FREE Download: Credit Card Debt Payment Calculator Excel Spreadsheet

Updated: November 29, 2021

If you own several credit cards and want to pay off your debts, then here’s a tool that can help you.

This free download is an Excel spreadsheet that helps you calculate how much you should pay each credit card every month, so you can strategically reduce and eliminate your debts.

I used the Snowball Method to determine the amount you should pay each month. If you’re not familiar with this debt reduction payment strategy, then you can read my article about it.

Read it here: How To Get Out Of Debt With The Snowball Method

I tried to make the spreadsheet simple and straightforward to use. And I hope I was able to achieve it.

Please download it and give it a try. And then share with me if you like it, and perhaps give suggestions on how I can improve it.

More importantly, if you discover an error. Then please tell me immediately so I can correct it.

If you need help in understanding and in learning how to use the spreadsheet, then just leave a comment below.

Lastly, if you’re struggling to pay your existing debts, then here’s another article that might help: Four Debt Payment Strategies Every Person Should Know


Click the link below for your FREE download:

FREE TOOL: Credit Card Debt Payment Calculator Excel Spreadsheet


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