Millionaire Calculator: How Long Will It Take You To Have a Million?

Updated: January 11, 2020

How long does it take to save one million? It’s a popular question among those who dreams of becoming rich.

And today, I’ll give you a tool to calculate just that.

Actually, it’s an Excel worksheet that you can play with to compute how many years it will take for you to become a millionaire.

If you’ve been reading this blog since 2008, then you probably know that I have uploaded an online calculator before that answers the question above.

And it’s this one below… go ahead and play with it.

As you can see, this one is quite limited to saving a fixed amount every month. What if you want to increase that every year?

For example, you’re setting aside P5,000 every month right now. But next year, you want to add P1,000 and save P6,000 monthly. And then increase it by another P1,000 to make it P7,000 monthly in the year after that, and so on.

You can no longer use the calculator above to know when you’ll have that one million.

Furthermore, having one million today isn’t the same as having one million after ten years. Because of inflation, your money will have less value in the future.

Having these considerations in mind, I decided to create an Excel worksheet that can calculate the years it will take to have one million and at the same time, have the option to increase your monthly contributions.

Moreover, I also added the feature to adjust for inflation so that you’ll truly be a millionaire in the future. Below is a screenshot of the Excel calculator.

Are you excited to download and tinker with it? Then just click the link to get your FREE download: The One Million Excel Calculator

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Do you have a financial calculator that you want me to create as an Excel worksheet? Tell them in the comments section below. Thanks.

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  1. Hi sir Fitz,

    I downloaded the Excel but it is protected with a password so I am unable to use it.


  2. Hi JD,

    All the cells are locked except those with GREEN background. Kindly check if you can input your data in those cells. Values in all the other cells automatically update as soon as you enter your date.


  3. Hi Sir,

    I have the same problem po. I was asked to enter password before I can edit those values with green background.

    Thanks po

  4. Hi everyone. I think the problem is in the Excel version that you have. I’ll fix the problem and upload a new Excel file. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. Hi! Tried this already.It’s great I can easily see how much I should be saving from now, if I wanted to have a million at a certain age. But, I would love to also read your other blogs that would further elaborate aforementioned low, medium and high risks investments. Thanks!

  6. Mr Fitz, I want to say thank you for all your work on this blog. I have learned a lot from your writings. My family’s financial security in good shape these days and our stress level is low. You have certainly helped this old foreigner know what are the best financial options in the Philippines and build a solid financial base for my family. I will surely be sharing this article with the Lad mentioned below.

    WOW, how cool is this. Today was a great day, this very afternoon, I had “the talk”,,,NO not that one so many parents dread, I had a financial talk with our eldest son who is now thirteen. I explained to him the basics of our four pronged approach for building wealth for each young family member. After much reading, study and thinking, my wife and I agreed to do the following for each child: 1. open a junior savings account with debit card for necessity spending. 2. open a local trading account with one of us as guardian. 3. open a PERA account, again, with one of us as guardian and finally 4. I am gifting each child cash to be invested on their behalf in the family business.

    If only there was a method to attach a picture. I would post a photo of the expression on my son’s face when he viewed a compounding calculator I shared with him. Our son saw with his own eyes how his money will grow if continually reinvested in the family venture, just as my wife and I have done since the inception of of our business.

    The only thing we will do differently for my lovely bride will be Pag ibig MP2 accounts. I like the concept a lot and now plan to open five accounts for her since she is a member. One new funded account each year for five years. When each account matures in five years and assuming the money is not needed, she will roll it over into a new account for five more years. Honestly, I can hardly wait for the kids to become old enough to also become Pag ibig members and add the MP2 accounts to the financial arsonal.

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