List of Group Buying Websites in the Philippines

Updated: April 5, 2015

Group buying, social buying, collective online buying, crowd buying – they all mean one thing. It’s getting deals and discounts through the power of bulk buying.

This is not your typical mall sale promotion, but really BIG online discounts with deals going up as high as 90% off the original price.

Seriously, if you’re planning to buy some new clothes, get a new gadget, dine in an expensive restaurant, stay in a five-star hotel, experience that luxurious massage or anything and everything else – it pays to visit these group buying websites first and see if they have the right deal for you.

Below now is a complete list of all the group buying websites available for Pinoys. While most of them cater to the residents of Metro Manila, some do have deals available for those in other parts of the country like Cebu, Davao and others.

So are you ready to do some online deals shopping?

Here they are in alphabetical order:

List of Group Buying Websites in the Philippines

RECOMMENDED Philippines Group Buying Sites:

Cash Cash Pinoy
Cash Cash Pinoy
Deal Amigos
deal amigos
Deal Grocer
Deal Grocer
Deal Spot
Deal Spot
Deals Di Ba
Deals Di Ba Kuponan Kuponan
Ensogo – Living Social Philippines
Metro Deal
Okay Okay
okay okay
Pinoy Great Deals

Other ACTIVE Philippine Group Buying Sites

  • A-Deals:
  • Budget Pinoy:
  • Groupon (Beeconomic):
  • Local Roam:
  • SMAC Deals by SM:
  • Street Deal:
  • TCAT Philippines:

INACTIVE / CLOSED Philippine Group Buying Sites

  • 500 Peso Deals:
  • AtCrazy:
  • Awesome:
  • Bargain Hunter:
  • BestDealPH: (merged with My Deluxe City)
  • Big Deals:
  • BilibDeals:
  • Bilmoko:
  • Brieo:
  • Buyanihan:
  • Catch The Deal:
  • Cheapipay:
  • Cheezy Deals:
  • Citypoynt:
  • Clever Buy:
  • Couppie:
  • Crazy Deals:
  • Cuponz:
  • Daily Deals Asia:
  • Deals and Steals:
  • Deal Avenue:
  • Deal Dozen: (now active as Street Deal)
  • Deal Fever:
  • Deals Happy:
  • Deals Tent:
  • Dealspot:
  • Discounts PH:
  • Discount Pilipinas:
  • Discount World:
  • Group Treat:
  • Go Deals:
  • Gupo:
  • Eats Okay:
  • E-Deals To Go:
  • eSariSari:
  • eTreet:
  • Filodeals:
  • Groupie Philippines:
  • Halo-Halo Deals:
  • Healthy Deals:
  • HighLife:
  • JuanderDeals:
  • Kids Agogo:
  • Local Roam:
  • Lucky 7:
  • Max Saver:
  • MasaDeals:
  • Mega Deals PH:
  • MeloDeal:
  • MuraIto:
  • Must Have Philippines:
  • My City Counts:
  • My Deluxe City:
  • My Shopmates:
  • Nakamura Ka:
  • Pakyaw: (merged with Deal Grocer)
  • Plejee:
  • Pilipinas Best Buys:
  • Pilipinas Deals:
  • Pinoy Vouchers:
  • Presyong Patok:
  • Random Box Deal:
  • :
  • Save on Pinoy:
  • Snag The City:
  • South Deals:
  • Sulit Keni:
  • Tara Let’s Buy:
  • TipidTo Deals:
  • Travel Smart Philippines:
  • Twangoo Philippines:
  • Deal Savers:
  • Wishlist Delivery:
  • Wow Deals:
  • Winila City:
  • WinnerKa:
  • Yugadeals:

Cash Cash Pinoy

Please help me keep this list updated. If you know or discover a new group buying website that offers deals for Pinoys; OR if you see that any of the “launching” and “inactive” sites above have become active, then kindly leave a comment below so I can update this post.

Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you can offer your reviews and thoughts about these group buying websites. What product or service did you avail and how much money were you able to save. Thanks in advance for this! πŸ™‚

Update 1 – for Everyone:
I also added a status on each of the sites. “Recommended” means that at least two people I know have been able to get their coupons from the site. Also, it is advised that you transact only with sites which are on the recommended list.

Update 2 – for Administrators of these websites:
Do leave a comment below to update me of the status of your business, particularly those who are on the launching phase or have become inactive. Also, if you wish to be among the “Recommended” list, then kindly send me an email.

Update 3 – Explanation of statuses:
Please note that even if a site is tagged as RECOMMENDED, it’s still good practice to double check the deals with the merchants and follow the other group buying safety tips given here.

  • Recommended:
    • At least two people I know have bought deals from the site AND experienced NO problems; and there’s a current deal being offered OR the last deal offered was not more than 2 months ago. OR;
    • I’ve been able to correspond with one of their staff and have verified their legitimacy as a business.
    • NOTE: Being “Recommended” also means there is currently no one which I personally know who has an issue with the group buying company. However, this post provides no guarantee that you won’t have any problem with their deals. I encourage you to likewise consider other people’s comments below to make your final judgement. Thank you.
  • Active:
    • I personally don’t know anyone who successfully bought deals from the website; however there’s a current deal being offered OR the last deal offered was not more than 2 months ago. OR;
    • I personally know someone who experienced a problem with the group buying site and the issue has not been resolved from the last update of this post.
  • Launching:
    • Self-explanatory… but do check them out as they probably have a promo for people who will sign up prior to their official launch.
  • Inactive / Closed:
    • Last deal they offered was more than 2 months ago.
    • Website does not exist anymore or it’s no longer a group buying site.
    • Launching sites which have not been updated for the past 3 months.

Update 4 – Top 5 Group Buying Sites
The TOP 5 group buying sites in the Philippines is now included below for quick reference to all readers. This is solely based on the number of votes received in the poll widget we have here and includes all active group buying sites. Update: As of October 18, 2011 – only RECOMMENDED sites can be included in the Top 5 list below.


  1. Metro Deal
  2. Ensogo: Living Social
  3. Okay Okay
  4. Cash Cash Pinoy
  5. Deal Grocer

Update 5 – Removal of Launching and Inactive/Closed Group Buying Sites
The banners and active links for launching and inactive/closed group buying sites have been removed to facilitate a better user experience for all readers. They have also been removed from the poll below. If you’re an administrator of any of these sites, kindly see Update 2 above. Thank you.

Update 6 – Removal of Other Active Group Buying Sites
The banners and active links for other active group buying sites have been removed as requested by readers. They are still, however, included in the poll below.

Update 7 – Featured Group Buying Site
A banner for the featured group buying site has been added after the list. If you’re an admin of a verified and active group buying site above and wish to avail of this ad space, kindly send me an email to know the rates. Thank you.

Update 8 – Separation of Launching and Inactive Sites
The lists of launching; and inactive/closed group buying sites are now separate. Launching sites which did not show any updates in the last 3 months will be moved to the inactive/closed list. Also a major change on STATUS DEFINITIONS, see Update 3 above.

Update 9 – Clean-up of article
Strikethrough texts showing the old status definitions have now been removed for clarify of the whole article.

Update 10 – Poll Reset
I’ve decided to reset the polls and just include the list of sites on my Recommended list. I believe this will lead to a more updated and better user experience to all the visitors here. Thank you.

Update 11 – Another round of housekeeping
Group buying sites are starting to close one by one. Always buy with caution and use your existing best judgement.

Date of Last Update: September 27, 2014

Stay tuned for further possible updates…

Vote for your top 5 favorite group buying sites in the Philippines below:

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  1. Thanks for the tip ! I only knew 3 of them. I didn’t know there were more. They all have great deals. I have yet though to find a deal of my interest. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi sir! I’ve been an avid reader of your blog! Good thing you listed all group buying sites. I’m loving all these sites and I’m getting overwhelmed because they grow so fast!

    I just joined DealSpot and Groupie, thanks to your blog! πŸ™‚

    You might also want to add these sites here in your list: (MetroDeal)

    God bless and more power to your blog! =)

  3. Yes, I agree. I started availing this group buying on the month of November 2010 and my family and I benefited a lot up to 50 percent discount such as spa and fine restaurant.

  4. Thanks for listing these group buying websites. I wasn’t aware of these websites in the Philippines. I registered on all websites. I will share it to my friends and relatives.

  5. Hi! There’s but I think they are still launching. The other one is to be launch on Feb 1, 2011.=) Thanks!

  6. Sir Fritz, I think Groupie is a hoax. I searched online for a BJ Restaurant in Manila but found none. Even the hotline indicated is Greenwich’s delivery hotline. Please correct me if I am wrong though πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Cathrina, thanks for the heads up. I’ve added a status on all the sites to prevent people from getting scammed.

  8. I suggest that before we avail of a certain deal, we should call the establishment first to verify if they are really offering such a deal in terms of the service or product being offered or the amount involved.

  9. I haven’t tried any because I thought it was a scam or something. I only got interested when I saw linked directly from BPI Express Online and a sign at Singapore Chicken Rice that says “BUYanihan Coupons accepted here”.

  10. Hi Fitz,

    Thank you for including Melodeal. When we were preparing the business plan last November there were only 5 competitors. Ngayon ang dami na! Giyera na to!

    Good thing we found your post about this.

  11. hi fitz, thank you very much for including; we have changed our logo today. we hope it’s not too much to ask but can you change it also in this entry?

    we are hoping for your favorable response. thank you very much!


  12. Wow! Thanks for the list! Been buying since November and loving the savings :p Even used some as gifts during Christmas since I didn’t have time to shop anymore. Hahaha! Can’t wait to see what the others have to offer. πŸ™‚

  13. Thank you for including Couppie Philippines. Looking forward for a healthy competition between online marketing companies.Let’s all help Filipnos save money πŸ™‚

  14. There’s been no deal in Metrodeal since Friday. I already sent an email but they didn’t answer why there is no featured deal for today. I already bought 6 deals in metrodeal and got 6 referrals already which are not yet used. Hope metrodeal will do some action on this.

  15. Thanks for posting this..
    I’ve bought several coupons/voucher from almost all verified group buying here..and my fave is Ensogo. I used paypal, and been shopping effortlessly with no exchange rate issues.

    Some group buying site like DealGrocer do only accept dollar. Like their posted price for BrowHaus is Php350 but when it cleared with paypal it was 396.53 already, anyhow I still love DealGrocer esp for their BellaRocca got 2 coupons there as well. πŸ™‚

    More power group buying sites more deals pls!!

  16. hi pac,

    i also have the same problem… i purhcased 9 vouchers from this site… but since late last week up to present… there is no reply from their support team… πŸ™ is it possible that this is a scam?

    they also don’t have any social network page… unlike other groupons like cashcash…

    i guess we just have to use the coupon asap…

  17. just an additional info : i keep trying to reach metrodeal support since last week… also, if you noticed and this really bothers me.,.. they have removed the info and the pictures of the people behind the website… there used to be a section about their staff….

    anybody knows if metrodeal philippines is a scam?

  18. tnx for this post..

    fyi, i already tried ensogo and

    they always have good deals to offer.

    i think it would be ok if you’ll post ur experience/s with those buying group here for everyone’s reference/guidance.


  19. Omg! Metrodeal is inactive. Bogus site! I and my friends bought 6 deals and I made 6 referrals which will be credited today pa naman. I emailed their support team about the status of their website and the validity of the vouchers. This is the reply:

    “Why should the merchants not honor your vouchers anymore? They are in a contractual agreement to serve any MetroDeal customer, who has purchased a voucher. So if you want to redeem your voucher, you can always redeem it. No one ever said that your vouchers have become invalid.”

    I hope this is true. I learned my lesson. Ayoko na mag-online buying. ):

  20. For the out of commission group buying websites, we are looking into the possibility of buying your database. Please contact us at partners (at) cuponz (dot) com.

    Thank you!

  21. pac, i myself bought 20 vouchers from metrodeal (jacob’s shawarma, RF treatment and some more) and i just came home right now from shui hilot healing spa using my voucher and everything works without any problems. in fact, i use to have more hassles with cashcashpinoy (they require a valid government ID every time you redeem a voucher) or ensogo …

    i mean why don’t you just call up the merchants yourself to confirm with them? what more confirmation do you want? metrodeal support answers you that the vouchers are valid and the merchants answer that too…

    i mean why the heck not just call up the places for which you bought the vouchers for to get a direct confirmation??? oh, by the way, i just did that, calling up all the establishments that have been featured on metrodeal and every single one of them is happily awaiting any metrodeal customer to serve them what the purchased on metrodeal! and guess what, that wouldn’t have been necessary coz i e-mailed metrodeal support and they told me exactly the same thing!!!

    Admin Note:
    Some parts of this comment has been edited out. Please avoid saying information that do not positively contribute to the discussion next time. Thank you for your understanding.

  22. Are you just okay Martin? Why not just happily share what you experienced regarding the deals in Metrodeal and let everyone concerned know that there’s nothing to worry instead of you sounding like that? Anyways, thanks for the info. I’ll be using the vouchers next week. (:

  23. hi there!

    i think you missed this one- they have like 6000 likes on facebook na and have a really nice halo-halo on their website – lol. site looks very clean.

  24. MuraIto and TipidTo now added. Thanks for the comment. πŸ˜€

    I’d also appreciate it if you guys can inform me if the “launching soon” websites have officially began offering deals so I can change the status. Thanks!

  25. Hi Fitz!

    I just came across your wonderful site and just wanted to thank you for all the time you spent compiling this list. Is there anyway I could update the logo for one of the sites? Could you kindly send me an email to the email I listed while posting this reply? Thank you!

  26. I don’t know about you guys, but when I go to I see a great 83% off deal for hair rebonding πŸ™‚ Just bought one, as hassle-free as ever. Don’t know what the fuzz here is all about.

  27. Hi All,

    Please visit our website, we have an ongoing raffle promo and you might Win 4D/3N Trip to HK & Macau, Simply by Registering!


  28. papa fitz,

    your blog came up when i tried to verify the deals.
    very informative. lemme share your blog, tnx

  29. thx for this informative blog entry, just purchased 10 vouchers from metrodeal! somehow they have the biggest discounts.

  30. awesome list!
    BTW Awesome.PH is still very active, just ran a couple of valentines deals. we are focusing on unique and awesome deals πŸ™‚

  31. oh btw launched already and is another upcoming local group buying site. does that make 25?

  32. i count 26, oh looks to be launching a deals site, they might support Philippines, that would make 27

  33. You’re right Andre, it was only 26. NOW it’s 27, thanks for the tip on Daily Deals Asia.

    Looks like you’re doing a lot of research on this. πŸ˜€

  34. Thanks for this article. Actually I am looking for online store in the Philippines. Is there an online store in Cebu? If not I am planning to have like these in Cebu because I am from Cebu.

  35. LOCALROAM.PH has great raffle promo…if you claim an online raffle at their site, you get a chance to win a free vacation at the LightHouse Marina Resort at Subic. I also got some unique deals at… 30% discount on Manila Ocean Park Tickets, 50% discount on Belo Medical treatment and an incredible 85% discount on yoga sessions by Ayee Domingo… excellent customer service.

  36. hi fitz,

    alldealasia is not a group buying website but rather an aggregator. they still refer to the original site for the processing of the deals.

    we think you ought to know.


  37. oppps, our fault. we are talking pala about alldealsasia not

    sorry for that, fitz.

  38. […] Other online information: If you want to save money, then you should definitely check out these Manila group buying sites. You can dine in your favorite restaurants at huge discount prices. — Hi, please "Like" this on […]

  39. 27!! WOW.

    My guess is only about 5 will remain relevant by year-end: Cashcashpinoy, Deal Grocer, Ensogo, Groupon Ph and Metrodeal. Bank on it!

    On a side note, I think Deal Grocer stands out the most because they’re the only ones who have really differentiated themselves from the rest. They also have a best looking site and experience – all others look 95% similar.

  40. hi kiks!

    thank you very much for your comment. we, Cuponz, will take that as a challenge. at the end of the day, it’s the consumers who will win big time πŸ™‚

    cheers to all,

  41. I’m a regular customer on these sites and enjoyed the discounts!

    – Ensogo
    – CashCash Pinoy
    – Buyanihan
    – Metrodeal

  42. my favorite sites are dealgrocer (they have really UNIQUE offers!), cashcashpinoy, ensogo, buyanihan. these are the more established sites from the list, and they OFTEN update their deals πŸ™‚

    i also notice that most of the newer ones offer similar deals with these established websites (which is also a good thing if you missed it on the other sites) but i hope they find good establishments to make them stand out πŸ˜‰

    hope all 27 sites (and counting..?) would continue at least until 2011-end πŸ˜€

  43. Hi Everyone,

    I really hate coz ang pangit ng kanilang services. Maraming silang sablay lalo ng coupons na pinapadala. Minsan kapag tumatawag ako sa kanilang CS mukang walang alam. LALO NA DUN SA ISANG PARANG CHINESE NA NAKASAGOT PARANG ANG TANGA TANGA. Dapat sa DEALSPOT NA YAN Magclose na.


  44. The Ensogo website is good kasi its for everybody. They have high end stuff (Buffet at Sofitel, Diamond Hotel) and then they also have the budget ones (spas etc). Deal Grocer kasi parang caters only to those who see themselves as sosyal. Their website is nice pero parang for a regular pinoy, can be intimidating. Ive tried Ensogo a lot of times na. What I like about it, is that they also donate part of their income to a foundation (mind you, tumawag ako sa Children’s Hour and totoo nga na Ensogo donates to them 3%). Nakatipid na ako, nakatulong pa. I don’t think anybody can beat that.

  45. So far, I have only tried CashCashPinoy (9-course dinner for four at Azuthai) and Ensogo (Gloria Jeans Coffee and Pedeli’s Gourmet Kitchen) and everything went very smoothly. I still have several unused vouchers — CashCash -New York Pizza Palace; Ensogo – New Bombay Restaurant, Benefits Style Salon; and Pakyaw – Cafe Via Mare. Hopefully, I won’t encounter any problem in redeeming these vouchers.

  46. Yesterday my sisters and I used our vouchers. At first we don’t expect much because we thought if it’s a promo/voucher they won’t entertain us that much but we were wrong because they well accommodated us. We ended as satisfied customers. Thanks to ENSOGO & CASHCASHPINOY these are the 2 sites that I trust and in fairness they have good deals everyday =)

  47. Hi Fhel, the site is not a group buying site but an aggregator of deals from other sites. Sorry, I cannot include it on the list. But thanks for sharing the site here.

  48. Don’t trust MetroDeal, mali mali na ang pinapadalang vouchers mga bastos pa ang sumasagot sa email.

  49. Hi, I just wanted to say that there seems to be another group buying site opening,… (they were promoting in my school…)

    This is their facebook.

    I’ve also witten my experience at Cashashpinoy, so if anyone is interested, then please read my site.


  50. Hi Jo, thanks for the heads up on CityPoynt. I’ll include them on the list once I’ve confirmed that they are indeed a group buying site. πŸ˜€

  51. beware of, they are offering something that are not legit, like their palawan promo in asturias hotel. check the facebook account of asturias as they posted notice regarding metro deal. see it for yourself. think twice before purchasing in metro deal. πŸ˜‰

  52. well maybe because you should be booking with your travel agency and not directly with the hotel. maybe there lies the confusion. Im not affiliated with any of the entities there but some misinterpretation of the fine print mustve been done.

  53. badtrip ang PAKYAW! my friends, upon my referal, rushed to register and purchased their deal so i can accumulate as many points as possible. they also paid their purchases immediately. 4 days after wala pa rin yung credits…hanggang sa mag expire na yung gusto namin deal. hay. bad bad..

  54. i’m not liking anymore the deals in metrodeal..the deals are always massage (Islands Massage Mobile & Day Spa) and aesthetic procedures most from Ani Marie..Aren’t there any more exciting deals and freebies?..I like ensogo,cashcashpinoy,localroam,pakyaw for featuring lots and various deals and freebies everytime..Keep it up!!

  55. just purchased 15 buffet vouchers 2 hours ago from metrodeal. lucky, just discovered that they had an all you can eat dinner buffet from barbara’s restaurant for 250 instead of 545 before it expired πŸ™‚ over 4000 sold – guess the competition is getting very tight.

    also i can’t help but wonder why you, pac are obviously driving a dirt campaign against that website. i’ve been following your comments since january. you obviously have an agenda but whatever problem you have, for heaven’s sake, address that to them directly, i can’t stop rolling my eyes everytime i read your comments.

    and missy, at least i as a customer did my research regarding their palawan deal, it is managed by a travel agency and not the asturias hotel itself. the hotel only communicates with the travel agency and when i called them about it they were happy to confirm that they have a tie-up with that travel agency.

    it seems like the more people get access to the internet, the more ridiculous some comments are getting. i mean is it really so hard just to read descriptions insteading of crying out “not legit” or just take action yourself (by writing the support or whatever) instead of constantly throwing dirt? or is it just that some people here really need attention so badly?

    i had lots of bad experiences with ensogo vouchers (the infamous YSA expiration story that you can follow on their facebook page), with cashcashpinoy (their website is like offline at least 5 times a day, they seem to have a lot of technical difficulties, sometimes my voucher would not even be generated) and even with pakyaw i’m having my issues for not having my referrals credited. but i do not have hard feelings against any of these, because i still have my brain to sort these things out directly with them.

    so excuse me, but i’ll go now, rolling my eyes.

