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Millionaire Calculator: How Long Will It Take You To Have a Million?

Updated: January 11, 2020 | Personal Finance | 7 Comments

How long does it take to save one million? It’s a popular question among those who dreams of becoming rich. And today, I’ll give you a tool to calculate just that. Actually, it’s an Excel worksheet that you can play with to compute how many years it will take for you to become a millionaire. […]

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8 Interesting Stories of People Who Became Millionaires

Updated: October 7, 2020 | Personal Finance | 5 Comments

How do you become rich? I believe there are thousands of ways, but if you analyze them, you’ll see that they can be grouped into eight basic strategies. Below are interesting and amazing stories of people who became millionaires with each strategy. And along with each is a brief inspection of how easy or difficult […]

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The Story of Four Pinoys Who Became Millionaires By The Age of 25

Updated: October 24, 2010 | In Focus, Inspirational, Life Lessons | 5 Comments

How do people become millionaires? I’ve written before that there are eight proven ways to become rich. And for today, I will give you the story of four Filipinos who have been successful at it using a combination of these paths to riches. The featured clip below is from a local television show called Rated […]

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Become A Millionaire Using The Doubling Method

Updated: November 18, 2019 | Life Lessons, Mindsetting | 16 Comments

I was waiting in line at the bank the other day when a thought came into my mind. How fast can one peso turn into a million through doubling? Yes, the geek in me came out and I decided to while away the time doing some mental math. And so I counted each step: 1, […]

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