How To Write Awesome Blog Posts And Make Money At The Same Time

Updated: April 5, 2015

Last Saturday, April 16, Blogger Fest 2011 was held at Thunderbird Resorts in Rizal.

I was one of the resource speakers that day and I thought I’d share here the presentation I gave, and also, tell about the business venture I did.

My topic was entitled, How To Write Awesome Blog Posts. My talk basically revolved around nine strategies that a blogger can do to improve the readability and quality of his or her blog posts.

Below are the slides I showed the audience. I tried to apply some of the guidelines I gave on how to write professional Powerpoint presentations.

The tips are pretty self-explanatory, except maybe the second to the last one which said Introduction, Rising Action, Climax, Denouement, Conclusion. These are the five parts of a short story – something I learned back in high school.

During this slide, I told my fellow bloggers that writing a blog post can be considered the same as writing a short story. And if they wanted their blog posts to be more engaging, then they can design their content to follow this well-known and effective pattern in literary writing.

… And Make Money At The Same Time

Blogger Fest 2011 was more than just a series of talks and free food all day. Photography, food blogging and music workshops were also given to the attendees.

Unfortunately, I was not able to join any of them because I was busy selling shirts at my booth. 😀

A friend of mine enrolled in a screen printing workshop last year and I learned he never put much of his learnings into practice after that. So I commissioned him to make a Pinoy Blogger shirt design (shown above) and told him that I’ll try to help him build a business around it.

UPDATE: You like the shirt? Buy it online at Blogger Shirts.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been doing market research, production experiments and supplier hunting for the t-shirt business which we plan to launch hopefully, within the year.

I’ve been getting positive feedback from blogger friends about the initial designs that we came up with and Blogger Fest was our first opportunity to sell the initial production runs.

Below is a picture of me at the booth with Jeff, who helped me sell the shirts.

Fortunately, the shirts were well-received by the bloggers. I was able to sell more than half of my stock! But more importantly, I got some very helpful feedback from other bloggers on how I can improve the shirt, as well as suggestions for future designs – free market research FTW! 😀

A special shout out goes to Azrael Coladilla (shown below wearing the blue Pinoy Blogger shirt) and Ms. Nica of Thunderbird Resorts Rizal for the table they provided me.

It was a long and fruitful day for everyone. I truly enjoyed attending Blogger Fest 2011 and will surely look forward to next year’s. 😀

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  1. Hi, Your weblog appears awesome – complete with interesting content articles.. and so forth. Your own stuff is very nice… Keep it up! 🙂

  2. Sayang I missed it. My first attendance on Bloggers events was at the 7th iBlog Summit in UP last April 1. Hope, the next bloggers event would fall on weekdays or Sunday. Hindi kasi ako pede pag Saturday.

  3. and I bet after that fest Pinoy would be ready to unveil killer blog posts.

  4. Hi Joel, it depends on how much you market your blog and who you’re target readers are.

    For popular niches such as entertainment, sports and technology, an hour a day of blog marketing can net you that many pageviews in about three months or less in my opinion.

  5. Hi iam. I’m still fixing the online store. But I will surely contact you when it’s already finished. Thanks!

  6. Hey Fitz,

    This is really a Great Timing to find your post!

    I have been blogging for almost a month and your slides really helped.At the same time, It’s really refreshing to see blogpost from a Kababayan because most of what I read are blogs from foreigners. It’s fun to exchange thoughts and be friends with them but I want to know if there blog marketing strategies totally different here in the Philippines?

  7. Hi fitz, I am a displaced ofw from Libya, and was staying idle most of the time.When I was in Libya I found plenty of time doing some experiments since I worked in Liquified Natural Gas Plant,Boiler Plant, even Nitrogen Plant, doing the maintenance of all analyzer instruments. One of my design is converting tap water to a healthy vitalized water for drink. I can recommend this to all kababayan who are suffering from sickness. Just a simple water drink and will give you an amazing results within a day or two. I was the one who can testifiy because it heals a lot of sickness in my body. I recommend this to my friends and relatives and they have same story to tell.

  8. hi,
    just opened a blogsite to improve my writing skills. i plan to use this site as an outlet for my hobbies and whiling away my time. i have other site( where i post some of the product dev i did for my clients. i plan to attend blogging seminar in the future.

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  10. Thank you for this post. I’m not also good in writing skills but I need to do blogging to improve it.

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