  56. It’s been confirmed, CityPoynt is a group buying site. It’s now added to the list together with Eats Okay. Thanks for the info!

    I’ve been thinking about removing inactive sites in the poll too, but they might become active again, so I’ve decided to just leave them on the list for now.

  57. Hi! sana po magkaron po ng mga discount para sa health,like lasik eye surgery, medical check up and exam and etc. sana din po meron sa manila, halos Makati, Quezon city and iba pang malalayo. I always follow these group buying sites. Sana din po pwede installment para sa malalaking amount, para mas marami maka avail.More power to all of u!

  58. din pero ensogo says theyre shady hehe

    ang dami sobra, i know pa of some more on there that arent launched yet.

    my lolo’s group buying site will be opening soon din πŸ™‚

  59. I bought 2 vouchers from Cleverbuy. They also have an eat all you can promo with Barbaras πŸ™‚

  60. Metrodeal has a good deal to Palawan. I would like to avail it but nobody responds to my query. I already sent text messages to the numbers, sent emails to the travel agency and even to Metrodeal. I hope somebody would bother to reply. It’s a good deal pa naman. Sayang!

  61. @ maryrose

    you sound so much like the people from metrodeal. let people post their reviews, it’s their money afterall.

  62. @raspberry
    They’re just the same.

    The address is the original website of Beeconomic, an international group buying company… this post was written before they officially launched in the Philippines – thus the logo and the link – during that time, they were already offering deals to Pinoys.

    After they launched in the country, several weeks after this post, they registered and made this their official website for the country.

    Again, they’re just the same and buying a deal on either of them is okay.

    In any case, I’ve replaced the link above to as this is what they’re marketing in the country. Hopefully, I can find the time to change the logo also.

    But for now, my apologies for the confusion. πŸ˜€

  63. ooh, thanks for the clarification! πŸ™‚ very much appreciated. For a moment there, I thought I got scammed.

  64. i have tried:

    -ebay kuponan

    all great deals! =)

  65. i’m an avid fan of groupons. but i only buy those i intend to buy in the future, i do not buy just because there is a good deal if do not intend to buy it in the future.

    and i apply the same discernment i use when buying what i need at the mall, supermarket, or bazaars. i really check the item out. i do not rush things, i make sure i have all my questions answered. i make sure to learn all the fine prints.

    no sense to rush in buying since some other groupon will feature the same item in the future. and it is possible that their deals are better than the one i’m looking at now.

    this way i keep my negative experiences in groupon buying at a minimum (if not nill)

    thanks πŸ™‚

  66. I was able to buy Corregidor Day Tour vouchers from Pakyaw and used the vouchers without experiencing any problem.

    Also purchased vouchers from Ensogo and used them with no problem as well. Some of the vouchers I bought from CashCashPinoy will be used in the coming days, all of them were already booked/reserved without problem too. Hope everything will remain ok until actual availment day.

    Looking forward for more deals from these sites. πŸ™‚

  67. Hi I think you miss, I think they are also a group buying website…

    @Jane, yeah still ROCKS!!! Love their deals… I actually bought multiple vouchers from them.
    Twangoo! Twangoo!! heheheh

  68. Update:
    WinilaCity added, Citypoynt and MuraIto now on active list, as for Brandsfever, I need more proof that they’re a group buying site. πŸ˜€

    Thanks everyone for the info.

  69. i think your definition should be daily deal websites or deal websites
    since technically ensogo and cashcashpinoy are not group buying, same with some others. They are just membership discount sites more or less πŸ™‚

  70. Hi Andre, I’ve been thinking about that too… deal websites – but I think they can still be considered as group buying.

    While some have no “tipping point” for the deals, I believe most merchants agreed to give the discount because of the potential volume of purchases that will be made.

    Thanks always for the inputs and updates here. πŸ˜€

  71. hi guys, been wanting to purchase vouchers but quite afraid that it might be a scam. i am looking over ensogo’s clinica de masahista and cuponz’s sparoyale deals coz i am a spa addict but are they both legit? i am liking cuponz’s deal because it has more services for the same price as ensogo’s. this would be my first time to purchase so i would like to know your feedback. thank you!

  72. Just a piece of suggestion to those who bought deals of Splash Island. Be there in as early as you can to be the first in line. If not, you’ll end up queuing for hours, I tell you. You’ll get tanned while on the line. The staffs (just two when the master lists are from four of five different group buying sites) check the vouchers manually as in letter by letter and number by number of the alphanumeric codes. Just imagine how long the security codes are. We queued for more or less one hour just to get our entrance tickets. Whew! So hot! But anyways, it was a fun day.

  73. @emma – you can try calling the establishments if they are indeed accepting vouchers from the group buying sites. I myself called SpaRoyale earlier, and they confirmed that they are really accepting vouchers from Cuponz πŸ™‚

  74. I like the’s yogurt king promo. It is more convenient. You don’t need to go to the bank to deposit the payment or pay thru credit card immediately. You just pay them when you will claim the product. Thanks & More Power!

  75. I have bookmarked this post of yours. Haha, I’m addicted to look at these group buying sites’ deals. Thanks for compiling them Fitz! πŸ˜€

  76. Hi Fitz,

    We would like to say thank you for verifying our site,

    We just like to share something in here. I have read comments about the referral of their friends, yes, there are times that referral credits are not posted in their accounts for some reasons:

    1. Your referred friend has not completed the whole transaction. It means he/she has not paid yet for the deal. He / she is still on the pending stage. Why pending? Because they prefer to pay over-the-counter, through remittances, smart money or gcash which requires 1 day processing.

    2. Mostly of the referral system of group buying sites are done manually. Why? Because there are instances that if group buying sites will do it automatically, the one that refers will have credits even if the referred friend uses his/her referral credits. Verification and for security is the main reason why most of group buying sites are posting credits manually.

    3. No available technical support team. We have to admit has limited numbers of technical support team, though we have the best technical team but still we can’t accommodate more than a 100 calls in first hour of the morning. We are not mostly available every weekend or in the middle of the night. We expect our customers to understand that we can’t solve problems at 12:00 midnight immediately. We will serve you better the next working day.

    Hopefully, we have shared something in here for the benefits of our customers in group buying sites. Thank you for accommodating us in here.

  77. hi! is already active πŸ™‚
    i like coz u don’t have to pay right away to get their deals..

  78. is the best because they give their coupons out for free! so you dont need a credit card or paypal account to pay online. πŸ™‚

  79. i just used the pizza deal for last night so you can verify that they are legit πŸ™‚

  80. deal dozen is now active, saw it this morning. Great stuffs there – high end stuffs πŸ™‚

  81. off topic: I have concern.. Yung mga group buying site ba may mga business permit din? DTI registration? BIR registration? voucher addict kasi ako, napansin ko lang, lahat ng nabilhan ko ng voucher, wala naman iniissue na resibo.. does it mean tax exempted sila?

  82. Hi star. They’re definitely NOT exempted.

    They should also be a legally operating business entity, which means they should be registered from DTI or SEC up until the BIR.

    If you need an OR for your transaction, I’m sure these group buying sites can (and should) provide one.

  83. DealSPOT Philippines ( has been doing great these past few days. Keep it up DealSPOT Philippines. πŸ˜‰

  84. hi fitz, u can verify muraito just bought the human nature deal from them and got the coupon right away. everything is done with paypal so it is safe.

  85. Hi everyone. The list of active group buying sites have been updated. Also, thank you to all those who has been helping me verify these group buying websites.

  86. @wiLL
    g2gdeals seems to be a Singapore group buying site

    Added. Thanks.

    Thanks for the heads up. Added it to the list of launching sites.

  87. Nope. πŸ™‚
    my friend is one of the founder of the said site. πŸ™‚
    but they are still fixing the partners.. thats why it’s still inactive. πŸ™‚
    [it’s also stated there Manila by the way. :).].

  88. Got the elorde deal of ensogo and the happy hair deal of, I hope they will be okay when I get to use them. The happy hair deal of cuponz is too good to be true but when I called the said salon, they said they have an agreement with cuponz Philippines. My question is, do the merchants sign a contract with these group buying sites to ensure that the buyers will truly be able to use the vouchers?

  89. i think kuripons is not a group buying site, the deals are deals from other website such as ensogo, metrodeal etc.

  90. bought the deal from metrodeal, underarm whitening P250, can’t wait to use it πŸ™‚ i also like the hotel deal from buyanihan

  91. is another group buying site! πŸ™‚
    Their first promos is an iPad2 giveaway! Check it out! πŸ™‚

  92. Hi Fitz, couppie is still at your active list. i tried to visit them in a couple of time but seems the’re inactive already.

  93. Hi! Fitz,

    I love this article and I just saw it today.

    There’s an upcoming group buying site called – currently they are running promos on their Facebook Page

    They are slated to launch on May 13. Will keep you posted on this!


  94. I hope will give more details about the deals. It is only more on introduction. I also hope they will have other payment options too.

  95. Hi! is active. They have this may-day-vacay but they don’t clearly state where and what is the name of the resort, same with their previous travel deals.

  96. I haven’t purchase any deal lately. walang masyadong maganda and pare pareho na lang. last few months, halos mataranta ako sa pagbili hehe.

  97. isnt it too much na?

    suggestion to those who are starting a new deal site: stop copying and have a unique selling point.

  98. there’s a deal right now at that says 10 massage session for P1,000. is it for real? does anyone here tried buying and using cuponz voucher?

    thank you!

  99. Yes Andre, there’s so many already. And I think people are getting overwhelmed.

    In my opinion, it’s now necessary to offer a unique selling point, concentrate on a niche or expand to other areas aside from Metro Manila if they want to succeed.

    Btw, there will be a Mel and Joey feature on group buying sites this May. Please watch it, I was interviewed there. πŸ˜€

  100. nice fitz! congrats! let us know when it airs or if someone can put it on youtube the segment πŸ™‚

  101. hi fitz,

    can i have your email add? i want to ask how to verify our site and want to ask regarding the banner for adds. thanks

  102. Hi Fitz, thanks so much for including in your blog ^_^ hope we can get verified soon! – Feanne

  103. Thank you sir Fitz for including us in your post. May the future of group buying site shape our country.

    Cheers to all!

    From Pilipinas Best Buys (


  105. there will be an upcoming group buying site… i’ll updATE u guyz about the launching of the site…cool thingz will happen at the launching…watch out for it…jah bless!!!

  106. Hi there’s another active site i haven’t tried their voucher but its already active.

  107. hi fitz. is a legit group buying site.

    purchased and used their CIBO vouchers and encountered no problem. thanks!

  108. Hello Everyone..

    To celebrate the opening launch of “Catch the Deal”. We are giving away an Apple Ipad 2 and a trip for two to Boracay with accommodation included. All you have to do is “Like our Facebook Page” and “Register” on the website ( Its that easy and its free…. Registration will be opening soon.

    Good Luck to Everyone.

    Thank you from the Catch the Deal team…

  109. hi has anyone avail and claim travel packages na sa mga buying site? did you had any problems upon claiming them? ang ganda kasi ng mga offer especially un mga tours ng ensemble. im just having second thoughts baka kasi mahirap maclaim on dates i like, thanks hope someone canbhelp

  110. @marengcheng: i just did, sa I purchased the 3d/2n deal for altavista de boracay and encountered no problems with the reservation kasi sa resort ka na directly magpapa-reserve once na-purchase mo yung voucher at hindi sa travel agency πŸ™‚ i suggest you ask them kung available yung dates na gusto mo before you purchase. that’s what i did and the reservation officer was very accomodating (out of office sya pero he still took my call and answered all my questions). may schedule na kasi kami sa bora and i was looking for a resort lang where we can stay and tamang-tama, maganda yung deal nila. i just completed my reservation today. πŸ™‚

  111. @marengcheng: btw, i haven’t tried booking via Ensemble but their CDO package in metrodeal is a good deal. really suggest you call them first before you purchase πŸ™‚

  112. tour package is sucks,. why do you have to call the travel agency or resort (third party) if the deal was offered by a group buying site. using a voucher should be the same as cash paying therefore the treatment and service should also be the same and not discounted.

  113. Team Nakamura, you flooded my mailbox with over 300 messages! I’m sure you have plenty of great deals to offer but kindly fix this soon before your customers block your email notifications.

    with regard to resort/tour packages, as far as I know, the group buying sites only act as a third party seller of the resort.. they offer it at a discounted price and it’s up to us buyers to coordinate with the travel agency and/or the resort as to when we will use it. we got it na nga at a lower price then we expect them pa to reserve it for us =)

  114. I also received a lot of messages, maybe 3-50 messages, from Nakamura and it was all the same deal. Please fix your system immediately.

  115. to note the tour and package; they say before buying, they need to verify with the tour package which should be wrong… if you have bought the the deal, that’s the time you transact to the package provider.. you shouldn’t deprive your self of after sale service specially of the travel agency was not reliable.

  116. i purchased 3d/2n in palawan amounting P9,900 airfare, shuttle, food was included etc.. but the prob. is ang tagal ng reply ng travel agency nila mahirap magpabook .. yung plano mong magtravel kadalasan wala na sila.. sa madalit sabi ikaw ang susunod kung anong schedule ang meron sila.,. when it comes sa refund ang tagal … i takes 3-6 mos bago nila maireverse sa card mo.. sa mga naakit sa mga murang travel think twice … para mkaiwas sa mga abala…. Very Disapointed to Metrodeal…… POor service..

  117. we have luckily contacted the travel agency once by landline, were we have book our schedule last 2 months but when we are validating our schedule by mail and landline, the phone was not working and so as the email and advice to transact by calling their mobile only and worse was they will no longer entertain email messages. due to in availability of our booking to be on weekends, we have availed it by weekdays however we are now worried because they have emailed us that they apologize for the delay and now i felt sorry for a big waste of time buying this crap. also i have purchased 2 voucher to serve as a gift but they are now blaming me for this. now they have CDO and bora which is quite tempting but i think twice..metrodeal doesn’t act sincerely on this.

  118. are the problems you guys encounter is sa metro deal lang? how about the others hope someone can share

  119. Hi!

    I just purchased a deal with METRODEAL and received an email saying that my voucher can now be get in my Metrodeal account but when I sign-in, there’s no printable voucher there.

    Does anyone of you know what’s the of Metrodeal?

  120. By the way, Fitz, did you know that DealGrocer is actually a company from Hong Kong, with zero BIR/DTI/SEC registration here in the Philippines? I know that they accept payments through PayPal, thus completely acting from Hong Kong. But in fact they accept also payments by local bank deposits, namely BPI and BDO. But guess what? Those are private savings accounts. So in fact, their business activities are running through Philippine banks, and thus they should pay income tax in the Philippines, besides VAT, since they are not completely operating out of Hong Kong, but by these means operating locally, accepting large amounts of payments to local bank accounts, only to wire that then to Hong Kong. Also called money laundering. I have forwarded this concern to my friend at the BIR.

    Another website i find odd is Pakyaw. Those are some nifty bandits. I bought the CIBO vouchers from them. The store charged me 12% VAT, even though it said in the deal that it’s inclusive of VAT. I contacted the DTI about it and only after some email exchange, Pakyaw agreed to my refund.

    Oh wait, forgot to mention CashCashPinoy. THEIR F*CKING FACEBOOK CONNECT DOESN’T WORK FOR ME! Tried out Firefox, IE, Google Chrome. Thing is, I bought 10 vouchers for FELIX at Greenbelt and since their Redesign (it sucks badly by the way) I CANT ACCESS THOSE 10 VOUCHERS! I commented on their wall, only to find out that they banned me. Needless to say, I contacted DTI also about this. Let’s see where it will end.

  121. Hi,

    Thank you very much Fitz for including us in your blog.:)

    Also, I’d especially like to deliver my message to Fhel, Trina, Jack,and Terry for avidly supporting our site – πŸ™‚ My deep and sincere gratitude to you guys. And I am just glad we are on the same boat. πŸ™‚

    I have noted that group buying sites are greatly expanding in the Philippine shores hence a rigid competition is growing between us. πŸ™‚

    But, we are different from them all. We are dedicated to building a community filled with integrity, fun, and convenience in terms to having our consumers unable to tighten their belts of budget. πŸ™‚ So we are offering you budget deals that won’t burst neither your bank account nor bear holes on your wallets and pockets. At the same time, we want our consumers to greatly experience fun and luxury by trying out different and unique deals that are hassle-free.

    Our vouchers are FREE. The deal will be paid directly to the establishment so there’s no hassle in going to the bank and pay your deal in full. πŸ™‚

    We also offer freebies in our site by just clicking the promo. The freebies are given to you by our friendly and presentable staff upon redemption. πŸ™‚

    I am inviting everybody to subscribe into our site ( in less than five minutes of your time. To those who’ve read this, THANK YOU. πŸ™‚

  122. Hi Fitz,

    Thank you for this list. I can at least find a few more sites that i haven’t been to yet.

    Do you have a list of deal aggregators?

    I wanted to go to one place that has all the deals listed so i can one scroll down and jut go to the site which has the deal i want rather than going to each site individually.

  123. Hi! Regarding the travel/tour deals, I bought two vouchers from Metrodeal when they offered the Crown Regency Davao Adventure. I was very skeptical at first since it was too good to be true to the point that I even double-checked with the hotel’s website first. I found out that there was indeed an existing half-off promo which anyone can avail of with or without using Metrodeal as a third-party merchant. I tried to avail of the promo straight from Crown Regency’s website but had a problem registering at their website so I ended up buying from Metrodeal. I had no problem with booking for our trip at all and ended up having an amazing and unforgettable Davao trip. I suggest that before you buy a voucher, do your research and your math first ‘coz sometimes the advertisement is misleading consumers into thinking they got a good deal when in fact, they’re paying for the regular price.

  124. @sarahlee: that’s odd. i also bought Cibo vouchers from Pakyaw before and used them at Cibo Trinoma. We weren’t charged for the 12% VAT.

  125. Can confirm this. Was charged 12% VAT when redeeming at Cibo Glorietta. I complained to Pakyaw, never got a reply. Will never buy from them again. Never had problems with Ensogo, Metrodeal and Cleverbuy.

  126. for those who are tired of dealing with scams and the fine print you should check out way of giving out deals. you dont have to pay online to avail of the deal – you just print a free voucher and take it directly to the place to use.

  127. I’m supposed to have 400php credits from Metrodeal. I’ve contacted them but they only gave me 200php. I tried to email them again but they never replied anymore. I’m starting to dislike Metrodeal. Credits should be given as soon as possible. I got mine after 3 or 4 months. :/

  128. @tin I have the same problem as yours, and I already emailed their support but since now I haven’t received an email with regards to my credits.

  129. I always check ALL the deal websites every other day. I’ll just google this page and browse Fritz’ list πŸ™‚

    I have good experiences with Ensogo πŸ™‚ Number 1 site for me so far.
    Ive bought from beeconomic and cuponz as well. But havent redeem any vouchers yet. Will update you guys πŸ™‚

    Oh and i bought the CDO tour from Metrodeals. Anyone have booked already?

  130. For me the best is EBAY KUPONAN, i bought several vouchers from this and i haven’t encountered any problem, transaction was fast and merchants participating on this buying site are all reliable. i can vouch for this buying site based on my experiences.

  131. actually i have several purchased with metrodeal and it was a good deal however i have purchased this palawan tour and CDO but it seems that the travel/tour deals that metrodeal offers sucks. their support can’t help me with the agency which is the ensembles. i am now worried on my payment.. i will never buy any travel and tours at metrodeal.

  132. its good to see the list updated! πŸ™‚ this is my number one reference to all my deal shopping on various deal sites πŸ™‚

  133. OMG!!!! Can’t wait to purchase the Alfredo’s Steak deal @ GUPO.. I so love their food!!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for posting these sites πŸ™‚

  134. Citypoynt is the among these. Ugly design. Deals nobody’s really into. And their directory is useless. Reviews are awful too. Cash Cash Pinoy is the best I think because they have cool deals.

