1. March 2020 is a time of crisis do to the virus floating around and I think we should all remain focused on getting past this emergency as best we are able. I can say that my family is learning more each day about how we could have been better prepared. While I am no fan of idle cash sitting around earning nothing, we certainly could have used far more cash than we had on hand in the home. There is no problem using local bank or my international VISA card at local stores that have any stock to sell and are on-line. Where we could use more cash is for the wonderful folks who have brought in both local and Baguio vegetables as well as a selection of meats and seafood right at the entrance to our subdivision. You must have cash to make a purchase. The same goes for drinking water delivery and when we need it and a replacement gas cylinder. I keep an extra gas cylinder ahead and we have water far in advance of need but should the emergency continue we will have to deal with this. Finding an ATM with cash has been difficult for my wife on her designated days out. When she does find a machine, only P10K may be withdrawn per transaction. None of the machines that would dispense P20K/transaction are being refilled with cash these days, at least in our area. The humorous thing is that when the bill for services such a electric power was posted, it was instantly paid in full by an auto-debit. I guess we should be thankful that we will NOT be facing huge utility and internet service bill when this crisis ends.

  2. From home tapos icoconfirm sa BDO ATM for security para magamit, edi lalabas din ng bahay.

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