The Top Ten Blog Posts of 2011

Updated: December 26, 2018

As another year ends this week, let me count down for you the top ten posts of 2011 here in Ready To Be Rich.

These are the blog posts which made the biggest impact to the readers and visitors of this site for the year that’s passed.

These are not just those with the most views or the most comments – but also the articles which have been the most memorable for me to write.

So without further ado, here are the top ten blog posts of 2011.

10. Conversations From Cambodia
We start the list with a post that made it as a finalist in the Philippine Blog Awards for Best Posts of 2011. A very personal post which would always remind me of my interesting vacation in Cambodia last summer.

9. Reader Mail #19: Some Personal Questions, Answered
The Reader Mail category of this blog tackles questions sent by readers on business, investments and personal finance. This Reader Mail edition is most memorable for me because it particularly answers personal questions sent to me.

8. Are You Ready To Invest?
The geek in me loves making flowcharts and this was my first attempt at using this “hobby” to explain a personal finance lesson. Expect more of these types of post next year.

7. How To Write Awesome Blog Posts And Make Money At The Same Time
Probably the article that has been shared the most on Twitter for 2011, this blog post did not only gave tips about blogging, but likewise became my platform in launching Blogger Shirts, my online shirt store business.

6. Philippine Small Claims Court: How To Make People Pay The Money They Owe You
A significant number of email I received this year are from people who asked for help in making someone pay their debts to them. This post was my response and I know it has helped a lot of them who needed guidance on what to do.

5. How To Find Your True Passion in Life
Sometimes, people email me to simply express their gratitude for my writing – letters which serve as my own inspiration to write better. I remember this particular post as the one which gave me the most number of those inspiring emails.

4. Top 10 Signs That Say You’ll Never Get Out of Debt
At the end of every post, I always have a call to action to subscribe to my blog. This post gets the credit for being the one which generated the most subscriptions for 2011. Thank you for making my blog as one of your trusted resource on personal finance.

3. How To Do Cost Averaging: Passive Stock Market Investing
This three-part post is one of the most viewed article series on this blog for the year. A lot of people have always been interested in investing in the stock market and I’m grateful that this post have been a great help to them.

2. I Invested in Banco De Oro’s Easy Investment Plan (EIP)
I consider this post as the most influential for the year. After writing this article, I got a lot of email from readers saying this post made them open a BDO EIP account as well. Moreover, a BDO manager actually thanked me for the post because their branch received new investment accounts because of it – I’m glad I was able to help.

1. List of Group Buying Websites in the Philippines
This is the most successful post here for 2011. Not only is it the most viewed, the most commented and the most shared on Facebook, but also the article which I believe helped the most number of people… not to mention the post which gave me the opportunity to appear on national television.

The year 2011 has truly been a fruitful and blessed year for me and this blog. I promise to bring more and better articles next year. Expect several changes and new blog endeavors which I know will help all of us in achieving financial freedom.

I hope you can join me next year as we learn more about business, investments and personal finance in 2012. Get ready to be rich! The first step is by subscribing below.

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  1. Awesome list Sir Fitz! I’m glad to meet you in the blogosphere. In this post, I was able to get to know more about you as a Blogger, Entrepreneur and Financial Advisor. Wish you all the best in the coming year!

  2. Hi Fitz,

    I’m glad that your list included the post where I got too involved in the discussion about investments (Post # 9). I read the article again and I was surprised that we all had a very good exchange of thoughts on FXTNs and UITFs. Hopefully, this new year will give us all new reasons to be more hopeful and inspired to continue our journey towards financial freedom.

    Thanks Fitz and Happy new year to all….

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