  135. my favorites are:

    cashcashpinoy and dealgrocer – for me they work with the best merchants (sofitel, tenderbob’s, pepper lunch, sugarhouse, etc). i think that’s important. while it’s good to feature new merchants, isipin mo din how the deal site promotes it.

    for example metrodeal 12000 vouchers sold for an unknown salon in the middle of nowhere. how do you expect that unknown salon to accommodate all di ba? parang masyadong pera pera lang for the other sites. i haven’t bought sa metrodeal though. posts here made me think twice. dami naman ibang sites offering almost the same deals.

    groupon/beeconomic has good deals din every once in a while pero kadalasan di sulit. crazy deals din minsan nakaka-tsamba like they had a deal with friday’s and they sold psp for cheap. i once bought a voucher for elbert’s cheese steak at twangoo πŸ™‚

    as for the travel deals, i agree with one commentor sa taas. nakamura na nga tayo, sila pa ba magbo-book for us sa travel agency? for those complaining na nauubos yung travel periods na gusto nyo, i think una-unahan lang yun. same with cebu pac when piso sale, you don’t always get the dates you want. and si cebu pac they have piso sale lang naman when they want to sell out remaining seats they have for their flights kaya limited lang din. i think that’s the same with what these deal sites are doing. difference lang with cebu pac is they let you choose the dates first before being able to purchase. if you don’t want to take that risk with the deal sites, i suggest don’t buy it. book your own flight and make your own accommodations and pay full price. at least you get to travel on the dates you want. if you’re willing to take the risk, go fot it.

    i guess an important lesson for all buyers: study the deal.

    read their fine print (very important!), read their terms and conditions and call the merchants (they provide naman the numbers – for travel deals i’ve bought usually travel agency pag outside of metro manila and pag may flights).

    and relax lang tayo. if something goes wrong, contact their customer service. deal grocer and buyanihan has good customer service. cashcash as well although there was this one time it took a couple of days for them to respond but the problem was resolved immediately after that. i actually prefer sending an email versus calling coz sometimes phonelines are always tied up and nakaka-init lang ng ulo.

    always remember, tao lang din kausap nyo on their end. explain your issue well and give as much detail as you can. and talk to them the same way you want other people to talk to you. you will find things to be resolved quicker if you’re straight to the point and polite (yet firm). there is a fine line between being righteous and rude.

    i also agree with one of the commentor’s point. so many deal sites out there! the new ones need to find a niche. dealgrocer’s market is more high-end, cashcashpinoy is now venturing into selling products with deliveries, salamat has a different system altogether, and yugadeals is all gadgets. these guys got the right idea. otherwise we have 100 deal sites selling vouchers for the same merchants and services. lugi everybody dun!

    if you ask me, i’m getting tired of seeing splash island, shui, yoga, and underarm hair removal deals!

    what i’m looking forward to seeing is a site that’s like and rue-lala private discount shopping! unless meron na and i just haven’t heard about it haha.

    great post, by the way, fitz!

  136. Hi I’ve just used my metrodeal voucher for boracay and I didn’t encounter problems from booking to redeeming. Ensembles even called me if I have received my vouchers.Thanks

  137. ensembles service is okay,the experience on their handling was great, no hassle on the tour.. i first doubt when i was on the process of booking schedule (might be due to accommodation) but the whole vacation was great and secured..

  138. CleverBuy just want to say thank you to all our CleverBuyers (Customers) who keep on purchasing our deals online. We are also inviting you to visit our newly open This site is open for european countries.

    We’re reading all the comments here and we would like to say thank you to all comments that like CleverBuy. We are also pushing to be the best service in the Metro and hopefully soon to be the best service to every Filipino in the world.

    I totally agree with Kid. If something wrong with your purchases and your voucher please send message to customer service or call the group buying site. Everything is under control, every group buying site has it’s own record and nothing to worry. Just be nice and be polite in asking coz every customer service will be there to serve you.

    Thank you very much!

    CleverBuy Team

  139. hi! i just want to warn everyone regarding Pakyaw deals (Goodyear Tires), i bought two pcs of 14inch Goodyear Assurance tires and i am one of the first buyers, the deal ended around 3 days after 6 bought. I am planning to claim it this July 10 since the redemption starts on that day but I was surprise when someone from Pakyam called me yesterday July 8 informing me that orders were cancelled by merchant due to unavailability of stocks, I was shocked because based on my experiences with other group buying sites, before they start the deal they already reserve stocks for that deal. Sadly, the person from Pakyaw told me that they cannot do anything about it since the merchant JIT Trading told them they have no stocks for that because they already sold it to walk-in clients. Aside from that I will not be able to refund immediately the amount deducted from my credit card and I have to wait for 45 days. Pakyaw offered me to credit me with Pakyaw credits instead of refunding in my credit card but I refused since it is not practical(what if I wont like their future deals then my money will get stuck with them?) I called the merchant(JIT Trading) and they told me that the ran out of stocks and sent wrong list to Pakyaw but they sent the list last March pa and the deal is only activated last week. I am doubting if this is a scam because if you’ll have a promo like this you’ll make it sure that you have enough stocks and reserve it for that promo.

    P.S. Fitz if ever you can help me spread this incident so other buyers will be informed and be more careful in buying stuffs.


  140. @teri

    i don’t think it was a scam. i think it was just a mishandled deal between pakyaw and JIT. di lang siguro sila nagusap ng maayos and di nao-organize yung details. from the way i see it parang ang mali si JIT pa nga eh kasi they sent the wrong list in the first place. and if ever they promised the stocks to Pakyaw why would they sell them to walk in clients. ang mali ni Pakyaw he didn’t make sure there were stocks before running the deal to avoid any issue.

  141. yeah, i agree with KID with metrodeal. i purchased 5 voucher in metrodeal and when I called the salon for reservation, they said the earliest possible will be on November. super kaloka. i only wish when we finally use the vouchers, it will be worth it. πŸ™‚

    i have one question readers,please advise..

    i want to buy a deal that will expire within a day, in the payment term I can pay it until 2 days (i cant use my credit card so I chose bank transfer instead) . im hesitating to pay the deal baka void na pala since lagpas na sa timeline ng deal. no feedback yet from the site. please advise if you encountered the same scenario as mine. thanks. πŸ™‚

  142. i hope will have more deals to offer. i really like their free voucher concept. hassle-free and nothing to worry and nothing to lose. kung hindi ka makapunta with your reserved sked it’s okay, wala ka pa namang nabayaran after all. unlike other sites na you need to make a lot of research, emails and calls to be sure your money will not be waste and the deal is true. πŸ™‚

    i like cashcash and ensogo though. deal grocer is too classy :p

  143. @jam,

    i encountered that same scenario with cashcashpinoy. sa over the counter payment option. i paid on the last day my reference number was valid, after confirming my payment i got my vouchers immediately (the deal ended 2 days before). if you paid for it and a voucher wasn’t released ask their customer service rep to check. your payment should be valid since you paid for it and they’ve already accepted it.

  144. I really love group buying sites.. it’s very convenient especially for those who love to shop but with hectic sked. Thanks for this post, really a big, big help!!!! BTW, I’m excited to try this nail treatment from Bellisima @ GUPO.. yipee πŸ™‚

  145. @Kid thanks for the feedback but i think both Pakyaw and JIT is at fault because they are not responsible enough to update their stocks before posting a deal..

    anyway, does anyone know the contact number of metrodeal? thanks

  146. my friend bought something at 500 peso deals. It says there that the next day you will be able to receive the merchandise its 2 weeks already and yet she didn’t receive the item.

  147. Is it safe to order from ebay kuponan? Are the merchandise really being delivered on time?

  148. I bought Alfredo’s Steaks sa Pilipinas best buys. So far I had no trouble with them. Legit naman. Cool yung NY trip nila. Yung music match naka 50 off kung mahilig kayo kumunta.

  149. Forgot to mention at my earlier post. I was able to purchase pilipinas best buys Hello Kitty deal and was able to redeem the voucher at Gift Gate Megamall. During that time, it was their very first deal after a bombardment of raffle items (not that I’m complaining; just felt way too many raffles).

    So far I haven’t seen gift gate deals anywhere else. And take note kinulit kulit ko ang customer service nila because I was hesitant at first. They are very friendly and fast service. In fact, they were the ones to call me first checking if I was having trouble with their site. Turns out my card was the culprit.

    Wish ko lang they stay the same. Kahit na makulit nako masarap pa rin kausap customer rep nila.

    Did anyone experience this other than me? Well at least they look promising. Let’s see how they fare.

  150. METRODEAL SUCKS. So does SALON DE SAN LORENZO. NEVER PURCHASE THE SALON DE SAN LORENZO DEAL, THEY RUINED MY HAIR. I purchased the rebond deal, now I have falling hair! Never happened to me… im so frustrated. :,(

  151. @ ana – i got the same deal and had my hair rebonded at salon de san lorenzo. my hair is nothing but fantabulous πŸ™‚ it’s just critical that you be honest to the hairdressers on all the treatments your hair has had so they can mix/time the right chemicals for it. I’m writing about my experience so that people understand that you can be an isolated/special case. my friend’s rebond was ok too.

  152. I had a bad experience with Clever buy. Was trying to buy their anvaya deal. was repeatedly transferred from the main page and cart page. When I emailed their customer service, never had any reply or even acknowledgement of the receipt of my email. Only had a reply after 5 working days, and after I messaged their “online” csr (who repeatedly disconnected me). Lastly, the explanation of the csr for this incident is that it was sold out. Even an elementary student knows the term “SOLD OUT” right??? what a waste of my time! And to top it all, never had any apology from the team, its as if I’m dumb not to know it. Duh! I don’t work for you (and will never consider it)

    Never experienced it with other group buying sites I’ve been patronizing. Kudos to ensogo, deal grocer, metrodeal and cash cash.

    Btw, deal grocer keep on sending me an email of updates for new branches that could accommodate my voucher. Also my soon to expire vouchers. Love it! =)

  153. Hi,

    There is a deal on regarding Tawhay Villas. As I wanted to confirm and ask some questions I texted the number of Tawhay Villas posted in Cleverbuy and to my surprise the person who replied to me doesn’t know that Tawhay Villa is being promoted on Here are the text messages sent to me:

    “We have no business relation wit d people behind Our website is

    “Just checked and saw d deal offered by “Tawhay Boracay Resort” which deceiptfullu claimed dat (Tawhay Villa) is its branch in Boracay. Tawhay Villa has NO business relation wit “Tawhay Boracay Resort” or Tawhay resort estate. If u view d website of Tawhay Villa, u wont see such deal. Clearly, some people r using Tawhay Villa to defraud people!”

    “Tawhay villa has no office outside Boracay. Pls help us stop those unscrupulous people by reporting their fraud to d police in ur area.”

  154. I bought the Pakway CPK voucher (P300 for P500 worth of purchase) and I was able to claim it last weekend. I was just told by the waitress that I should have given my voucher after ordering because processing it takes a long time. Pinaghintay nga kami.

  155. anyone tried save on pinoy?

    their service sucks. I bought 4 vouchers from them last week and until now I STILL DONT HAVE THE VOUCHERS. Status says “PENDING”
    WTF. I sent them an email, No feedback.

    I sent them email again and informed me to check my account. when i did, here’s what I found :

    Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator, [email protected] and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

    Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    they don’t have a landline, they will give a cellnumber for you to call in case you encountered problem. ARE YOU F*CKNG kiddin me SAVE ON PINOY? DONT PUT UP A BUSINESS IF YOU DONT HAVE THE DECENCY to at least applied for a landline.

  156. For me I purchased a lot of vouchers in ENSOGO.. Best promo deals. I dont trust any website….

  157. Does anyone know how to contact etreet? Still have 2 unused chelsea vouchers but was unable to download the vouchers from their site. Last time i checked the site’s not up anymore. Shouldnt they at least give customers a heads up before closing down?

  158. Whenever I click on Muraito, I get the error message “Malware Detected”. Just thought you should be aware.

  159. Hi Lau, thanks for the note.

    I got the same message while using Chrome, but it did not appear when I used Firefox. I guess it depends on the security settings of the browser.

    In any case, I hope the web admins of Muraito can fix the issue as soon as possible.

  160. Is there anyone who has tried purchasing at crazy deals? I want to buy the Victoria Jackson survival kit makeup, but they are not yet verified in the list of Fitz.

  161. Thanks for having this post… You made online shopping more convenient..:) Looking forward to purchase the Bangkok Package @ GUPO.. Thanks again and keep it up!!!!

  162. @Eleanor: I’ve purchased from Crazy Deals (MAC earphones from Widget City) and okay naman. Mabilis sumagot ang customer care ng Crazy Deals πŸ™‚


  164. just had it’s soft launch! hope you can publish us πŸ™‚

    have DEALightful deals delivered @ your inbox and get a chance to win an Apple Ipad2!!! Simply SUBSCRIBE to and LIKE our FB page so you’ll get updated on the latest, exclusive SALE in town and have a dEAlightful shopping experience for less! πŸ™‚


  165. Hello Everyone!

    First and foremost we would like to say thank you for the support you have shown to us for the past few days. We give our best to be the best service to you but no matter how tried we want to be the best service, of course we can’t please everybody.

    We would like to make our official statement regarding with the complain of JV (July 18th, 2011 at 2:51 pm comment), ANVAYA is an exclusive place for members, our deal was handled by a travel agency. They have informed us that they can accommodate only 100 vouchers. Our system will automatically close the deal once it reaches the maximum limit and once it closed, our deal has sign of “CLOSED” it simply means the deal is inactive. We don’t know how or what else we should include in our site just to inform that the deal is closed!? We received emails from someone same concern with JV “na nagmumura” and we reply promptly dun sa mga concerns but unfortunately di rin namin alam kung bakit hindi maintindihan. Our apology for JV if we have not meet your expectations from us. We try our best but we think our best is not good enough. Thank you!

    To Star (July 18th, 2011 at 10:29 pm comment)Please accept our apology regarding the Tawhay deal. We have miscommunications regarding the website and the write up of our writer regarding the deal. Yes, it’s true we have no business with Tawhay Villa Boracay but we have business with Tawhay Resorts Boracay Condominium. Unfortunately that time, we were informed by our client to take images and write up from their webpage, unfortunately we take it from Tawhay Boracay instead from their own website. We are also confused what’s going on since we expect that there’s only one Tawhay Resort in Boracay not knowing that there are lot of them with different owners.

    We are just hoping that we made our side clear. If you have questions or more concerns with our site you may call directly to our Customer Support Head at (02) 553-8197.


    CleverBuy Team

  166. Beware buyers! Think before you buy at METRODEAL. They don’t have contact number and they will make you wait for months just to get a reply! They have very bad customer support. When you buy, do all the inquiries first and be very very sure about what you’re buying because you will have a hard time contacting them when you encounter problems. Look for other deal sites first.


    I know very well the meaning of “CLOSED”, even an elementary student knows that. There was never a sign “Closed” or “Sold out”. You’ve already made a fool out of me, don’t make me a liar! If it was indicated on your deal, then I would not go through the hassle of sending emails on your site, which by the way took several days before the reply came. That’s the kind of service they give to their customer! Oh I forgot, that reply came after I’ve talked with their online agent (who cut the line twice)

    to quote what agent 3 explained to me: “Ay, ma’am pag po kasi ganun na hindi kayo makabili ng deal ibig sabihin ubos na po. Limited lang po kasi eh.” and when I asked why don’t they know the term “SOLD OUT”…

    Agent 3: “Standard po namin yun eh. Automatic kasi sa system”.

    I hope na huwag naman gawin bobo at bulag sa “Closed” or “Sold Out” ang customer ng CLEVER BUY.

    Truly they are Clever enough to make their Customer look stupid!

  168. To quote CLEVER BUY’s reply to my queries.

    “Please accept our apology for the late reply. You are redirected to back
    to the deal page because the time you purchase for the Anvaya Cove that
    was the time that the deal closed because it reaches to it’s maximum
    number of sold vouchers.”

    So where is the “CLOSED” term in there? If it was truly posted then you should have mentioned it in your reply. Don’t make me a liar!

    The reason is its closed/sold out not that I don’t understand the term. Its simply not indicated there!

  169. Hi JV, baka naman nagkataon lang talaga na nung time na mag-oorder ka for Anvaya cove eksaktong na-meet nila yung 100max vouchers na binebenta nila..there are cases talaga na pag ganun,parang nagsasalubong ang system, medyo parang nagha-hang or nadedelay yung naka program nila na dapat ipost like yung “CLOSED” na print..maybe technical error lang..anyway wala naman siguro ganong impact sa yo dahil at least di ka pa naman nagbayad..

    actually, in fairness to Cleverbuy, kahit me konting problem ako na-encounter, nag-reply naman agad sila (email/phone)and very polite naman sila sa pag handle ng situation..buti nga ikaw JV wala pang involve na payment, yung akin kasi na-double bill ako for P717 sa credit card ko but they tried to help naman and binigyan nila ako ng instructions how to get the na ng credit card co. ngayon..

    i have already bought 10vouchers from them: 5Kitaro, 5 from far, ok naman..despite nagsara yng Kitaro branch na malapit sa amin..i believe its beyond their control and marami pa namang branch where i can claim my remaining 2 vouchers

    siguro medyo konting pasensiya tayo minsan kasi di naman nila talaga kasalanan or sinasadya..unless na arrogant sila during the time na pinag-uusapan ang problem medyo yun ang mali..

    good luck na lang sa mga future purchases mo..marami naman tayong choices if ever..

  170. admin, correction lang po..please check yung top 5 group buying sites ninyo..ano/alin po ba ang basis ng top 5 ninyo?kasi kung based on your poll survey here, it should have been Metrodeal on top 4, Buyanihan top 5 and is only on top 6..

  171. Thanks Mary Anne for the notice. The Top 5 rankings has now been updated for August 2011. The next update will be in September.

  172. Hello
    Has anyone experienced getting a call from a merchant and requesting me to deposit the payment directly in their account? hehehe weird but it happened to me… I got scared so i left the deal pending and did not make any payment. Scam, is that u?

  173. hope you could come up with a feedback system for these groupon sites. I personally had great deals with some, while i feel like i got shortchanged for the discounts i got with others. It will help other buyers to be aware.

  174. Hi Mary Ann, in fairness kasi kay JV, wala kasing explanation on bakit walang nakalagay na closed. Ang explanation lang is kung bakit na-encounter nya yun. Kasi bibili din sana ako before Father’s day nun, ganun din ang na-encounter ko. Wala din nakalagay na Closed. Na bwisit na lang ako kaya hindi na ko bumili. Siguro if sinabi pa nila yun explanation mo, maiintindihan naman yun eh.

    To Clever buy team: pano you reply promptly kung nag apologize kayo for the late replt? ang apology niyo nga lang kasi kay JV (sa quote nya) is for the Late Reply lang, not for the inconvenience na na-encounter niya. (“Please accept our apology for the late reply. …”) Yun lang ang apology nyo.
    Ako lang ah ang dating sakin, parang siya pa ang sinisisi nyo na hindi niya alam na closed na. Malay ba niya if system error, nag hahang lang or what. Hindi naman kayo ganun kalakihan para maging automatically understood sa tao yun e. Dinaig niyo lang ang Metrodeal sa pag Late reply nyo, sinisi nyo pa ang customer niyo na hindi niya alam na Closed na yun deal. I’m sure kung nakasulat yun, hindi na siya mag aaksaya ng panahon sa inyo. Yan ay sa akin lang. Be humble enough to accept na tanggapin yun pagkakamali nyo at mag apologize na lang kayo para matapos na. Reputasyon niyo rin ang masisira sa ginagawa niyo. Ganun din kasi nangyari sa akin e…Anvaya din. Hindi ako makabili, palipat – lipat lang ng page pero walang Closed na nakalagay.

    To JV, tama si Mary Ann, pasalamat ka nalang at wala pang money involvement. Kung ayaw magpabili edi huwag! Lost nila yun noh! tayo kaya ang customer. Madami pang ibang group buying site diyan! Konteng pasensya lang.

  175. Hello hans, that’s a great idea. I’ll think about it and hopefully, I can launch something like that soon here. Thanks!

  176. ang weird, last Sunday, i went to SM to buy some stuff and i saw these planners (Harry Potter, Kris Aquino and Glee) — which were the same planners offered on Cash Cash Pinoy Site. And to my dismay, these planners only costs 173.00 (it’s actually on sale. the original price is actually 250.00.The only difference is that the planners being sold in SM do not include a calculator , which is apparently included on the cashcash pinoy deal. But I don’t think the olympia calculator costs 250? hhhmmm.

  177. Hi, just wondering why you still include cuponz in the active list? It’s been inactive and just soliciting members for the past couple of weeks now. Even their main page says they’re building up the site.

  178. Hi Dondi, thanks for the notice. I’ll send their admin an email and ask about their status. If I don’t receive an update within the week, then I’ll bring them down to the inactive list.

  179. hello admin:

    FYI, MURAITO.COM is not an active group buying may even harm the computers of those who don’t have is what always appears everytime i try to access the page:

    Warning: Something’s Not Right Here! contains malware. Your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site.
    Google has found malicious software may be installed onto your computer if you proceed. If you’ve visited this site in the past or you trust this site, it’s possible that it has just recently been compromised by a hacker. You should not proceed, and perhaps try again tomorrow or go somewhere else.
    We have already notified that we found malware on the site. For more about the problems found on, visit the Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page.

