Business Tips from a Feng Shui Expert

Updated: January 26, 2020

Practitioners of feng shui believe in the importance of balance between man and nature. When you achieve this in your life, then luck will be on your side and success will come easy.

That’s why it’s not a surprise that many use the principles of feng shui in business to increase their luck and success.

Recently, Globe myBusiness asked one of the leading feng shui expert in the Philippines, Master Francis Gaw, to give business tips to those who want to delve into entrepreneurship.

He gave six tips, which I turned into a simple infographic below:

In Summary

  1. DO determine if you’re made to be a businessman.
  2. DON’T start your business during the Ghost Month.
  3. DO set up in a place you’re comfortable in.
  4. DON’T adhere to all symbols and superstitions.
  5. DO push for sustainability.
  6. DON’T think luck is all that matters

Feng Shui Business Tips:

I’ve written about feng shui business tips before. And here are some of the advice I gave there:

  • Your business entrance should have a strong flow of feng shui energy. The outside should be clean, well-lit.
  • Your store business name is clear, noticeable and easy to read.
  • You should have a good flow of energy inside. Practically, this means that your store should not feel cramped.
  • It should be comfortable to stay inside and easy for customers to walk and go around in.
  • Your cash register should be placed diagonally from the entrance because this is believed to be a powerful feng shui spot.
  • Your desk or work space should not be cluttered.
  • Keep it clean everyday and for good luck, put a plant or a family picture in a wood frame on it.
  • Speaking of plants, it’s always best to have live plants and flowers in your office or place of business.

In the end, Master Francis Gaw reminds us that our destiny still depends on hard work, faith and prayer, plus a little bit of luck. We find signs through feng shui. Dates, experiences, and occurrences can point the way, but what matters is that we find them so they can lead us to where we want and need to be.

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