell ill. (We believe good nutrition and plenty of supplements helped boost the immune system!!) We were able to maintain and even increase our charitable donations. I decided to forgive myself for anything that I fell short on and move forward. During the lockdown, one new business was conceived and fired-up and that may become a passive income sometime in the future. While we will NOT forget the lessons learned on how to prep better for pandemic. We will certainly give thanks for all the time were gifted to create the new business, launch it and I plan to enjoy watching it grow alongside our stable of other ventures. May 2021 be a GREAT year of recovery.

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