    If you understand that visiting this site may harm your computer, proceed anyway.

  180. Thanks Fitz for having this post. It’s hard to shop and find nice stuff especially if you are working on a night shift. It’s very convenient and fun to see all the great deals around the metro. I’ve been stressed the whole week I really need a relax and pamper myself. I saw at GUPO this relaxing package @ Soneva spa, looking forward to try it with my sister this week.. thanks again πŸ™‚

  181. Hello,

    Our apology to JV to all the hassles, the confusions, the impoliteness of our customer service representatives. Please accept our apology. It’s our fault and we are sorry about that.

    To Mary Anne who make a comment on August 13th, 2011 at 12:09 pm. Thank you for believing in us. It’s more than enough reason for us to go on what we have started. πŸ™‚

    To moon on August 15th, 2011 at 5:54 pm, Thank you very much! Your words enlightened us and it helps us to improve. Hopefully, we can be the best service to you (and to all our patrons) on your next purchase from us.

    CleverBuy Team

  182. hi, i’m wondering why dealdozen is included in the not verified? i was able to buy and use several of their vouchers. i bought the pasto voucher. and it’s such a good deal because pasto is a very good resto.

    thanks πŸ™‚

  183. the page is NO LONGER ACTIVE and has the following caption upon opening:
    Reported Attack Page!

    This web page at has been reported as an attack page and has been blocked based on your security preferences.

    Attack pages try to install programs that steal private information, use your computer to attack others, or damage your system.

    Some attack pages intentionally distribute harmful software, but many are compromised without the knowledge or permission of their owners.

  184. has anyone experience a problem with their purchases at Metrodeal at this time? I bought a deal last Aug 18 using paypal as my method of payment. I thought it didn’t push thru so i repeated my transaction the next day Aug 19. Upon checking my paypal account both deals were completed. I’ve been reaching Metrodeal thru their customer service email and support hotline but until now i didn’t get any reply. I am wondering if they are still active or what? since, this is the first time i encountered this kind of service from them. They are very prompt in answering my request and query before.

  185. fitz update mo na yung Beeconomic to Groupon Beeconomic and the logo
    its no longer just Beeconomic πŸ™‚ 2010 pa πŸ™‚

  186. I hate Metrodeal now. I have P1700 worth of credits from refund and referral but naglaho na lang parang bula at hindi ko na sila macontact. Hindi nagrereply sa email. What happened??? I used to like them but after numerous emails na hindi nila sinasagot iboboycott ko na sila and will start telling friends. May gusto pa sana ako bilhin and nagtaka ako dahil wala na ang credits ko na madami pa. Bad trip talaga sayang ang P1700 hindi naman mura yon para nakawin lang nila.

  187. anybody have reviews on discount pilipinas here? im trying to avail a deal but it seems like paypal is the only way to pay them? there are bank accounts listed but no buttons or whatsoever to click, the paypal does and is already clicked and cannot be unclicked. the problems is, you cannot proceed to payment since paypal is the only option. if you choose confirm and pay, it says “pay using paypal” and “go back to choose another payment method” which is confusing because it is simply impossible to choose another method. can somebody enlighten me please? thank you.

  188. To Clever Buy Team: apology accepted. Finally, that was the only thing that I was waiting for (aside from the explanation but never mind)

    To Moon: Thank you for seeing my point/s and pointing them out crystal clearly. The point that I was long pointing out from the very beginning. It was such a sad experience of ours. Indeed, lesson learned well “kung ayaw magpabili edi wag!” bongga! =) Kudos to you!

    To Moon and mary ann: Yup! there’s a lot of choices out there…we just have to choose correctly! =)

  189. guys, another lesson that i learned along the way (this time at my expense!) is to really really read carefully the fine prints – although i don’t really remember reading that certain condition from the site at the time of my purchase. The site deleted the deal from their ‘recent deals’ na…nahiya siguro!

    this time its from SAVE ON PINOY!

    I bought their LITTLE LAMB DEAL, p298 instead of p489 on buffet hotpot, long time ago. Syempre, since its buffet, one voucher per head. Pero, not this one, that person using the voucher needs to bring another head that will pay additional p598++ for lunch or p800++ for dinner! So if your going on a dinner date total expense mo is p1289 for just a HOTPOT/SHABU SHABU! super obvious na lokohan! Just go to Macapagal instead, p600/head, may hotpot ka na with grill, cooked foods including crabs and shrimp, unlimited drinkings, take note! including beer and unlimited rice, may fresh fruits ka pa!

    Calling Save on Pinoy! sana you consider thinking if fair ba for both parties yun deal nyo including your terms! You say you have paypal nga sa site nyo, wla nman pala! what a waste of time!

    Here are some other comments from other people on this matter: “nyek one person has to pay an additional of 589 which is mas mahal kesa sa orig price of 489. this deal won’t work. mas mapapamahal pa ata.”; “close this deal.. crazy terms and nag deal pa sila eh ang mahal pa! NOT WORTH IT.”

    and this is on your site, SAVE ON PINOY, in case you don’t know,

    Secure PayPal

    Make a secure payment via PayPal.

    What a site!

  190. Anyway, I hope you guys learned from my experiences!

    Indeed, lesson learned! I am now very crucial on the group buying site I transact with!

    Happy shopping! =)

  191. is purchase via credit card INSTALLMENT (3/6/12 mos) allowed in these group buying sites or it depends on the credit card company? thanks!:-)

  192. In fairness nabalik na rin ng Metrodeal ang missing credits ko after kong sa Facebook page nila magcomment nang magcomment.


    I’m very excited about your Boracay deal. I’ve already bought 7 packages (roughly 70k). I’ve actually bought from you already and so far, I’ve had no problems claiming the vouchers (Barbara’s).

    Reading through the thread, I am confident that this deal is not bogus and that I will have your support should there be any problems. Hopefully none.

    Btw, I love your joker discounts. How can i get more of those?

  194. Hi. You may want to add I tried purchasing their deals twice na din and have not gotten any problems. πŸ™‚

  195. The best group buying sites I’ve joined is the they give awesome deals and all the transactions are very smooth, proven and recommended! Unlike most of the buying sites na you are required to pay via credit card or paypal, or anything in full or partial payments… in, all coupons are FREE!!! just download it from their sites, and claim your vouchers/gift certificates to their office at Ayala Avenue. You will just present your received vouchers/gift certificates to the establishments and that’s the time you will pay for the deal. No extra cost or charges.. You get what you see !

  196. Hi Everyone,

    Check out this new Group Buying Site. They are giving a way an iPad 2 and best of all you get P100 discount credit when you sign up.

    They let you earn as well, They are the only company that offers a Multi-Level Referral/Affiliate program. And members get to earn commission from buys generated from their Referral Network up to 3 referral levels.

    Thank you.

  197. Highly recommended for tour and package was the Cleverbuy deals while it sucks to purchase deals from metrodeal..

    also other best group buying was Ensogo and cashcashpinoy and if you have adequate budget is to purchase from twango

  198. Hi everyone! this is is very nice site.. i read all comments.. just wanna share my experience with one of the sites listed which is i took advantage on one of these deals. it was for bohol trip for 2 including airfare, transfers, accomodation with bohol tour package for only P9870. i was so excited and decided to take it.. it will be my bf and mine’s first out of town tried.

    I was so frustrated when i was trying to get in touch with the travel agency. (btw the name of the agency was pacific link travel agency) I tried to schedule a flight supposedly for oct 14-16. i first sent an email. When i didnt get any response, i tried calling the celphone number listed. i was able to talk to someone. they said the said date was available and details will be sent to my email. I waited for a week but gotten no response. i tried calling them again and promised me one more time that email will be sent. still no response. finally i tried to get in-touch directly with saveonpinoy people. they said that sched has been sent to them by the agency and will get intouch with them for the confirmation. i waited again but nothing. 2 more contacts still nothing. then, finally they said that they would check if sched is avail. wooww.. i was suprprised because all the while i thought everything has been set. i was so pissed and later on found out that they had issue with the agency. the lady i talked to told me the truth when i asked if they had issue with the said agency and admitted they had. i still hoped! i waited for their response. i still had to call them from time to time.they didnt even had the decency to contact me and tell me eveyrthing. i found out sched wasnt available and WORST PART WAS no same rate can be given. and told me theyll just reimburse everything.. i still had to go to makati and meet the boss so i can get the money or they can send an email and they will do bank transfer.. i was so pissed and promised myself not to buy from this site ever again!!!!!! such a bad experience!!!!guys, beware,,, for those who just availed of the same offer, dont expect.. cause the last time i heard was, cheapest deal they had from an agency was 9300/pax which will tehcnically double the price of the offer they had. dont take any chances.. just wanna give all the people a heads up!! this is a true incident..

  199. I agree to nico.. Metrodeal sucks! No customer service and they used other site’s number, wth!

    So far, I love CashCash, and oh, Dealspot-they have good customer service πŸ™‚

  200. so far purchased from metrodeal, ensogo and groupon, never had any troubles. they are my favorites. had a problem with pakyaw, my purchase didn’t reflect but after giving them a call i got my vouchers, so all is good.

  201. @nice this happened to me and my bf also, i think we bought the same bf was patiently waiting for the sched confirmation and i told him to check on it again since its been more than a week already and our said date was nearing. till my bf called saveonpinoy and found out that the travel agency backed out! im like, What the hell?? this is very frustrating..they also said that they are trying to reach my bf but they couldn’t..i was like “talaga? eh kung di pa nga sila tatawagan di sila mgbbgay ng answers eh.” and take note, matagal na palang nag back out ung walang kwentang agency na yan pero di manlang nagawang i-inform ung mga costumers na bumili ng vouchers! if its true n nagkaron cla ng issue sa travel agency eh bakit nila hinayaang naka-hang ung mga buyers asang asa na makakapagbook sila? they said we could refund pero mtagal period na binigay nla 2 weeks, and im sure it will be longer than that pati sa pagrefund mahihirapan kame. mabilis lang kayo pagdating sa pagkuha pero pagibabalik na hirap na hirap in the first place kayo naman ang so furious tlga about this matter, npaka iresponsable! saveonpinoy and pacific link travels ang sarap nyong pag-untugin!! kung nagkaproblema man kayo o di npagkasunduan, wag nyo naman kalimutan ung mga costumers nyo! kayo na maunang mag-inform kesa hihintayin nyong kulitin kayo ng bonggang bongga bago kayo sumagot..PACIFIC LINK TRAVELS AT SAVEONPINOY you are now on my black list, never again will i buy from your site and book my travels on the both of you.

    i had smooth transactions with metrodeal, ensogo, ebay kuponan, discount pilipinas and cash-cash pinoy so far.

  202. same with me..ok din sa ‘kin yung ensogo, metrodeal, groupon, hassle (minimal lang naman) na di na-solve and many deals na rin ang na-try ko particularly sa metrodeal at cleverbuy

  203. The best group buying sites for me are ensogo, groupon and pakyaw. I used to like metrodeal, but sadly, all my referrals are not credited. I have been contacting their support team but all I get are replie that they are looking into the complaints. No action though, as several months have passed.

  204. I had bought many vouchers from cashcashpinoy, ensogo & metrodeal, crazydeals, buyahihan, localroam and so far have not encountered any problem. I hope will never encounter anything bad:) just like to mention I particularly like ensogo’s reward system, for anything u buy there’s a credit rewards which u can use when purchasing:)

  205. Hi! anybody there bought & done LASIK surgery from group buying sites? How was it? Pls. Share your experiences. I would like to have one but I’m in doubt. Thanks in advance!

  206. I’m disappointed with Cleverbuy. It took so long for them to make refund. Their partner agency for the Anvaya deal had some problems kaya nagsuspend yung mga bookings for Anvaya and in lieu of Anvaya, options were given to the customers like Canyon Woods or Anawangin or refund. I took the refund option since the very reason why I got the deal is because of Anvaya else I would not get the deal. July 27 I emailed them, ang sagot sakin it’ll take 30-45 days daw to do the refund, but still up to now (anong petsa na?!) Sep 16, wala pa ding refund na dumating.
    Sobrang nakakadisappoint lng ksi it was not my fault in the 1st place kaya ndi natuloy yung deal and to request for the refund, tapos customers pa nila papahirapan mag antay ng matagal!
    Dapat gayahin nila ang Ensogo, within a week na nareport yung refund request, nagrefund agad sila ksi they know na hindi kasalanan ng customers nila na magclose yung establishment offering the deal.

    I am a fan of group-buying sites, been buying deals from CashCash, DealGrocer, Ensogo, Pakyaw, Metrodeal, Beeconomic Groupon, TipidTo, Twangoo… lahat yan walang problems… dito lang ako sa Cleverbuy sobrang na disappoint:-(

  207. Hi! I met all of the verified active group buying sites. I worked with one the merchants they featured. To begin with, is not a group buying site. It’s an advertising agency.

    The hardest group buying site to deal with is Ensogo but atleast they have lower prices for those who buy the voucher but they are really harsh or getting discounts from the merchants.

    The fastest site that could publish your deal is wow deals. they are hands on, meaning to say, the owners themselves handle the business and do all the work.

    Applause to Groupon for being able to sell so much for a sky high price. They are great re-sellers.

    Gupo deals…. they’re also incredible. they have the lowest margins with alot of service inclusions. Take note: they have fast payments and transactions. πŸ™‚

    Buyanihan also have something to say in terms of selling but you’d have to fall in line and wait for a month for your deal to push through.

    What sucks the most is E-bay. They are what they call in the Philippines “BARAT”. There’s nothing left for the merchants. they want to get the lowest price ever and still they want to have their share that’s too big. there’s literally nothing left for the merchant even capital.

  208. @charlene and nice

    hi guys! i also purchased the saveonpinoy bohol deal. at until now, i haven’t received my refund yet. sabi nila sa email, sept16 daw iddeposit (which is today). so i called just a while ago. ang sabi skn, nsa knila n daw ung check pero Sept18 p daw mdedeposit. argh! sobrang delayed n nga sila sa pagaayos ng refund (almost 3 weeks yta after ko malaman n cancelled ung deal) tapos late pa din ung pagddeposit?? anu ba yan.

    to the readers, DON’T EVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM SAVEONPINOY. they will only give you hassle and sakit ng ulo.


    DON’T PURCHASE FROM SAVEONPINOY. THEY ARE VERY GOOD AT DELAYING TACTICS. tapos kung hindi ka pa mgffollow-up sa kanila, they will NEVER EVER call you to inform the status of your purchase. SERVICE IS REALLY BAD.

  210. @seashell..
    as expected, mtgal tlga sila mgrefund..till now wla pa din ung refund namin.. saveonpinoy sucks!! i hate them..kung di ka pa mauuna mag email, never talaga sila mag bother na iinform ka..haist!

  211. @ Abigail Tuazon: been buying from ebay kuponan…ok naman cla. So far no major problems encountered nman. 1 time I had to ask their customer service to email me my vouchers again…Less than an hour they were able to do so. =)

  212. @nice and charlene

    i have already received my refund from saveonpinoy. i hope you have received yours too. jeez. i won’t forget the hassle they’ve given me. share the word.

    better try Cleverbuy. they are really accomodating and helpful. πŸ™‚

  213. Thanks for the tip on group buying sites! I’m kinda a shopaholic so I’m really into that kind of stuff! anyway, last night I discovered a new group buying site, musthave thingy.. here’s the link:

    they were giving away an ISLAND COVE overnight stay. So I guess yeah, it’s cool.

  214. Fitz, you’re the best for compiling all these online buying sites!!! Less stress for busy people like me πŸ™‚ Hope you can feature the top sites per category like food, travel, wellness etc. Well so far my top picks are Ensogo, GUPO, Cashcash Pinoy, Buyunihan, Deal Grocer!!! Kip it up guys!!!! πŸ™‚

  215. so far so good…

    just purchased from metrodeal…

  216. hi fitz and everyone!

    i think megadeals is a legit group buying site ‘coz it has a tie up with Globe telecom..i regularly receive text fr globe abt their latest deals.

  217. ENSEMBLE TRAVEL AGENCY, ANG LALA NYO. sad ako talaga sa service. talagang it’s the worst travel agency i’ve encountered talaga im sorry. Usually metrodeal may hawak ng mga ensemble deals. Feeling ko style lang nila yan para maka advance sila makakuha ng pera tapos irerefund nila pag natapos na yung validity. Naka LOAN sila ng libre?? Dapat maimbestigahan to.

  218. […] since I featured Philippine group buying sites in my other blog, the business model has really grown so much in the country. And now, many of them […]

  219. METRODEAL and ENSEMBLES SERVICE SUCKS!!!!!!!!they still offer other tour package even if they cannot longer accommodate previous buyer, their using a lot of emails and they really full of craft. Dont ever buy on this site…BEWARE!!!!!

  220. Guys, do not patronize travel deals. They just make them appear cheaper pero mas mura pa rin talaga DIY. Konting sipag lang sa pagsearch ng info or read blogs before ur trip and sure mas enjoy nyo vacation nyo.

  221. Hello Dar, I read your bad review about cashcashpinoy and this sounds very misleading. I am actually working for a TV show and we would like to cover your bad experience with cashcashpinoy and the scam you experienced for our upcoming show on online frauds. you can contact me at [email protected] πŸ™‚ if anyone else has problems like these, just drop me a line too πŸ™‚ thanks!

  222. hello everyone,

    anybody here experiencing difficulty in opening the cleverbuy site?i already tried many times but to no avail?

  223. Hi… @nico and Lia, I have a business and I wanted to offer my services sa Metrodeal site, pero due to franchising constraints, hindi nag push-thru… Nakipag-meeting ako sa head ng Metrodeal (foreign guy) and this is what I learned….

    Sa Metrodeal kasi, wala talaga silang paki sa service na ipro-provide ng merchant. Ang kanila dun is ung sa advertising lang. Hmm.. Let me put it this way, if ever MDeal sells 3,000 vouchers for P300.00, hindi lahat mapupunta sa merchant un… Si Metrodeal ang kukubra lahat nun and kung dun sa 3,000 vouchers, ang ma-claim lang is 500 vouchers, ung kita sa 500 vouchers less 12% vat and less 20-30% commission ng Metrodeal, un ang mapupunta sa merchant… The rest, kay Metrodeal lahat un.

    Sa pag process ng refunds, ang dapat kalembangin is si Metrodeal.
    Just sharing lang po… I am not connected to Metrodeal nor with Ensembles ha…. Just sharing lang po.

  224. Hi! This article is such a big help for me thank you so much! πŸ™‚ more power to you!

  225. ow…. my comment was not posted… =( bakit?

    Admin’s note:
    We’re sorry if you did not see your comment immediately. It was held for moderation first because it’s your first time to comment here. It’s now published. Thanks.

  226. Thank you Fritz for the update! We are Travel Smart Philippines, a Deal Site that concentrates on Travel Packages, Hotels, Resorts, Vacation Spot Restaurants and Spa in the Philippines and the whole of Asia! Please visit us at and save more on your next vacation! Its time everyone Travels Smart!

  227. I stumbled upon your blog while searching for group deals in Manila. I live in Cali and those daily deals are very popular here, i thought it would’ve been a good idea to introduce it there. Meron na pala, and so many! May I ask, how do they advertise? Do they buy TV/radio/print spots? I asked a friend if she uses these services and she told me she’s never heard of them. So sa mga patrons dito, how did you hear about them po?

  228. @mike

    thank you very much for your interest in signing up. we have checked our system and everything seems to work fine. what browser are you using? what error message do you get? should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info [at] Alternatively, you may use your fb account to signup. If the fb app doesn’t work, please bear with us and proceed with the regular sign up process. Thank you very much and we apologize for whatever inconvenience that this has caused you.

    thank you,
    Pilipinas Deals Admin

  229. Hi! Can you please add Deals Happy its a new group buying site which started last September. Please visit to register.

    With the influx of many group-buying and deal sites, Deals HAPPY paves the way for merchants to spawn HAPPY returning customers through valuable offers.

    Delight in exclusive deals that are unmatched and first rate!

    Deals HAPPY provides you with a smart and happy lifestyle that rewards.

  230. I pity those people who purchased on METRODEAL. People behind METRODEAL ARE SUCKS, they’re also fooling their MERCHANTS. Lumalabas na ngayon ang tunay na kulay ng METRODEAL.

    Group Buying sites who has very good Customer Service…



  231. Ensogo’s customer service is beginning to deteriorate…they have been receiving a lot of complaints (including mine)especially with their Robinson’s Moviehouse Offer.. until now,wala pa silang explanation dun sa mga na-debit nila na credit card/atm accounts… If you go naman to their facebook account, they will hide your complaints/inquiries… They dont respond to your email as well…

    here is the link to our complaints (Discuss Deals)…

  232. I have been a buyer of vouchers from diff group buying sites. And I usually refer to Fitz’ list before buying. Thanks Fitz for this awesome service to us consumers! More power!
    There is an alternative way of buying vouchers, and they are through resellers who sells vouchers at additional 25% to 40% off of the groupon site price. Interesting to note that most of them do not resell metrodeal vouchers anymore. It’s regretful that Metrodeal is gaining bad publicity because they used to have good deals. Perhaps they have become so huge that they have a hard time accommodating their customers. Also, they rarely address negative comments about them (specifically, here in this thread), and in their FB page. Sooner or later it will be their downfall.

