Guide to Investing and Growing Your Wealth in 2021

Updated: February 7, 2022

The beginning of this year is unlike recent years, especially for Filipinos. The country is in an economic recession, with politically-divided citizens, and navigating through a pandemic.

Despite this, in my observation, people were still reasonably optimistic in the last quarter. Probably because many have already adjusted and accepted their new normal.

But it isn’t yet time to be complacent because things can still drastically change in the months ahead. And only when this public health crisis is resolved can we have more certainty of our future.

Furthermore, last year actually presented unique and excellent opportunities to make money. However, only those who were prepared and agile enough to act were able to take advantage of them.

Stock market and cryptocurrency traders are the clear winners from my perspective. With content creators and live streamers coming in at a close second. While in third place, are e-commerce entrepreneurs and online freelancers.

And in my opinion, it won’t be much different this year.

This is the consideration I have in mind when I created this list of the best investments for 2021. It may not be your expected list, but I believe these 3 tips can give your personal finance the best opportunities for growth this year.


In an economic crisis, having multiple sources of income gives you financial security.

Fixed-income investments
When stock markets fall, the bond markets typically go up. If we see another steep decline in equities, then turn your eyes towards fixed-income securities.

Alternatively, you can invest in instruments that give regular dividends, especially those that give rates higher than 4% per annum. Those that immediately come to mind are:

Do a side hustle
A lot of online freelancers I know were not financially affected by the pandemic. So, brush up on your skills and consider becoming one this year.

Alternatively, you can use your free time to do these side hustles, which have great monetization options:

  • Become a content creator (especially as a video blogger on Youtube).
  • Be a live streamer (if you’re not a gamer, try streaming on Kumu or even TikTok).
  • Trade the financial markets (trade U.S. stocks, forex, ETFs, Bitcoin, etc. on eToro).

As a side note, there was a huge growth in podcasting for the Philippines last year. If you’re thinking of starting one yourself, then here’s an article on how you can make money from podcasting.

Start a business
Build a home-based business and sell your products online. The question now is, “What can I sell?” Fortunately, I shared an important tip in Episode 45 of my podcast, which you can listen to below:

Alternatively, you can also explore these types of businesses:

  • Online coaching or consultation business (learn more about this here)
  • Join a network marketing business (fastest way to have a product you can sell online)
  • Create a digital product and sell online (ebooks, templates, stock photos, music, etc.)


Investing is not about making more money, it’s about growing your money to make your dreams a reality. There are numerous investments out there, and the best way to choose which one is right for you is to anchor them to your goals.

Short-term goals (2 years or less)
Your investment should be low-risk and liquid. A digital bank account is a great option for this. But also, money market and other short-term investment funds.

Medium-term goals (2 to 5 years)
Invest in moderate-risk instruments such as balanced funds. For those who will need the money after 5 years, Pag-IBIG MP2 is a good choice. Alternative options are cooperatives and crowdfunding investments (again, like Flint Philippines)

For those who want to passively grow their money in the financial markets, eToro’s Copytrading feature is a legitimate option. Check my recommended people for copytrading here.

Long-term goals
Money for long-term goals such as retirement is always best to be put in high-risk but high-return investments. The stock market is the primary candidate for this, but investing in index funds and equity funds are equally good options.


Your best investment will always be on yourself. Having a growth mindset is important and you should never stop learning. When it comes to good habits, these three have helped me last year to become healthy, happy, and productive.

This is a no-brainer. Having regular physical activity is definitely good for your health, happiness, and productivity. Research shows that 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day is good enough. Reducing sitting time is important, too. (I’m investing in a standing desk this year).

The pandemic has brought to light the importance of mental health. And one of the most effective ways to improve it is through mindfulness. In fact, a lot of studies have already shown that having a meditation practice is beneficial to one’s state of being and productivity.

If there’s a habit that can help compound your happiness and motivate you to be productive, then it’s practicing gratitude. And this is backed by science, as you can learn from my previous article: Why a Gratitude Journal Will Help You Become Rich

Final Words

If you want to invest and grow your money in 2021, then you should look into creating additional sources of income because challenging times are still expected.

When it comes to investing, it’s not simply about where you can make the most money and have the best returns. Your investments should first and foremost, be able to take you to your financial goals with the least amount of risk.

Lastly, remember that learning and self-improvement are lifelong activities. And my hope is by the end of 2021, that we’ve all become a better version of ourselves.

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  1. Fitz, Thank you for thirteen minutes and twelve seconds of solid gold advise. I have posted before how we considered the huge amount of free time at home during COVID lockdowns as a blessing, using the time to put the finishing touches on yet another new business. This time the business is on-line and with high probability of a long term passive income.

    Coming out of the lockdown, we invested additional money into our existing local business and opened portfolios at several new locations. We took your great information on the Pag-ibig MP2 fund that I first learned about on your financial blog and have started opening a new account every year. This year (2021) will be account #2. We intend to do so for five years (like a bond ladder with a five year maturity) and my instructions to my wife will be roll it as each account matures unless you need it. The accounts are timed to mature around when money is needed for tuition each year. I hope she never needs to use the funds and will have the money as extra for her retirement. It is a comfort to know there is a back-up for our troops education and or by Beautiful Brides retirement.

    Finally, I wanted to say a big thank you for the idea you posted a few weeks ago and mentioned again today about keeping a success & failure journal with notes on what things you are grateful for. My family liked the idea of recording all the many things we are thankful for over the years along with what works and what did not. I am happy to report that all of the troops now have a brand new planners where short notes may be recorded in one section and there is a section where they may write in more detail about those things they are super motivated. We already have school called off in our province once again due to a new COVID strain but on balance we are better prepared than ever. I believe, even with difficulties, trials and tribulation, 2021 is getting off to a good start!!!

  2. I just want to share my journey with you so that I can thank you for sharing ways on how I can multiply my sources of income and reach my financial goals.

    I rarely talk about this, but it’s so tiring to earn money. I wake up everyday very early in the morning to work with my mom and we go to so many places together and meet people everyday to fulfill our dreams. Mom and I talk to new people every day just to make money. I don’t want to say that I’m having a hard time because I’m training myself to enjoy my work and to be good with earning money just like my mom is, but it’s really hard to earn money in the Philippines. For my first job and I had this job before I graduated from college, I was paid 30,000 pesos/$ 600 every month without any deductions for taxes or whatsoever by my Canadian client. My first job was as a writer. I’m very grateful I was able to make that much money for my first job because that’s a stepping stone for my financial goals. However, like I said, it’s hard to make money, even though I don’t like saying that I’m having a hard time doing so because again like I said, I want to be trained by mom and myself to make large sums of money at an early age. I’m always praying for and working very hard for me to reach my financial goals of making 40,000 pesos per month through passive income through my rental properties after 5 years. I know I can do that. My mom also believes and is very proud of me to for making very wise and responsible choices. I’m going to start with making $ 150 per month through passive income through our rental properties, and then I’m going to slowly grow my small empire as any good and wise investor/entrepreneur/businesswoman would do. My mom has always been my business partner, mentor, bestfriend, number 1 supporter, and so many more. She believes in my potential and always tells me that I can shape my destiny for the best, and she’ll always be guiding me all the time. Thank you, Mom!

    Many thanks again!

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