  233. Hi Fitz,
    I think leaving a message here is quite effective… Ensogo took action on our concerns right away… dnt know how you did it, many thanks!!!

  234. is competetive. After 1 year they maybe competing with ensogo and cashcash pinoy on the top spot. they have great deals with great discounted products and services!!

  235. I bought a voucher for one of Metrodeal’s Casio watches back in September. I paid by Dragonpay in LBC Alimall and two days after I received an email confirmation from Dragonpay that my payment was completed. The deal said that delivery of the item will be in October 3. The item was not delivered. I live in Caloocan. The next day I checked my account with Metrodeal and it showed there that I had not paid yet. I emailed Metrodeal and Dragonpay my payment confirmation email. Dragonpay replied that evening with Metrodeal copied in that they do confirm my payment. Metrodeal replied with their hotline number. I checked my account again and the voucher had been released. I called the hotline number and wasn’t able to get through. It just rang and rang. I emailed them to ask when I should expect delivery of the item so that someone could be home to receive it. I received the usual auto generated response email and after that nothing. I emailed them again to say that no one was answering their hotline. No human reply. I called them again today and still was not able to get through. I have now filed an online complaint form with the Department of Trade and Industry against Metrodeal and forwarded it to Metrodeal to inform that I am taking legal steps against them. PS. I’m going to post this to all sites that have reviews on Metrodeal. Mag tulungan tayo. Let’s send this to GMA’s Youscoop.

  236. count me in, please repost this all over for METRODEAL services are really MESS UP,..that auto generated email is really annoying, i have a lot of that and only one single email which was addressed to the merchant but still no action finalized and no merchant replies. let us know if a raid will be held on this address “The Enterprise Center, Offices 2702 and 2703, 27F Tower 2, 6766 Ayala Avenue cor. Paseo De Roxas Makati City, Metro Manila” for i will held a free video coverage in this SCAM

  237. HI Fitz… thanks for having this great post!!! I was able to shop conveniently at home πŸ™‚ So far my top picks are CashCash Pinoy, Deal Grocer and GUPO.. I saw their deal with Pepeton’s Grill last night..can’t wait to purchase it.. πŸ™‚ Hope you can feature other sites that offers gadgets.. More Power!!!! πŸ™‚

  238. Hi Fitz. I was browsing about group buying and found your blog. I was wondering if you know of voucher/deal re-sellers, those who offer 20-25% off from posted discounted deals from Ensogo and Metrodeal mostly. So many of them in Facebook and while it’s too tempting for more savings, I wonder how they can offer the deals lower than the major sites, like P3k instead of P4k!

    Though I’ve read feedback from FaceBook members who have bought from them, I can’t help but doubt the legitimacy, and if those writing feedback are for real. Too good to be true! One of them has been featured on TV and has the most credibility at least.

    Hope you or someone can enlighten me/us. Thank you!

  239. BLC,

    hi..don’t worry kahit mukhang too good to be true ang mga deals dito sa mga group buying sites, mostly are really true kahit yung mga 50%off esp. sa food, wellness, gadgets..yung mga trips kasi di ko pa na try..actually me folder na nga ako ng mga vouchers na nabili/na print ko from cleverbuy, ensogo, metro deal, cash cash :)..laki kasi ng savings lalo sa food kasi every week sa labas kami nagdidinner kaya really useful..

    if you’re still in doubt, you can always check with the merchants if they really have the deal with that particular group buying site that you’ll find..generally me tel nos silang nilalagay..pag walang contact no. yung merchant for inquiry, don’t buy, walang assurance…you can also have the feedbacks here as references (based on their experiences) kung alin ang medyo reliable sa kanila…so far lahat naman ng vouchers ko, confirmed na me deal sila dian sa mga sites na sinulat ko…

    good luck!!!

  240. BLC,

    There is this Facebook page called “the pink store” offering Ensogo and other vouchers for 20% or so less. They are playing a scheme because those people use stolen credit cards. They asked me to deposit to their bank account or pay via Gcash.

    I recently purchased a deal from there and then the website told me that the voucher was paid with a stolen credit card and that they deactivated my voucher. Sad to say, there’s a lot of credit card fraud going on in the internet and those people/pages on Facebook claiming you can get Ensogo and other vouchers for 20% off, are just not real, advice #1: Never, ever deposit to anyone’s bank account just like that, and especially when buying from the internet. Only trust people who have a credible rating profile (like a good rating on Ebay), and definately not these scumbags.

  241. Mommykat,

    There is nothing such as resellers which offer 20-40% off group buying website deals. These people use, as mentioned in my posting above, stolen credit cards (Wells Fargo, FNB, Citibank (US ones) and many others) to purchase those deals. They will then ask you to deposit to their bank account or pay via GCash. It’s a big scheme and costing the group buying websites hundreds of thousands of damages every month because of course those transactions are subject to credit card chargebacks. Meaning the ecommerce website is left without money, customer has maybe redeemed the voucher already, and the credit card thief made his money.

    Do not honor these people. If the ecommerce merchant is lucky, he blacklists the stolen credit cards, which is already the case with several websites. Thus suddenly all these “resellers” say “this particular website’s system is down”. It’s a big scheme and those fraudsters should be put behind bars.

    Why don’t you make a test, ask these so called “resellers” to purchase a voucher for you, deposit to their bank account (for a small ticket item, like P200) and let them give you the voucher code. And then email the group buying site like Ensogo your code and ask them “hey can you look at the transaction behind this voucher code a little bit closer”.

    Ensogo or whichever website will answer you “thanks for notifying us, we deactivated this voucher and refunded the transaction since it was done with a stolen Wells Fargo/FNB/whatever credit card” or at least they will ask you for more details behind that transaction. Sad story but true and I really recommend you, Fitz, to check out this situation regarding the “reseller” fraud. Make your own picture here ( is the Facebook fanpage of the fraudster)

  242. Sorry for this third posting, but guys really do the test, purchase a voucher from these people and ask the website like Ensogo to verify the code and check the details behind that transaction. They use various stolen foreign credit cards (really purely foreign and not domestic), it’s actually a syndicate.

    Also, ask those websites where they offer these codes from if there is something like a “resellers” or “authorized collection agents”. Ensogo and Megadeals, for which these fraudsters commonly offer vouchers, will answer no. Sorry about the many comments, Fitz, maybe you can just merge my 3 postings into 1 for better overview.

  243. Tondo, thank you for the warning. I hope all those vouchers that I have paid for already are valid! Next time, I will follow your advice and verify the reseller first.

  244. mommyKat,

    there is nothing such as resellers for group buying sites, so there would be not even need to verify them because they are a scam from the very beginning… I even observed one conversation where the scammer said she is buying the vouchers from the group buying site in bulk and then gets a discount… and of course that’s not true.

    Again I can only reiterate, beware of self-declared “resellers” and “authorized collection agents”. You might end up with deactivated vouchers/vouchers that are not honored by the merchant and being scammed by the seller, because of course the respective group buying site will be notified about the chargeback and contact the merchant to remove the vouchercode from his dashboard and not honor it anymore.

  245. @Mary Anne:

    I did not mean buying from group sites, I myself have purchased many from different sites like Ensogo Metrodeal Cashcashpinoy Groupon. I do know they are legitimate.

    I am referring to those who offer discounts from the deals, most of them are in Facebook and Sulit (easily found when you search for discounted vouchers).


    You nailed it. Yes I am referring to those, THE PINK STORE who has a FACEBOOK page was featured on TV, hence her supposed credibility, but she too is a frauster/scammer? I don’t get how they be so brazen!

    I emailed ENSOGO and METRODEAL and they replied that those resellers are not affiliated with them. They too said that these resellers can offer ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS ON TOP OF THEIR DEALS because they buy with stolen credit cards, hence buyers get vouchers that will be rejected by merchants.

    I feel so bad for those who bought or will buy from them, since we are all just trying to get better than already good deals. I was tempted to buy, who wouldn’t be, but I couldn’t reconcile how group sites would allow RESELLERS of their vouchers. It just doesn’t add up no matter how I compute. That would kill the group sites’ business for sure. Sadly it may happen, thanks to these scammers/fraudsters.

    I hope someone would take a more concrete step to warn the public about them, like:

    1) write an article in a major newspaper
    2) have it featured often in TV shows that majority watch
    3) TWEET

    The group sites (specially those that are enumerated ENSOGO METRODEAL MEGADEALS CASHCASHPINOY etc) should also issue repeated warnings not to buy from these resellers via their FACEBOOK/TWITTER accounts.

    Let’s all unite to make online buying as safe as possible.

    Thanks to FITZ for this site!

  246. blc,

    sorry i haven’t seen any yet so i don’t know that there’s this kind of ongoing scheme in facebook/sulit..buti na lang kasi baka i’ll fall for it too :)..i normally buy fr these group buying sites as listed above..

    my mistake πŸ˜€

  247. hi.. just want to make a review about the newly installed group buying site that offers Travel and Tours..


    They Offers Tour packages in asian. Me and my husband are so satisfied with the assistance they gave us… In all group buying site like metrodeal and other stuffs, took me a hard time to talk with their operators. im glad we’ve found a group buying site like budgetpinoy. im surely, lot of people will go and avail to your packages. and yes, they are not just a group buying site, they also act like a friend to you. they offer suggestion that people like me not familiar with the stuffs like cheapest airlines etc.

    im very happy with you guys. i will refer this site to my friends.

    Cool site and people…


  248. Latest update: When I emailed Metrodeal that I had reported them to DTI, someone from customer service finally responded. After a weekend of emails between Metrodeal and the Merchant Dealer, Hotfinds2011 Online Store, they finally delivered the watch this week. I was CC’d in the emails and it turns out the reason why the Merchant Dealer couldn’t deliver the watch to me is that they didn’t have the item number of what I bought. The Merchant Dealer had to email twice to Metrodeal to get my details. Anyhow, I unsubscribed to Metrodeal and I’m discouraging friends and family to buy from them.

  249. @ Suzy,

    just want to ask if what action did the DTI made? if any. thanks! its sad to hear that the said action has to be done for metrodeal to serve their customer appropriately. Great action Suzy!

  250. i think it would be MUCH better if yung mga URLs sa “Other ACTIVE Philippine Group Buying Sites” ay clickable.

  251. just want to report regarding my experience with ensogo regarding their dezato deal. i purchased it only to find out that it’s not valid for mochi’s. i’m very dissappointed regarding this i actually complained to them but the girl on the phone just said “sorry mam but we were informed by the merchant that this deal is not valid for mochi’s so we removed the word from the deal”. i asked if i can get a refund because when i purchased the deal it was still for mochi’s too. she said “no mam we can’t refund, all purchases are final”. needless to say, i just filed my complaint with DTI for ensogo’s misleading advertising of their deal with dezato. my goodness, what’s happening with ensogo.

  252. good afternoon. I hope other active sites and launching sites can be click also not just the recommended sites. its very hard for me to copy and paste all of them every day I visit your site . Thank you

  253. I think the reason why the “other active sites” don’t have clickable links is because they’re really not worth checking out. I took a look at them and most deals do not appeal to me.

    Besides, you already have twenty recommended sites so I think that’s enough.

    But if you really must visit the “other active sites” everyday, I think it would be better to just bookmark them in your browser rather than just copy-pasting from the list above.

    I use Mozilla Firefox and all the group buying sites I like are bookmarked in a folder which I can all open with just once click with the “Open All in Tabs” feature of Firefox. Try it out, it could help you.

  254. I’ve been a a regular with regards to group buying. My recommended group buying sites are:

    1. Ensogo ( they’re the first and longest group buying in philippines)
    2. Must Have Philippines ( the’re new but the deal is good: simply look at their partners )
    3. Cash Cash Pinoy ( rocks )

  255. @Anika: I just checked the group buying sites you recommended, they’re all so great. madaming offer sa ensogo, then for must have philippines, okay din ang deals… i also found out regarding sa media partners nila, like solar, etc, jack tv, 2nd ave and universal channel…
    thanks for the tips.

  256. hi,

    anyone here who can help me sue metrodeal, i can pay for your professional charge. METRODEAL is no where to be found. phone line is not working, emails are autogenerated. if ever i go to their office i might consider to have an attorney or NBI within me

  257. I accidentally came across this page, and I ended up availing their IPL Hair removal at D’Spa and skin center for only P350 (P2500 original value), Dermaroller for only P1800 (P5000 original value) and Whole Leg Peeling for only P400 (P2500 original value) !!! I’m really happy with the result and satisfied with the Derma treatment at D’Spa so I would Like to share it with all of you!

    Add nio din sila sa Twitter @dealstentph and Facebook at Dealstent Philippines!!

  258. @bhon

    Metrodeal’s phone is working but you need a lot of patience to be able to contact them. And yes, they do have problems in answering emails. When I purchased travel vouchers with them in the amount of 27,500.00, I decided to refund it and emailed them several times but no response with them. After 3 days of trying to contact their phone, I was able to connect with them and told them that I wanted to make a refund. Lucky for me, they agreed to refund me and I asked them to send me an email with regards to the refund. They emailed me and I was told that Mozcom was already processing my refund. But after 2 days, I called Mozcom and I was told that metrodeal didn’t email them with regards to the refund. Mozcom just asked me to forward the email to them and they processed my refund. After 15 days, I was able to get my money back.

    Metrodeal is a good site. I had bought so many items to them but their customers’ support is really bad.

    For me, Ensogo is the best.

  259. Hi Fitz.. I saw this great post last night and I must say this is really helpful especially for newbies on group buying deals!!! So far I have my top picks in terms or deals and customer service.. 1) CashCash Pinoy.. 2)GUPO.. 3) Ensogo.. 4) Buyunihan.. 5) Groupon.. For me it’s not enough to just present a lot of deals but you have to make sure that it’s quality deals and you know how to take of your customer’s before and after they buy!!! Keep it up FITZ!!! BTW… Try Pepeton’s Grill at Mother Ignacia.. great food!!! Tnx GUPO for the yummy deal!!!

  260. Beware of Ensogo, a friend of wrote of his experience with these scammers here:

    It’s said that they are gaining a bad reputation in the Philippines, also when you check out their fanpage

    you will discover only negative comments no matter where you look. It’s sad that because it’s not only about good deals but also about good customer service. Also, if you go to their website and check out their discussion boards for each deal, tons of complaints too. The deals that got the most complaints was obviously the somewhat “scammish” Zest Air deal or the Sofitel wine buffet deal. My favorites are 1) CashCashPinoy 2) Metrodeal 3) Megadeals 4) Dealgrocer but the problem with Dealgrocer is that I heard they are not a registered business in the Philippines, are only registered in Hong Kong and even though they accept local bank deposit payments (using their personal bank accounts) they don’t pay any taxes here in the Philippines.

    Isn’t that illegal?

  261. hi,

    unfortunately i had a bad experience with cashcash pinoy’s dusit tani basix buffet deal. it’s really not worth it and i am so disgusted by their misleading ads, you can check it out in detail here:

    also i purchased the mickey’s delicatessen voucher from them and guess what – the store closed. cashcash pinoy never gave me any refund and every email to them went unanswered. does anyone know their office landline? they don’t even post it on their website.

  262. Yup, I agree with Ensogo, I bought vouchers from them just last Nov. 12, until now wla pa rin ung voucher ko. Bka n’scam na nila. πŸ™

  263. Hi Everyone,

    For those with DealSpot account, are you asked to send the front side of your credit card for verification? Among the sites I’ve joined, this is the only one that asks this. I don’t like giving my card details online and I only use paypal. So i’m wondering if you can opt out on this.

    Below is their email to me:

    “Kindly send the scanned image of your credit card (front side only) and one copy of your valid ID at [email protected] this process will be only done once (Very 1st time purchase with Dealspot using Credit Card) to activate your coupon. This is for our buyers protection because and our Credit Card partner institutions cares and we want to protect you from fraudulent acts.”

  264. @Katkat

    I would like to do a refund at metrodeal, I purchased 6 vouchers yesterday for boracay trip, but the travelagency told me that I have to purchase another 2 vouchers to proceed with the booking since this promo is strictly for group of 4 per room which is not indicated in the advertisement. Hence,I just decided to refund or cancel it, I already emailed metrodeal. Do you think they would cancel my voucher and refund my payment? I already called up my bank and asked to cancel my purchase but they told me I need to get a cancellation agreement letter from the merchant. I am worried about this matter. What is the best thing to do in order not to facilitate transactions between metrodeal and my bank?please help me…

    warm regards,

  265. just want to share my bad experience with groupon’s 50% off Fila promo. turns out, fila is forever (as in literally forever) on 50% off so in effect, their discounted price is really their real retail price. they only honor the groupon voucher for their fake retail price meaning I didn’t get any real discount (not even a peso) with my voucher because I just paid the same price as everybody else who just walked in the store without vouchers. the poor fila salespeople told me “sorry ma’am, pinagmumumura nga kami lagi ng mga bumili sa internet.” so if fila comes up with another deal, don’t fall for it.

    i also happen to be a merchant, I have published deals in many group buying sites (big and small, old and new) so far I had no major problems except for SAVEONPINOY, they refuse to remit the merchant’s share on the agreed date, citing all sorts and kinds of invalid reasons to delay make things worse, they said they will only pay for claimed vouchers when the contract clearly says that they will pay for all vouchers sold, used or unused. so if you’re a merchant, beware of this company. i wouldn’t recommend buying from this site either because if the merchant already finds out that they may never be paid for their services and products sold on their site, then they might just decide to stop delivering the service.

  266. Christine Sison:

    Hi, this is Indochina Strings, the travel agency selling the Boracay deal you are mentioning. We just sent you an email reply that we’re currently working out the arrangement with the resort and that there should be no problem that you can travel in a group of 6 people. Please expect an update on this soon and have fun in Boracay! πŸ™‚

  267. i want to share my good experience with the sites i have bought vouchers…. i bought cashcashpinoy voucher for california pizza kitchen.. everything went smooth… also with dealgrocer.. the experience was so perfect.. their cust service is very accommodating and will really help you both via email and phone (that was with the yellow cab father’s day deal)… well.. will be buying more from these sites and hopefully with other sites… i just bought the archos mp3 deal from cashcashpinoy and will be paying tomorrow for it

  268. @Indochinastrings

    Thank you for giving me feedback. I hope everything will be arrange soonest and that there will be no problem with regards to the booking and accommodation schedule since a large of vouchers have been availed already and the promo is still ongoing. I also hope our travel dates will not be scheduled on a rainy months and not too late next year). I have read lots of negative comments and feedbacks about Metrodeal transactions, I hope with your good service,it will help them regain the confidence of their clients.

  269. Thinking of purchasing online & avail of big discounts? Go and buy but fellow consumers, BEWARE OF CASHCASHPINOY.COM!

    I have a very bad experience. Purchased item for scheduled delivery date of Oct. 31 – Nov 7, 2011 is not yet delivered despite follow-ups & demands via email in the absence of telephone number. You wouldn’t know whether the item will still be delivered or not to think that I am within city limits. My other purchases covered by two (2) vouchers are due for delivery but have not received the items yet.

    Their featured items now are gadgets, are you willing to risk? Caveat emptor! You might end up empty-handed like me.

  270. Marthie Salvosa,

    I had the same issue with CASHCASHPINOY.COM, up to now I am waiting for the delivery of my item. Yesterday I finally submitted my complaint to the DTI. They don’t even have a landline. Is their office address even real?

    Actually a friend of mine is a merchant of them and the merchant refuses now to honor CASHCASHPINOY vouchers because they haven’t paid him for 3 months as of this moment. It’s sad to read about all their greed.


    duda na ko na sablay ang METRODEAL at ENSEMBLES,.. Scam ang mga deal, bwisit parang nasibak na ung ibinayad ko for the palawan sa mga letsye na ito… i’m willing to pay 3 times ng nawala sakin for the head of “Bryan” ng Metrodeal ([email protected]) and the ensembles girl from palawan. any info to locate them is considered to be paid.. for sure informant/contractor please buy a sim card at my expense for our negotiation (post mo lng d2 ung number).i’ll get back to you with my co sign.

  272. i just want to share my bad incident with that group buy site called ensogo and their disgusting resorts world buffet deal. my friend who invited me blogged about it:

    ensogo unfortunately is getting quite popular for their misleading ads. it seems like they are growing too fast to keep up with their many promises on their website, sad to say.

    who wants to join us to file a complaint against ensogo at dti and nbi? their landline never works, i am so disgusted that it seems like ensogo is becoming more and more of a scam. they already ripped me off with their zest air deal hoopla. will call now my friends at the media to report them.

  273. wow ensogo really just removed their discussion box on each deal’s page.

    i can understand them, marketingwise. these discussion boxes were always full of complaints.

    why is DTI not stopping them from misleading people? from all the group buying sites here in the PH, ensogo has the largest amount of negative reviews in the internet.

  274. please pakisama yung, scam din sila, i bought 7 vouchers pa nman and paid lahat yun, sabi isesend nlang sken vouchers ko at first ok kausap so i trusted them pero after several days ni hi, ni ho wala.. please dragon girl and alex pakisama yun, nakakaasar!! MGA SCAMMER pinoy vouchers..

  275. Hi Guys,

    As a Mother, buying vouchers in a group buying site is savings for me..

    I am a online member of and we do have parent chat forum on the site. I encountered one parent with a username of mandyislove – she posted in our forum that she can give additional 20% discount on the voucher that you will order through her from ENSOGO,METRODEAL & CASH CASH only.

    she posted it in Smart Parenting Site on October 22, 2011 6:31 pm. Under the topic name: Vouchers with additional 20% discount from me.

    this is exactly what she wrote:

    visit / / for great deals on travel, food, health&beauty, events, and so much more!!! Save 30-80% off the original price! What’s even better is you get an additional 20% discount sa price posted sa site if you buy from me!!!


    THANK YOU πŸ™‚

    Of course, madami parents ang ng reply sa topic including me asking how will be the process of ordering.

    This is how she response:

    @sophischekada: place your order sis, then pay me thru bank deposit(BPI or BDO) or Gcash. Then your voucher will be sent to your email within 2-3 days, but usually within 24 hours lang sis if walang problem. text me sis sa number posted above if oorder ka na πŸ™‚

    @jorhen: sis ensogo and cashcashpinoy lang po, nagstop na po muna kami sa metrodeal kasi super bagal ang processing…


    I, on the other hand was a bit curious how does she able to give additional discount of the voucher price is already discounted.

    I texted her on the number she provided..then replied:

    I have friends whose working inside the company that’s why i’m gaining additional discount.

    I didn’t reply na after that conversation.

    I’m thinking that after all that I read from the comments here, definitely this person is a SCAM!

    buti na lang i didn’t order from her..

    but how will i supposed to report this in admin??

    if she is a SCAMMER dapat mablock sya sa site..para hindi na sya makapanloko..

  276. So disappointed right now. I purchased a Mbox Multi-format Player MTV MIDI Karaoke (2,500) from Cashcash Pinoy, until now I havent received it. Delivery already started last Nov.25 and ended Dec.3 . I tried to contact the Merchant (Bluefish Digital Media Tech,02 570 9152) but they’re not answering or just cancelling all my calls. I also emailed Cashcash Pinoy(no landline/mobile number shown on the website,its been 3 days since I emailed but still havent received any response from them. haays, problem is, I have also availed some vouchers , just waiting for its validity within the next few days…

  277. I have purchased 6ft. christmas tree and LED Christmas lights just this Month from METRODEAL. Their service was excellent,I was able to get the items on time. I hope Cashcash Pinoy would also do the same…

  278. beware of this sites:
    1. Cash Cash PInoy
    2. Metrodeal
    3. Ensogo

    after their success in group buying sites, i think most of their deals are all scam… so better check what you’re buying…

  279. had a problema with metrodeal! bought a watch worth almost 3k, tapos they oversold them daw, so there’s no stock left for me, 1 week na and they are not refunding my money. pinagpapasahan lng ako between metrodeal and merchant ng item. still hoping that i’ll get my money back.

  280. Hi kk, I am the merchant for that deal, no worries, we will just refund. It was my shortcoming because the supplier suddenly had too few stocks than I had expected. Just spoke to them, they will deposit the refunds this week – Merchant160

  281. too bad… ung mga may bad reviews and comments na sites, di ko na chinecheck naun.. maybe those businesses just dont know what happens kapag d nila tinupad ung deal sa customers…kht dti nq nagpurchase sa cashcashpinoy at ok nmn, after mabasa ko dami complaints naun, ayoko na tuloy bumili s knila..

  282. I was one of the buyers of Ensogo’s previous Secret Recipe deals. And, unfortunately, I see that their deal is currently running again.

    Just to give you a warning, my friend and I had to go through the painful experience of what bad service means:

    We were dissappointed by this deal beyond belief, even the people on the next table were complaining about this Ensogo and Secret Recipe tie up. I used to buy a lot from Ensogo, but how come all their deals turn out so sour lately? First, the Robinson’s cinema disaster and now this. I’m very dissappointed. Never Ensogo for me, that’s for sure! And what’s that about their discussion boards that I read, they removed them from their site? So where can people discuss about their deals/complain? They say on their Fanpage they have technical difficulties. Yeah, right. Boo!

  283. I actually experienced the worst problem with Ensogo! I purchased 3 months ago 10 vouchers ofHongkong travel package, Upon payment, I informed them right away of my family’s preferred travel dates, with additional arrangements such as 1 day extension of stay SINCE WE WANT TO MAXIMIZE OUR TRIP there – plus Disney tour, thus I was asked to pay additional of P43,000. When I called and emailed them to give them our preferred travel arrangements, they gave me the assurance that everything was ironed out already and all I have to do is to wait for our e-tickets which will be issued 3 WEEKS BEFORE departure date. Our Travel date is Dec 2-5> Here is the itinerary they sent me:

    Below is the 4-day itinerary:
    Ò€’ DAY 1: Manila to Hong Kong (no meals) – 8:00AM – 10:00AM- Manila to Hong Kong via Hong Kong Express UO714/0755/1000 – Meet and transfer to hotel – Disneyland tour – Overnight in Hong Kong Ò€’ DAY 2: Hong Kong (B) -Breakfast inside hotel -08:30AM commencing Hong Kong City tour visiting Mid-level of Victoria Peak, Aberdeen Fishing Village (Sampan ride is optional), J.C. Jewelry Factory and Movie Star Avenue -Afternoon free time for shopping
    -Overnight in Hong Kong Ò€’ DAY 3: Hong Kong to Manila (B) -Breakfast inside hotel -free time
    Ò€’ DAY 4: Hong Kong to Manila (B) -Breakfast inside hotel -free time in the morning (Hotel check-out time is at 1200) -Afternoon assembly and transfer to Hong Kong Airport by coach -9:30PM -11:30PM Hong Kong to Manila via UO713/2130/2330

    So almost 2 and half months passed by and long planned our trip is a month to go, I made a follow up/reminder that our e-tickets should be issued 3 WEEKS before our trip. Here is their reply:

    “We will e-mail the e-ticket next week. Aplogies for the delay. Rest assured that booking is already confirmed and guaranted.Ò€

    Thank you!

    Ensogo Team

    I trusted that everything is still fine as per their assurance. Another week passed by and our trip is 2 weeks to go so I was starting to get frustrated, especially since its taking FOREVER to reach their numbers. I made another follow up and this is what they said:

    “We understand your frustration and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. Rest assured that your booking is already confirmed and guaranteed. We will get back to you immediately once we have an update regarding your e-ticket. As mentioned on our previous e-mail, we will e-mail the e-ticket within the week. We already made the follow up and we are just waiting for their reply.Ò€

    Thank you for understanding. Have a great day!

    Best regards,

    Ensogo Team

    Until its already 1 WEEK to go before our LONG PLANNED TRIP I became very upset already and really never stopped making follow ups and calls in their office and hardly reached them so I made a research and was able to get the number of a certain Jan Franco – one of their marketing executives and I figured, she will definitely take my call coz I might be a prospective client/merchant for Ensogo who would want to avail of their service. True enough, my call was answered in almost an instant and I told her my problem and she was able to direct me to the person whom I really need to talk to to address my problem. It’s already Nov 25, Friday 4pm when I got this email from them:

    “We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. We regret to inform you that Hongkong Express cancelled their flight for Manila to Hong Kong UO714/0755/1000 (8:00AM – 10:00AM), and was moved to 1840H(6:40pm). Your return flight to manila remains the same. Your disneyland tour will be move on 2nd day instead of day 1. Please advise.

    Thank you!

    Ensogo Team

    SERIOUSLY? 1 WEEK BEFORE OUR LONG PLANNED TRIP? We are 10 that were supposed to make the trip and how in the hell are we going to find alternative option in a span of 1 WEEK? They want us to settle with the change in flight schedule wheerein we were supposed to be scheduled to leave 8 in MORNING of DEC 2, but instead they are saying that our flight is MOVED to 6:40 in the EVENING. So the point of our extension of stay becomes USELESS if we would accept this. TAKE NOTE THAT WE EVEN PAID FOR ADDITIONAL EXTENSION OF STAY JUST TO MAXIMIZE OUR TRIP. What made everything worst is that they just advised us the said changes 1 WEEK prior to our trip. HOW IS THAT FOR RUINING OUR LONG PLANNED VACATION?! Not to mention the dissapointment of my family, my kids in particular. Our family has decided to demand for a FULL REFUND and we are considering filing necessary charges against this VERY IRRESPONSIBLE GROUP BUYING SITE NAMED ENSOGO.

    Oh, and 1 last thingÒ€¦.they didn’t even offered any COMPROMISE to cover for the INCONVENIENCE. GOOD JOB ENSOGO!

  284. ENSOGO IS SUCH A SCAM. They offered an apology on their FB page but the gist is they are blaming customers for not understanding the deals. They blocked me 3x already from their fb page but have yet given me my refund for the Pisobid fiasco. also was avictim of the Fila deal. They keep blaming other people but can’t accept that they are a stupid company with poor customer service and scam deals (see bacolod inasal deal)

  285. i have a “good experience and service” sa “wishlist delivery”.. you will be well informed on your status and what they have emailed was true and will be done on time. i hope they will offer a lot of deals this coming days for i deeply recommend them on all of my friend.

  286. Kuponan ebay,





  287. metrodeal scam! 2 weeks na and i didn’t get any item or any refund. don’t buy na specially yung watches nila na deal.

  288. don’t ever buy with this site, you will never get any customer courtesy on them… METRODEAL only responded when i CC my friend lawyer on my email, that’s the time they emailed the merchant but only once and still no merchant replay and METRODEAL follow it up even do i have remind both of them again and receive this auto generated message and still no response. lucky i get connected to their office line 7886591 and that’s the next time they emailed the merchant again but still have no certain action or quote that my problem will be resolve. it was way to difficult to reach on their line calling from 1PM-6PM (as per their website) BUT THIS PHONE ONLY WORKS FROM 2PM-4PM.

    Anyone here who can help me out to make any action legally, i’m willing to pay

  289. just had a TERRIBLE experience with CASHCASHPINOY.

    i purchased 2 of their LED xmas lights deal. as indicated in the voucher, delivery would start on DEC. 2 and would take 6 days at the most.

    i made a follow-up on dec. 8 and here’s their reply the following day:

    “We sincerely apologize for the delayed response and for the inconvenience this has caused you. We are currently experiencing a high volume of mails, thus resulting the delay. We know it’s not an excuse but we are trying our best to address your issues as soon as possible.
    We are sorry to hear that you haven’t received your item yet.
    We have forwarded your concern to the Shipping Team. You should be receiving the item early next week.”

    i e-mailed them again on dec. 13 since i haven’t received the item yet. just tonight, i read their email informing me that the LED lights are no longer available. part of their letter reads:

    “We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. We are sorry to inform you that your LED Christmas Lights is no longer available. For this, we will have you refunded.
    We would like to give you an option to either have your refund processed by either receiving CashCashBucks (credits) or through your credit card.
    As soon as we have your details for the refund, rest assured that we will have it processed in 8 working days together with Php 200 credits.”

    no longer available? 8 working days for the refund? 200 extra credit for all the trouble they caused?!? b******t!!!

    i want to bring the matter to the dti. if anyone here had a similar experience, let’s join forces so we’ll have a stronger case against CCP. Grrrrr….

  290. cashcash pinoy and metrodeal have almost the same scenario, excuses and credits offered. they will keep you hanging, 1 week will turns to 1 month and if hindi ka nag follow up is wala talaga mag entertain sayo..pati excuses is pareho din.. all will be resolve by saying sorry then bhala ka na sa buhay mo..tsk tsk.. i can offer 10k if some one will die from their top management deciding for this lame excuse

  291. it was really cool to have groupons site to save a lot of money. Buyanihan is my first group coupons site i tested and by far its official and have CSR only during working hours of the day – 9am-6pm. they also respond to emails which is good. – I purchased vouchers for Olympia – Me, my brother denzil, my mom and my sister Lany redeemed it – for 900php worth of 4000k spa treatment. Now I’m trying Metrodeal’s liposculpt cativation – worth 180each session – I’ll continuously support group buying.. to get more and save more!

  292. hey everyone!

    I had a bad experience din sa save on pinoy naman. Tavel package din hindi nila pinapadala yung mga eticket at hotel confirmation kahit super advance reservation yung ginawa ko tapos last minute bigla nilang sasabihin na may problema at magrerefund nalang sila. tactics ata nila talaga nila yun para makakuha ng advance na pera sa mga tao.

    Ito ang idea ko para maturuan ng leksyon yang mga group buying site na abusado: Since nang bblocked sila pag nag cocomment ka ng masama sa Facebook page nila, bakit hindi tayo gumawa ng facebook page about sa horror na naranasan natin with them? sumikat yang mga yan dahil isinishare natin sa mga friends natin how awesome their deals were so why not share their trashy service din? napaka powerful naman ng internet eh. Hanggat hindi tayo nagtutulong tulong aabusuhin lang tayo ng mga yan atsaka halos lahat ng mga group buying site foreigner ang owner! yung owner ng save on pinoy: british at yung sa metrodeal : Dutch. Anong tingin nila sa ating mga pinoy? mga bwisit sila.

  293. Please add BestDeal.Ph! They give 100 credits and get a chance to win an IPhone4S for the raffle promo. They have also upcoming deal from Vigen Body Care for 100% off.

  294. Try this new and exciting deal site …

    They are also giving away iPhone4S and ipad2 for new subscribers.

  295. Beeconomic is a big scam. I purchased a shoe rack last Dec but haven’t received anything from them I can’t even contact them or they’re not even replying to my emails.



    this includes yours truly!

  297. We went to Resorts World to watch The Sound of Music, which we got tickets from BUYANIHAN only to find out the8PM show got moved by BUYANIHAN and this MARCO AVENTADO / AVENTEJADO of CATALYST REVOLUTION INC to 2PMwithout even informing us buyers! We also found out that this 8PM show has long been moved in lieu of 2 Cellos also from this Marco Aventado and nobody from your office even informed us! WHAT KIND OF SERVICE IS THAT?

    We even got an email confirmation from JIEGGARDMATE YARANON, last 01/18/2012 who confirmed our seats and he also did not inform us about the change. Your voucher indicated redemption would be on the 20th STARTING at 12 NOON, we were there 5PM and NOBODY was there.

    Been trying to call both Buyanihan and this Marco for days now and nobody is answering!!!

  298. Cleverbuy, Cash Cash Pinoy and Groupon are my top three Group Buying Site. so far wala pa ko na eencounter na problems sa kanila. and Metrodeal okay din kaso one time nagka problem ako sa payment system ng Metrodeal pero na solusyonan naman agad. Sa Ensogo nakakatempt bumili kaso when you look on their FB page sobrang daming complaints nakakatakot tuloy bumili sa Ensogo kahit na madami silang magagandang deals.

  299. Don’t buy from metrodeal. They will not give you any refund if the merchant cannot provide the service that you paid for in advance. No contact number listed on the web. Email support is very rude.

  300. beware of ensogo. i just recently found out that their bacolod inasal deal is a scam. i purchased 20 vouchers and turns out the bacolod inasal management never even approved the deal. now after 2 months, i am still waiting for my refund and they don’t even answer their phones! i never had any of these problems when i purchased from other sites like kuponan or metrodeal. i am really scared to buy a deal from ensogo again, because who guarantees that the deal they post is legitimate and not again involved with endless hassle?

    if anyone knows a good lawyer, please contact me so i can file a case against ensogo.

  301. Metrodeal is flawed. i emailed to process refund then replied months after only to have us wait and have not received any replies after. i think this compqny just robbed us of our hard earned money in the amouny of 35k. cant get through their hotline too just deadair

  302. Minsan naman fake yung “original prices”… Tulad sa beeconomic nakita ko yung retro handset 777 from 2200 daw.. Nakita ko sa SM parehas na parehas 400 lang. O kaya yung samurai umbrella 550 from 1200 daw, eh meron akong kakilala online seller 500 lang naman.. Free delivery pa. Kelangan lang talaga magresearch sa kung anong sulit at ano hindi

  303. Hi,

    I would like to inform you that is very much active. We encourage all your followers to come and visit the site.

  304. Must try ung truffles sa GUPO ngayon.. my sister bought that last December, super sarap tlga!!! Planning to purchase one, hope it’s not too late for Valentine’s day.. πŸ˜€ great post!!!! more sites pls!!!

  305. I have yet to try MyDeluxeCity. Though nag-click ako ng buy dun sa BBCream deal, kaninang umaga pa-expire na yung deal. Tapos ngayon 1day 10hours nanaman to go. Haha

  306. Beware of Metrodeal! ΓƒΕ“ber late na ang reflection nila ng vouchers ko for the longchamp le pliage bag. FAKE pa and Metrodeal offered na it’s genuine. And ang retail price sa boutique was the same price offered sa deal. I am requesting for a refund and will file a complain with DTI and bureau of Customs.

  307. I support a 100% Filipino-owned (though a small player) group-buying site: I’d like for Filipino entrepreneurs to flourish, thus, this is my personal choice — hoping that I could also share with you to support.

    I bought a few items from them (in fact, even endorsed by a friend from the US) and every time, they are very helpful, courteous in all my queries.

    I am also delighted to know that they are among if not the most “honest” and “value-for-money” Deals ever offered! I just wish they have more deals to offer and that they grow bigger in their territory.

  308. I also had a bad experience with metrodeal. I purchased 2 vouchers last year pero ngkamali kasi ako sa branch na naselect ko. I emailed them kung possible ba na mapalitan ung branch kung saan ko iaavail ung service pero kahit ilang beses ako ng follow up wala man lang reply kahit isa. so far, ok nmn sakin ang cash cash pinoy coz nung may inquiry ako sa knila sumagot naman sila agad.

  309. nkabili ako ng 8 vouchers for boracay 3d/2n worth 5,999 each sa metrodeal c/o indochina, sana sinasabi nila complte un package na via kalibo lang pala un & via zest air & without hotel transfer kaya pala mura ung promo… hayyy….. dami panaman namin bumili 5k+ hayyyy…..

  310. i purchased some deals in Ensogo, When i was about to print the voucher, it really SUCKS!!! same as Metrodeal. I am one of the online shopper when it comes in promos. But one thing I appreciated in group buying sites. It’s when I got to know TCAT Philippines.. I encountered problem in buying their promos, and know what I love with them? is when they assisted me details by details. They will not stop till your problem is over. Yes, it’s true.. really can’t wait to buy more exciting deals on their website .. :))

  311. is the best group buying site I have found, super great customer service and speedy refund. Definitely will recommend it to everyone I know!

  312. Im surprised that Metrodeal and Ensogo are now scammers. Last year I was loving their service cause every purchase was hassle free and satisfactory. I am looking at their deals and planning to buy again from this sites when I read negative comments here. Thanks for the comments guys. You save me from buying travel deals from this scammers.

    Anyways, do you have any reviews about Im thinking of buying deals from them.

  313. @ Cho on her December 4th, 2011 at 11:46 am post

    Hi ya! I am also a member of smart parenting and had succesful transaction with mandyislove though i haven’t gotten back to the tread kung me nagka problem na regarding her offer.

    Regarding other sites, okay naman experiences ko before with cash cash, metrodeal and ensogo. Haven’t bought deals lately as dami na pala reklamo. So far, mukang okay pa rin sa groupon.

  314. don’t be fooled by these group buying sites sakit lan sa ulo bastos talaga mga sumasagot lalo na sa metro deal ang yabang magsalita kaya buti nga na tv patrol number one sila sa complaint hahahahahaha

  315. na tv patrol ang metro deal number 1 sila sa complaint and they are also claiming number 1 sila sa lahat ng group buying, ano kaya naging basihan nila?kakatawa eh ang bobo nga ng customer agents nila sumagot ng calls! mayabang kasi mga magsalita mga empleyado nila eh!SUCK METRO DEAL!

  316. Selling: Ensogo voucher – St. John Biocare Basic Medical Examination (CBC, Urinalysis, Fecalysis and Physical Exam) (valued at P595)

    Price: P290

    Located at 1st and 2nd floor Casman Building along Quezon Avenue, Q.C.

    Clinic hours: 6:00AM to 4:00PM

    Contact me at 0916-6183529

    Discount valid until March 20, 2012

  317. @carlo

    no, it’s ensogo who has the most DTI complaints. in the year 2011 they had more than 50 alone. my friend works at DTI.

    that what you saw is just for a particular merchant’s complaints and where that merchant was featured. honestly, the whole report was some kind of a mess, but that’s another story. (people who actually believe the things on tv can’t be helped anyways)

  318. metrodeal sucks!

    hindi pa nila nirereflect ang isa sa dalawa kong vouchers ng longchamp bag, which I found out was fake, (at pareho ng price without metrodeal voucher) hindi pa rin sila sumasagot sa request ko for refund.

    yeah, may fine print at faq na you can refund the voucher if you change your mind within 5 days after purchasing it, pero papano naman kung after 20years at hindi pa reflected ang voucher sa account at kung i email mo at tawagan ang metrodeal office, mga after 40 years ang reply

    responsibility ng any group buying site to ensure that after sales experience ng client is satisfying, after all, they serve as go-between, kumikita sila ng porsiyento for every paid transaction!


    up to now i haven’t received my refund for the scam bacolod inasal deal. they had sold 8000 vouchers for bacolod inasal and it turned out their management never approved that deal. so us 8000 buyers were scammed and up to now i haven’t received my refund from them! i never had this issue with any of the other group buying websites. i even called their customer support number but no one ever cares to answer, they even dropped the call on me not only once but TWICE! how RUDE! they should take lessons in proper customer service.

    since livingsocial took them over, they have gone from bad to worst

  320. Pacific link travel and tours on eBay Kuponan is a scam! F*ck! we haven’t received our tickets yet for boracay!

  321. I had in the past availed of 3 deals from ebay-kuponan (all were items and not service packages)and so far, okay naman ang resulta. I am quite happy with the items I bought. And I now make it a point to visit their site daily for new and exciting deals.

  322. Beware of CashCashPinoy, they are more and more getting bad reviews and blogs:

    What the… they sell fake watches? I am really surprised that they are still in business. Supposedly CashCashPinoy is owned by a self-centered French egomaniac. Too bad, these foreigners think they can do what they want in our country. I never thought CashCashPinoy would turn out to be such a scam, they had a good start and now this.


    My husband has ordered a LongChamp bag to surprise me, the date of dellivery was supposed to start March 13 but we still haven’t gotten the bag. We contacted the merchant and was promised to get the bag on the Week of March 19, but we never heard from them – and never replied to our succeeding messages. We contacted the Support via email and via chat but it seems that they do not have logs on conversations, as I had to repeat our concerns and we were told that the Account Manager will get back to us (no one did). I am not sure if I am the only one with this problem but it doesn’t matter – this is a missed level of agreement – BUYERS BEWARE.

  324. I definitely do not recommend Cleverbuy and Trip Toe Travel and Tours. I actually don’t know which company to blame, if Cleverbuy for continuously advertising and promoting travel deals without investigating about the credibility of their business partners, or Trip Toe Travel and Tours.

    We took advantage of one of their travel deals last February and right then and there we called Trip Toe Travels to make a reservation with them. Miss Lea of Trip Toe Travels instructed us to email her our details including our preferred travel schedule. Ms. Lea and I both agreed that our travel schedule would be on April 7-9, 2012 and she told us to wait for some time for the verification of our voucher. We waited until middle of March but we still did not hear anything from Ms. Lea that’s why we decided to call her. Since then, she’s been giving us a lot of alibi as to why there wasn’t any progress yet with our travel schedule. Like, they were still validating our voucher from Cleverbuy, they were still waiting for the response of an airline, they were still on tour, there was a death in her family, etc. There were even SEVERAL times when she was ignoring our calls and text messages. I asked Ms. Lea about the location of their office and she said it was in Katipunan. I made a research about their company and I was brought to their official website ( where I found the exact address of their office in Katipunan. It is also the same address posted in the website of Cleverbuy. We ventured there and found out that it was closed for quite some time already. I called the manager of the agency and she said that Ms. Lea is not directly connected to their company because the agency in Katipunan is only a partner agency of Trip Toe Travel and Tours.

    We tried to relay the issue to Cleverbuy and I was promised that they will do their best to try to contact the travel agency for us. I was also instructed to email them the details of the problem which I promptly did. However, it was only a week after when they replied to me, ONLY when I emailed them again asking for any progress of the issue. Had I not sent them an email again, I would probably still be waiting in vain til now.

    April 9 has passed and until now Ms. Lea hasn’t given us any satisfying answer. Wednesday of last week, I was fortunately able to talk to Ms. Lea after several days of ignoring us. She told us that everything was ok, that our travel schedule would be on April 14-16. She promised that she would send me the details of our flight on April 9 which was yesterday but she did not send us any. She sent me a text message and said that she would email us today at 8am and obviously, no email from her was sent to us.

  325. I also had the same problem with TRIP TOE TRAVEL AND TOURS and CLEVERBUY. It is so easy for them to take the payment of their clients but it is too difficult for them to address our cOncerns and cater to our needs. Trip Toe Travels is a scam! We need to hunt Lea or if you would help me, let’s bring this to the media!

  326. G Vargas and SS – how can I get in touch with you? I am planning to complain Clever Buy.

  327. David Jocson – the best in scamming people and being unresponsive after repeated attempts to resolve the issue in a civilized manner? If CLEVERBUY is the best, then WHERE IS MY BAG???

  328. hi im lorie , I’m also hunting ms.lea…from trip toe travel…sobrang damages ang nagawa nya samen =(

  329. how about this site po?’t see it on the list and i was thinking to avail one of their coupons..but of course i’m checking if it is a reliable site and that’s how i came across this article..pls help!!:) thanks!

  330. Hi Fitz,

    Thank you for including Cuponz in your list. However, please be informed that we are still active. Please put up in the active list.

    Thank you very much and more power!

    Cuponz Admin

  331. Hi Fitz,

    I have bad experienced with cash cash. Me and my friend purchased brownies unlimited, we get 5 vouchers but 2 of them are not in the list of the merchant. cash cash don’t have contact #s so we tried to contact them through their customer service email add. the deal will
    be expired this May 2012 but until now we don’t get refund.

    I do hope that they will have contact#s for faster turn around of their member’s concerns.

    Thanks.. Jen

  332. I highly recommend TCAT. I recently purchased from them and they even call you to verify your credit card transaction. Very secured and friendly customer service. They are starting really well! Sana di sila magaya sa ibang deal sites na sa umpisa lang maayos ang systema. πŸ™‚


    Good day! Gusto ko lang ipaalam sa inyo ang naging experience nmin sa CleverBuy at yung kasabwat nilang travel agency na J2 Travel and Tours sa Makati. We availed of their Coron deal early January this year, paid by credit card and went to them personally para i-submit yung vouchers. We were assured na tatawagan nila kami for our booking details pero hindi ito kailanman nangyari. After three months, sinadya na nmin sila kase duda na kmi sa deal. Bumalik kmi sa kanila April 26, hinahanap nmin yung Ms. Ross na booking officer dw for Coron. Wala daw, on leave. We asked to see our vouchers and when we saw it, the front liner named Marge assured us na booked na kmi sa Darayonan Lodge. Special flight pa dw kami, 62 kaming passengers via Royal Air daw, aeroplano dw ni Willie Revillame. Hintayin nlang dw nmin ang e-tickets na ipapadala sa email last day of April. In short, hindi ito nangyari, hanggang sa kanina, May 2, pumunta na naman kmi doon only to be told na cancelled yung lahat ng flights nila from May 5 to 28 because they were having problems doon sa air carriers na ka-deal nila, they overbooked daw so many of their trip deals, may problema sa eroplano, kasyo walang insurance, hindi dw nacoordinate ng maayos ng J2 staff, ifa-fire na dw mga staff nila, at kung ano ano pang kasinugalingan. Ang dami naming nakasabay na nagrereklamo, pare pareho kaming galit sa J2. Ang pinakamasaklap, ayaw humarap nung may ari ng J2 smin, the people who kept making excuses were from CleverBuy and CleverTravel. Hindi tuloy namin alam kung magkakasabwat sila kase kung ikaw ba naman may ka-tie up kang travel agency tapos ganun, palpak, hindi ba magagalit ka din? Kaso yung si Wacks from CleverBuy at Tetchie from CleverTravel, parang ayos lang sa kanila na ganon. They were not even remorseful of the fact that pinerwisyo nila mga taong bumili sa kanila. We also called the Business Permit office of Makati and were dismayed to find out they’re not registered. Walang permit to operate. Kaya please, if you can help spread the word around, please do. Kawawa naman mga naloloko pa nila dahil they’re still offering deals online. Even after all the reklamo, they remain indifferent to the people that complain. Dinadaan nalang nila sa refund. Pero paano naman yung oras at panahon na sinasayang nila? Wala silang isang salita.


    To our valued CleverBuyers;

    We would like to express our sincerest apology regarding the problems that you have encountered with our recent deals specifically with our travel deals. Presently, we are experiencing chaos from these travel agencies when they declare that they can’t accommodate anymore our customers who purchased their deals from CleverBuy due to some unexpected circumstances; bad weather, full bookings for the month of April, May and June, abrupt increase of airfare and hotel accommodations and some other pertinent reasons which we failed to take into account at the onset.

    Aside from being our business partners, CleverBuy is not directly connected with these travel agencies. But we assure our customers that we will assist our merchants and those who have been affected with the aforementioned circumstances. We are now in contact with our merchant and making our move on how we can help to iron out the problems.

    Again, we apologize for the inconvenience these proceedings have caused you. We assure you that we will be more careful next time in choosing our partner merchants. We pledge not to run away from our responsibilities to our valued CleverBuyers, but we are asking for sobriety, understanding and more patience in this trying time.

    It is never easy for us to receive complaints from our customers for the unsatisfactory services rendered by our partner merchants since we are just their marketing arm but nevertheless, we will take responsibility to be the bridge between our merchants and our customers.

    It has always been our pleasure to serve you. Thus, we are looking forward to continue serving you in the future. If there are any other concerns that you would like to address, please feel free to call us at (02) 553-8197. We would be more than willing to accommodate them. Thank you very much and have a nice day.

    CleverBuy Inc.

    CleverBuy Inc.

    The Longchamp Deal was a nightmare – yes I got my after sooo many attempts to contact the merchant and your support – but I know the bag is FAKE. I have decided to be the bigger person, appreciate that my husband tried to surprise me that gift and accept the FAKE bag because I know it came from him.

    The fact that I had to repeat myself over and over again everytime I contact your support team is unacceptable! And yes there are times that your Chat Support would be responsive at the start of the Session but would become unresponsive as soon as I mention Longchamp.

    CleverBuy Inc.

    Allow me to correct you on your claim that Cleverbuy is not affiliated with J2 Travel and Tours, the agency responsible for many travel deals gone south.

    Let me quote you before I make my point, “Aside from being our business partners, CleverBuy is not directly connected with these travel agencies.”

    As I understand it, and you’ve claimed it as well all over the net, Cleverbuy is OPERATED by WEBix Business Solutions whose business address is UNIT B, 7th FLOOR, MARVIN PLAZA BLDG., CHINO ROCES AVENUE, MAKATI.

    If this were true, then please explain how J2 Travel and Tours has the same publicly REGISTERED business address as WEBix Business Solutions? You see, we have a photo of the public document that was rudely shoved in our faces when one of the many disgruntled clients of J2 demanded proof that J2 was a legitimate business and that photo reveals J2 Travel and Tours’s address as UNIT B, 7th FLOOR, MARVIN PLAZA BLDG., CHINO ROCES AVE., MAKATI. A photo of this document is now being circulated all over Facebook and Twitter. Check out Galitsa Sinungaling’s FB page.

    So please STOP lying. Don’t piss people anymore than you already have. Its bad enough that to this day, J2 Travel and Tours is not being made to face the people they’ve deceived. No wonder your company is under attack. Your company’s employees continue to hide J2 from the wrath of the people they’ve cheated of their money. If this stand on your part doesn’t show “relation” then I don’t know what does. We’re not as dumb as you think.




    napaka hipokrito mo naman ikaw ba hindi bibili sa mura, wag ka naman mag magaling dyan. ng research kami and like everybody else we were scammed by none other than CLEVERBUY…

    CleverBuy Inc

    I think it would be better for you to cater to your clients/customers than answering blogs/forums like this because if you only did what you’re supposed to, you wouldn’t have to clean your name here. And stop making lame excuses you are not dealing with stupid people here.

  339. Momo,

    Just so you know, in the Coron deal alone that CleverBuy and J2 Travel and Tours offered and failed to honor, 124 people (repeatedly confirmed to fly on May 4-6 and 11-13) were cheated of their time and money. Add to this number those who availed of their Boracay and Puerto Princesa deals for May that were also not attended to.

    These deals were posted from Dec 2011 to early Jan 2012. J2 Travel and Tours had 3 months to do what they needed to do if they had an organized booking and communication system or were being led by a competent owner.

    Who are you to call ALL of us stupid and assume we bought the deals just because they’re cheap? You don’t know who we are or what we do for a living. CleverBuy and J2 both took more than they could handle given their logistics and experience. The real issue here is to have them account for their unprofessionalism and force them to work double time at the refund process. You have no stake in this issue unless you are from J2 or CleverBuy. You sure sound suspiciously like one.

    I’d advise you to think twice before giving an opinion on issues you only have little information on. It only exposes you as the true “dumb one”.

  340. I think you’re the one being STUPIDO here, Momo (if you even call that a name)Can’t you see? these people on this forum are all voicing out there frustrations already over J2 and Clever Buy’s utterly incompetent system and incompetence in doing their freaking jobs! So what the fudge are you saying that they/us should be making reklamo on the company itself and not to the merchant? Don’t you understand what what Galit sa Sinungaling said?? These 2 entities ARE JUST UNDER ONE MANAGEMENT/COMPANY.

    Second point in case,purchasing a promo doesn’t make one stupid, you iddy. It’s just that you can never be too careful these days. It’s like going to a store just cos they’re on sale. Seriously, is it that hard to comprehend that?

    Anyway, I don’t know why you are defending Clever Buy and J2 or whoever, but I hope you won’t experience what these people had to go through just because some people are not doing their jobs right and some people are just good at fooling people. God bless you MOMO.

  341. well im not against clever buy,.. i love clever buy and nag aavail ako sa kanila wag lang puro clever buy sisihin nyo buti nga cla hnhaharap kayo eh yung travel agency na J2 hnarap ba kau,.. ?? well go on clever buy maayos din yan God bless..

  342. Hi Sassy, kindly scroll up, read through, at least try to comprehend the thread before you comment. I thank you, bow. :)) Funny mo kasi, e. hahaha. πŸ˜›

    Pero sige para di ka na mahirapan, hayaan mong ipaliwanag ko sa iyo ng mabukas ang iyong kaisipan sa mga bagay-bagay na nagaganap sa iyong kapaligiran. Ganito kasi yun, sabi mo buti pa nga si clever buy hinaharap kami? tsss… not reading ka kasi… ang sabi nga namin diba, iisang company lang ang humahawak sa sa clever buy at J2 (intiendes?) so kahit clever buy pa ang humarap sa amin aba e dapat lang, dahil uulit ko, iisang kumpanya lang sila ni J2.

  343. Just my 5 cents regarding cleverbuy:

    @momo she has a point ONLY on the part that we should be more wary when buying from whatever deal site. If you would do research, sometimes it shows that it’s cheaper somewhere else or the original price is not true. Marami akong nakitang ganun. Chineck ko original price of that item sa mismong store/salon, di naman ganun ang price as claimed by the deal site. It’s really being a responsible shopper. But of course, like everyone else here, another thing to watch out is for those “problematic” companies namely, CleverBuy. Laganap ang scam at kapag nabiktima ka, parang lumalabas ikaw pa masama. We should watch out for this. And hopefully, there is some entity that can actively help us consumers with our complaints in these “evil” companies which cares for profit only.

  344. Hello, I just would like to comment about certain tours being offered in any group buying site specially Palawan. I am not taking sides about who made mistakes or who should be blamed about bought vouchers but this is the scenario.

    Most vouchers being offered about Palawan includes a trip to the Underground River which was recently included in the “New 7 wonders…blah!blah!” Anyway, I know that the influx of visitors were not expected and Puerto Princesa was not prepared for that. Coupon buyers or not, suddenly , these past two months, it was really crazy having having too many visitors that even adding up flights until nightime is not sufficient. The real problem is , no one could immediately go to the Underground River on the day that they arrive in Puerto.

    Nowadays, you should walk-in personally at the booking office of the Underground River in Puerto Princesa and wait in line to be given a permit to enter the cave (that includes boat fee that will actually bring you inside the cave ). That is , if they are not fully-booked for the day. As of May 8, 2012, the U/River is already booked until June 3 and they don’t accept reservations by phone or by e-mail, you really need to go there at the office personally and find out when you can “enter” the cave. Computerized reservations will start in June (DAW!) That was what they said last February…”sa April, pwede nang mag-book online” , now June naman.

    The other thing not clear about certain deals is that there is actually another boat you have to pay when you reach Sabang ( the jump-off point to the U/River). I am not sure if most deals include ALL fees just to see the place and even if they are, what is even more surprising is that there are not enough boats, you have to wait for your turn and it can be like 2-3 hours waiting.

    So all I want to say , I guess why these deals/coupons are a little bit chaotic because even the tour organizers or travel agencies from Manila are not well oriented in these issues. Kaya kapag na-palpak ang balak ng gustong bumisita sa Palawan, wala agad mai-reply ang travel agent ni ang group buyer kasi wala talaga silang alam sa sitwasyon.

    Anyway, what is disturbing is that Palawan’s tourism is quite errr… I don’t know what to say. I mean it is not all U/River and Coron or El Nido only, we also have beautiful and enriching places, too in the south. We have the Tabon Caves, Arena Island and Rasa Island ( the first one is a sea turtle sanctuary and the other is a conservation center for the Philippine cockatoo and other migratory birds ), Estrella falls, San Isidro hot springs and so on. Hopefully , these places will also be visited by many because they are also worth seeing.

  345. One site that I would recommend is Deals Di Ba..thats
    I bought a salon deal from them and the coupon did not arrive.
    I called them and they were polite, helpful and could not do enough to assist.
    They issued me a new coupon immediately, only for me to find that the coupon had gone to my junk folder and I now has 2…Duh…
    Unfortunately only one was valid…
    Thanks Dealsdiba….

  346. I’d personally recommend mydeluxecity deals. Very accommodating staff.
    Bought bbcream, requested for an immediate shipment so I can give it as a gift for my sister’s birthday. Transaction was smooth.
    I wish all deal sites would treat customers like they did. =)

    Any feedback on Okayokay deals & DealAmigos?

    Ang dami-dami ng lumilitaw na deal sites, pero ingat lang guys sa pagpurchase. Ako never ko pa na-try bumili ng deal na lalagpas ng P2k. Nakakatakot kasi lalo na sa mga travel deals. Mas okay pa ata mag-d.i.y kaysa mag-travel deal.

  347. WATCH YOUR BUSINESS GROW: with our complete Websire Marketing solutions, we are the only company that provide a widest arrays of product selection when it comes to online shopping provided with a good quality of product and affordable prices.

  348. Di maganada sa Cleverbuy.
    If they really aim for the best they wont commit to the same mistakes.
    Aba eh two months na ako nagfofollow up tungkol sa airfare accommodation para sa Boracay wala pa ring update! nakakaloka ! Sabi pa sa akin nung isang agent inuuna lang nila yung mga papalais na. Wala namang problema kung unahin nila yun eh. Abay dapat asikasuhin din naman yung mga cutomers na gusto na ng early confirmation. My goodness never would i buy again . At yun pa ang nakakainis total of 47 999 na yung nabayaran .Bayad na tapos ayaw pa akming asikasuhin. nakakaloka.

  349. @Jessica Dapat yang mga ganyang businesses, pabagsakin! Salot lang sa industry.

  350. Sir Fitz, I would just like to ask if you are aware that CleverBuy has closed, that they are no longer holding office in Makati and are not answering calls anymore as well? Would you be in any position to help those who only want to get a refund of the payments they made in good faith to CleverBuy and J2 Travel and Tours? I feel for my fellow CleverBuy/J2 victims and would appreciate any help/info you could provide them with. Thank you so much.

  351. Hi,

    Regarding CleverBuy:

    Their General Manager is a guy named David Staudigel. His contact numbers are:

    +63 2 553 8197
    +49 173 654 3851 (his German number)

    Got this information from his business card. Maybe this helps some people to get in touch with some higher authority at CleverBuy. If that guy hasn’t fled the country yet.

  352. pwede pakiupdate mo naman ito regularly kasi yung ibang links dun sa verified websites na binigay mo ay inactive/suspended na. salamat!

  353. Hi sanee, sorry for not updating this list more often. If you can help and point out the sites which are already closed or have gone inactive, then I’d really appreciate it. Thank you.

  354. please advise if the top 5 sites you’ve posted are valid and reliable up to this time. thank you & Godbls

  355. Hi!

    Anyone who purchased HIGH ESTHETIQUE vouchers from METRODEAL?

    I was informed by High Esthetique staff today that they no longer accept Metrodeal vouchers because Metrodeal hasn’t paid them yet. I was instructed to refund payment from Metrodeal….

    If there’s someone here under refund process, please. let me know the steps you’d taken.

    Appreciate your feedback.


  356. @ Annie, what mode of payment did you took? I got my refund from Metrodeal after more than a month, although its just P300 as compared with the others with cleverbuy prob.

    Guys, just like to share CashCash Pinoy’s new tactics…CCP claims that the Power Grow Comb they are selling comes with free delivery (both thru the site itself and FB post). However, when i was about to pay for it, they are charging me an additional fee for the delivery. When I questioned this matter on their FB post, the deal immediately ended, and the price was changed to a higher price, with the delivery charge incorporated.

    Its not really about the minimal delivery charge, its more of the matter of Merchant – Customer relationship, wherein Honesty is among the most important thing to consider.

    Hope to spread awareness! =)

    Let’s all shop smart! =D

  357. poor cleverbuy,.. because of harassment,nag sara ung office. pati mga empleyado apektado, pati janitor nila damay,..hahaha..mis manage dahil sa palpak na deal ay buong offered deal na damay,patay ang voucher ko nito.mahirap na magrefund dahil wala na matawagan. i was talking to them in the phone ng biglang may sumisigaw sa kabilang line, pinasok ung office nila ng customer..i just hered kinuha ung PC ng lalake,.tsk tsk..poor guys

  358. Does anyone know where to lodge a complaint regarding group buying sites? The problem with these group buying sites its hard to keep track of the quality of the products or deals they’re offering. I just wish there’s a task force or government agency dedicated in monitoring these deals.

  359. @Voucher Addict…true enough. The qualities of the items sold are really of low quality most of the time. Those “AS SEEN ON TV” are cheap replicas of the real thing(s) sold in the US’ As Seen on TV. One is being fooled by the great pictures and yet upon getting the item, you will be disappointed.

    So, buyers should be very smart in choosing what to buy, where to buy (Group buying site) and when to pay :-). Or else, your hard earned money will go down the drain.

  360. @Pammy I hv been buying my food and hotel accommodations fr Ensogo, so far, each (6) diff offers/vouchers had been great! I have purchased some things from OkayOkay, Cash Cash Pinoy and Metrodeal, but i stopped…bcoz mainly of the quality, though i never got any problem with their delivery and after sales service. Learned my lessons….never purchased things that you havent touched and dont hv a chance to scrutinize.

    I will continue to look for great deals fr Ensogo, i am comfortable with them πŸ™‚

  361. most of group buying sites advertises savings of upto X%.. example, this cashcashpinoy amazing shoe rack P399 from P1,500

    and yet from this sulit site, the rack costs P180..

    check most of the items and you’ll see the huge discrepancies in prices.. never will i buy again items from these sites except food vouchers which you can easily verify the prices in the internet..

  362. @daBayrus, so true! like you i chose not to buy “things” anymore especially those stuffs with a AS SEEN ON TV. you can buy them cheaper on some other online stores. and also concerns me is they usually have poor quality.

    but, i patronize the food also and hotel accomodations . with those, it is really cheaper, but of course you should do your checking.

  363. It’s sad but true: One of my friends told me all products sold in CashCashPinoy are sourced from divisoria.

    And that the French boss of CashCashPinoy is one of the black market traders at divisoria.

    It’s a scary thought that everyone should think of before purchasing product deals from that website.

  364. Bottom line….consumers suffer! We thought we are getting good deals, great discounts…

  365. Hi Cindy,

    We would like to correct the wrong information that your friend passed on to you.

    The products featured on CashCashPinoy are not from Divisoria. We work with several trusted merchants and suppliers to offer deals in our site.

    Also, we are not in any way, connected to any black market. No boss, employee, nor staff are involved in any black market trading whether in Divisoria or any place else.

    CashCashPinoy is legitimate, we have complete Philippine Government Licences to prove our legitimacy.

    Thank you.

  366. So far so good:
    DealGrocer – not much discount but very accommodating, true to their word, great service!
    MyDeluxeCity – Great service rin, sumasagot sa emails agad
    A-Deals (this should be, since it’s by Ayala Malls)
    CashCash was okay, buti nalang nagamit ko pa yung Chateau Royale voucher ko the last minute, pero I swear not to get anything lalagpas ng P1000. Nakakatakot na. Pinaghirapan natin mga pinambibili natin sa mga sites na ito, kaya doble ingat po mga kababayan.

    @Unsugarcoatedreviews: Kakabasa ko lang ng Cleverbuy case, nakakalungkot. Sana malutasan at balikan ng hustisya yung si Christian Bayer. Kung totoo man, kawawa naman din si Edgardo Garcia, sa edad nyang yun aakuin pa nya yung kasalanan ng isang walang modong foreigner.

  367. Aynaku… don’t ever, ever buy a travel deal if the agency is indochinastring! They treat clients like…. Unbelievable!
    We bought one deal on Metrodeal, and impossible to book, despite 5 different dates!!! These people of indochina are extremely rude. I have already a DTI case, and they advised me to go legal! You see?? I know that Metrodeal have a low reputation, but they should choice their travel partner more wisely.

  368. CashCashPinoy is a world class scam.

    I purchased recently their Ace Water Spa deal. When I called Ace Water Spa to make a reservation last Sunday, they told me I can’t use the voucher on Sundays. On the website it says the voucher is not valid on holidays, not a word mentioned of Sundays. And they want to make me believe that Sunday is a holiday and thus the voucher is not valid on Sundays? Wow, I didn’t know that the CashCashPinoy deals have become such a mess recently.

    I knew already that they have one of the worst reputation of all group buying sites in the Philippines, but this is a new all-time low.

  369. Hi can i ask how to post here in your buying site for product.

    Need an urgent reply.

    Thank you.


    I have been using the same credit card card in purchasing any merchandise in CashCashPinoy! This is the 1st time that this happened to me. All the while I thought that CashCashPinoy was different from the rest of the group buying sites in terms of the quality in their customer service or support! CashCashPinoy is the same with MOST of them. A BIG BIG BIG SCAM COMPANY!

    If your promotions, like this Serye Vouchers, can’t keep up with the # of buyers or your partners cannot keep up with the volume of your bogus leads, then BE HONEST ENOUGH TO YOUR CONSUMERS THAT YOU CANNOT PROVIDE THE SERVICE/PRODUCT PURCHASED! And don’t simply say that it is a possible fraudulent transaction that is why you are cancelling the order! Who would you expect to process the tedious and long list of the requirements you quoted in your email?!? Almost impossible to complete for someone who has work for a 48hrs deadline!!! You are also HOLDING THE FUNDS OF YOUR CONSUMERS with AN APPROVED CHARGED TRANSACTION AND REVERSAL AFTER 2 MONTHS MODUS OPERANDI!!! This is too much for your customers! I WILL DEFINITELY FORWARD/COMPLAIN THIS ISSUE TO DTI and THE MEDIA FOR A GOOD SHOT AT A DOCUMENTARY!!!

    As one of your customer states here, your company is really a WORLD CLASS SCAM!


    I REGRET TRUSTING YOUR COMPANY ever since it started.

    Expect BLOGS from me anytime soon and MEDIA EXPOSURE. I know you’ve heard this several times from your consumers but mine is different because I WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!

  371. yanni..can you ellaborate further?what do you mean by posting in group buying site for product?

    are you a seller? if so, you may reach them through their phone numbers or emails in their respective sites and ask how you can offer them your products.

    hope this helps.

  372. check out

    We have been in the group buying industry for about 2 years now.

    Dealspot.Ph believes in the value of honest to goodness business, and strives in doing what feels good and fun for everyone,

    Recently we have focused in having more variety of deals. From BEAUTY CARE to GADGETS, now we have extended to FOOD & DRINK CHOICES and budget TRAVEL DEALS.

    Due to recent issues with other Group Buying Sites, we, too, are concerned with your security and recommend open transactions upon purchasing deals. Feel free to call us on our trunkline 7275325 for any inquiries before purchasing.

  373. Ngayon ko lang nakita na free delivery, fast priority shipping, at hassle-free returns DAW sa cashcashpinoy.

    ANy feedbacks? Are these for real? No-turn off ako sa CCP kasi sa mga pinagloloko nilang deals at may mga nabibiktima ring merchants.

  374. Andee, we were a merchant of CCP, at first it was great doing business with them. Smooth and easy to deal with. But, somehow, i think they become a little greedy..changed the rules..and Merchants had a hard time getting what is due to us. We are asked to drop by their office on certain day of the week, at a certain time of that day, kept us waiting. So many Merchants and claimants of vouchers at the same day and time. So if you were not able to be in line in their particular alloted time (3pm to 5pm), you need to go back again next week.

    They had our money for a while and yet they still hold it not until you were able to get the check. Great one indeed!! Kabig ng kabig!

    We only earn a little. Merchants are on the loosing end with CCP. We stopped dealing with them. Not worth it.

  375. Hi, i would like to ask if you do have any negative reviews with dealstent. I saw one of their deals in travel deals and it really catched my attention to this package deal. But i’m worried that this might lead to disappointment. I really dont wanna waste my money and time. Really need an advise. Thanks!

  376. I’ve been a merchant of the following sites:
    Discounted Deals

    Only Pisobid and Groupon pay on time. Discounted Deals is so far the worst group buying site I have joined although their marketing associates are nice. Next is Ensogo, nothing is left for the merchant and they don’t pay on time. Grrr. Pisobid is ok although there are only few buyers. BUT they really reply fast. Very good customer service, not only for merchants but with buyers as well. Groupon is the most professional GB site I have joined. Everything is organized. Everything is documented. They pay ahead of time. They won’t harass you and there’s still profit for merchants. They have very good marketing consultants, mine is Mr. Justin. He is so nice and assists his client very well. Unlike Ensogo, I don’t like the marketing consultant assigned to me. Thumbs up for Groupon!

    I don’t have any comment for CCP as a merchant but as a buyer, I am giving them a 100% positive rating.

    As for Metrodeal, I don’t want to try this one coz I read a blog( I don’t know if it’s true), that they don’t pay merchants on agreed date so the deal will be canceled and buyers will be the one to suffer. A reliable source also told me that MEtrodeal’s ticker is not true. If you see a deal that says “100 bought”, the truth is only 49 bought the deal. He knows because he was a merchant and Metrodeal said that it is a marketing strategy called bandwagon effect. if you see that many people bought the deal, you will be encouraged to buy also right? wow.

  377. I don’t know for dealstent. All i know is they are the ones who feature products. Walang merchant partner. Sila lang yun. Yun kasi sabi nung marketing associate na nagaasikaso sa akin dati. sabi niya “ma’am sorry pero rejected po yung products niyo kasi nagdecide po ang company na sila na po ang magffeature nun” sabi ko na lang “so kumukuha lang sila ng idea sa merchants tapos company niyo na magffeature? Panget yang ganyan.” And then no reply na ang dealstent. Mahal nga sa kanila pag cinompare sa ibang GB site.

  378. Thank you KIM for advise.

    Yung sa CCP, may binili ako sa kanila recently.Tapos dapat ngayong August 5 ang start ng booking sa hotel. Nag-email naman ako dun sa hotel nung Aug 5 pero hindi pa nagrereply. Ewan ko lang. Wait na lang muna ako. Pero sana ok nga sila na group buying site.:-/

  379. Actually I was a merchant of CashCashPinoy and Ensogo. They promised me payment after 30 days, and it’s already 75 days since I am waiting for my payment. Actually I heard from a reliable source that they recently got 1m USD “emergency investment” because their bank account was empty. But even if that’s the case, I still haven’t gotten my money.

    As for Ensogo, they displayed fake numbers for my deal. For example, their marketing associate told me that the sales numbers they put for Enchanted Kingdom are not real, as it was actually Enchanted Kingdom’s idea to do the sales count times 2, so if the sales are 30,000 the actual sales are only 15,000. What a letdown! They convinced me the play the same spiel for my deal, where it showed on their website 500 but the actual sales were only 150. Duh!

    I haven’t tried any other group buying site, but Groupon has been contacting me recently, but I don’t like the fact that Groupon keeps the money of the unredeemed vouchers. What a filthy and greedy pack, but then again isn’t that what American companies (Groupon is from the US) are about? Capitalism in persona.

    So regardless if you look at CCP, Ensogo or Groupon – shady company is shady.

  380. Hi Randy. What do they say when you follow up your payment? I am planning to file a complaint with DTI. They really take action fast. I have a complaint, but with BDO not ensogo, and DTI replied just after 8 hours I think. And now I got my money back with the help of DTI and BSP.

    I think all GB sites keep the money for unredeemed vouchers, not only Groupon.

  381. Hi GBS,

    No offence, but about the schedule of release of checks, isn’t that a standard already? I’ve worked with several companies already and that seems to be a common practice, to get the checks in the office at a certain day and time.

    Sometimes I ask na lang my runner/messenger to get it for me. Pwede din naman e, just give an authorization letter. Hope that helps. πŸ™‚

  382. That’s what I like about CashCashPinoy actually, they give me the complete payment even unredeemed vouchers. Business went smoothly with them, payments were on time and complete. Ensogo was not the same though. But I got the payment eventually.

  383. So how come the CFO & their Head of Sales recently resigned? CashCashPinoy is in truth the next Cleverbuy to happen. Besides, even my merchant friend who sold products in CashCashPinoy hasn’t received his full money since October 2011. Yes they might pay for even unredeemed vouchers, but WHEN? A year afterwards? >__>

  384. @Macy and @Dalia, so i guess CCP is not playing fair with their Merchants. Sad to say, it wasnt the same experience with CCP. But the first few deals with CCP, it was great…but it didnt last long. No matter how good a Merchant is, doing what is necessary…

    I have been a Merchant of Metro Deal twice already, and so far on our part they are the best. Hassle free, after validation of the vouchers, even you havent shipped it yet, you will get paid in a weeks time. Deposited directly to our account. No time wasted, hassle free!

  385. Hi! We are just wondering if anybody here knows who we can approach in putting up a Group Buying Website. We all know it is not that simple. And going head to head with Big Time Group Buying Sites will not be a walk in the park. But, we are optimistic we can have the advantage, since we will offer some of the products ourselves and we can really bring down the price. And “Honesty” to the buyers is our main objective.

    Please email us at [email protected].

    Thank you! And God Bless Us all.

  386. I always have the best experience with groupon. I delivered the items in their office last Aug. 1, my full payment was released Aug. 10, kahit hindi ka magfollow up. Unlike ensogo sobrang tagal, months ang bibilangin..

    @Top mama, magastos yan.. pero meron ata mga ready made na ganyan e $200 ata yung cheapest.. dati kasi gusto ko din magput up ng sarili kong GBS pero naisip ko mahirap..

  387. @Kim, we should take the challenge :-). we are studying it and hopefully we can make a go for it.

  388. Hi Everyone, will have a Grand Launch on September in Timog. They will have lots of prizes & giveaways for attendees, entertainment, party and super low rate exclusive deals. They will post how to be included on their guest list by liking their facebook page at

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  389. Guys, especially the ATSU – ATSU RAMEN Voucher holders,pls be informed that the said restaurant have already shut down. Just found out yesterday. Will ask for a refund instead.

  390. In fairness with Ensogo, although it took me more than an hour to call up their CSR, an immediate refund (less than 24 hrs) was given to me through store credit for the ATSU ATSU Ramen.

    Hope for another smooth transaction with them on my undelivered wallet.

  391. Hello every one,
    Beware of buying coupons/voucher ATCRAZY.COM
    I bought a dinner cruise voucher from powered by Asia Travel, when i was about to book last week and get the info like phone numbers, website and email by the partner merchant which is LA-AB Travel Agency and did the required steps of booking, i did not received a reply nor a confirmation from them. When I called again last Monday, the Merchant LAAB TRAVEL already moved out and when I complaint at the atcrazymonkies support group and they did not do anything about it and replied as if they don’t understand the situation. I demanded for a refund and they did not reply at all. Where can I file a complaint? Pls help. To all online buyers, please be careful, no one will experience the same.
    Regards and more power!

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  393. Would like to thank for providing my needs! They got the items that are very unique. More power to your site!

  394. deal grocer ang pinaka okay sa lahat… they replied immediately if there’s a problem… that’s true and their offer is good .. try it..

  395. awesome, cuponz, deals happy, winnerka & yugadeal are all INACTIVE. scrap them off the recommended/verified list. how about tcat, a-deals, smac & all others? do they remain unverified up to this moment?

  396. Greetings:

    We are interested to buy a Group buying site, either active or inactive.

    Whoever owns a site please and want to sell it please contact [email protected] and write in the subject line: Group buying site for sale or call Lyn at (02) 911.1966

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  397. TCAT – you can find their “As seen on TV” items in Divisoria for 50-70% cheaper. They charge for delivery as opposed to other online group buy shops that gives this away for free.

  398. There’s this new feature of CCP, this delivery tracking and then you get P100 it the delivery is late. Wow. I doubt if this is true. ANother gimmick? Who has tried it? Ever since lots of scams came exposed, I think mas okay pang pagkatiwalaan yung local GBS kahit small time pa lang sila.

  399. MANLOLOKO, “atcrazy” at “shortcake & pastries”, given contact numbers doesn’t work, ang tagal ng response ng atcrazy then hndi rin gumagana… ingat sa mga merchant na mobile number lng particular sa shortcake.. expired na ung voucher sa tagal ng response nila…

  400. This post has been updated. Thanks to everyone who still consider this as the most comprehensive list of group buying sites in the Philippines. Thank you.

  401. i purchased last dec in The coupon was valid until June 2013. But it seems like he webiste shut down. They are not responding to my texts πŸ™

  402. Hi, here’s a group buying site you may want to check out: After all the sad experiences we may all have experienced in the past, its should be nice to know that we would like to make your online experience more pleasant.

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  403. may bago nanamang website… naka-bili ako dun ng Keyboard cups (Ctrl+Alt+Del) P340 lang… nung nakita ng tropa ko yun… sabi nya meron daw sa divisoria… nasa P400 daw… ayun… nakamura ako… share lang… πŸ™‚

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  406. To the admin and fellow buyers,

    Just to clarify, ENSOGO-LivingSocial Philippines is the FIRST and the ONLY group buying site that is DTI REGISTERED. Therefore, it is safe to purchase any item / services from
    Also, ENSOGO-LivingSocial Philippines requires every merchants to secure DTI permit and other government issued permits soon as they come into terms.

    Thank you!

  407. Hello po! Meron po ba sa inyo na nakabili na ng travel deals using these sites? Kailangan po kasi namin ng respondents para sa thesis namin about travel deals.

  408. First time to purchase @CASHCASHPINOY and it was disappointing because of poor customer service and delayed shipment of item. They are not even replying to follow up emails. So unprofessional! GRRRRR!!!

  409. I’m really disappointed with my recent purchase at Groupon. Everything was smooth, i got my voucher right away but when I got the product it was fake! It was my first time to try this online thingy and might not avail of any again! I thought items are authentic. Lesson learned!

  410. Hi.. Sometimes group buying is not advisable, there is no consumer rights. If their Merchant failed to deliver the expected services, you cannot refund nor exchange. Maybe this is a wake up call for me, Buy only what you need and not what you want. We tend to be temp because of the discount but we did not realize that we could avoid the expenses. That’s a big difference of savings & avoidance.
    I am disappointed with Metrodeal!
    They are insensitive with your complaints they can easily say that all vouchers paid are not refundable and cannot be exchanged without even hearing your side. If I don’t like it they said I can give it away. Wow!

  411. maraming nahihirapan magbayad sa mga suppliers ng mga online dealsite. Nakikipag deal kami kay Ensogo pero hindi sila makabayad nagduda ako na wala ng pera nag research ako online at mukha nga pa close na sila. Delikado pala makipag deal sa mga ganitong company

  412. It is very unfortunate that you guys have experienced problems with group buying sites. This is why we came up with an alternative. Pretty soon, we will be launching

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  413. I have not tried this yet but i have been curious and kicking to try out. Do you know of any online deals or sites that do the payment directly to the Merchant? I think having it this way is safer and reliable.

    Thank you and looking forward to your replies.
    have a safe online experience!!!

  414. Aside from Group buying sites in the Philippines, buy and sell online should also be given credit. Sulit has already been acquired by OLX. Another fast rising website is The site offers buy and sell plus auction options for sellers to maximize their return on investments. The site offers free listings as of the moment, but is planning to go for paid listings in the near future.

  415. For those looking for other classified ads site, try I am actively selling there myself, since it does not have any approval process and the site is pretty much growing fast. I am doing this so I can help other sellers find a new marketplace without too much restrictions imposed to them.

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  417. unfortunately PH megadeals delivered a very bad quality product. A bunion corrector… i wanted to return the parcel but the seller was not cooperative.

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