Direct Selling As A Source Of Extra Income

Updated: July 19, 2020

Direct selling is one of the simplest way to earn extra income. If you’re looking for a sideline or a part-time job that will help augment your budget, then joining a direct selling company could be the answer.

Not all of us have the skills to produce items that we can sell. And if ever we do, buying the raw materials and making them would often consume much of our personal schedule, leaving us with less time to sell and market our products.

The beauty of becoming a member in a direct selling company is that, we immediately gain access to a variety of useful and high quality products.

And because they are readily available to us, together with sales kits and marketing materials, we can dedicate more time in selling our wares to our friends and colleagues.

In my previous article about the top things you can sell your officemates, I’ve mentioned two of the most popular items in direct selling companies – beauty products and herbal supplements.

Why is this? Because direct selling is a personalized service.

It’s the intimate conversations and personal recommendation that convinces our customers to buy from us.

So if you’re interested in trying your hand at direct selling, here are some helpful tips that could make your part-time venture a success.


Choose a company with products that you believe in.

This is really important. How can you sell a merchandise that you don’t or won’t even use yourself?

Be an example and tell your clients the personal benefits you’ve earned from using your own products.

Evaluate if these products have adequate demand in your social networks.

Will the people you know find your products useful and beneficial? Do they have the means to afford your merchandise?

These are essential questions you should answer before joining a particular company.

Determine your potential to expand your network for the product.

After you’ve talked to your friends, neighbors and colleagues, where else can you market your products?

It’s necessary to map your options and decide how you plan to reach people outside your immediate social network. Are you willing to knock on stranger’s houses or call your long lost classmates to sell your merchandise?

Learn from and duplicate the success strategies of other members in the company.

If you don’t have any experience in sales and marketing, then it will help if you talk to other members about how you can sell your products more effectively.

For example, most would hold afternoon socials for the purpose of advertising their products. Attend and assist in one of these “tupperware parties” and learn how you can organize one for yourself.

Be flexible with your payment terms

Some of these direct selling products are expensive. You may consider giving your clients an informal installment plan so they can afford to buy your items.

However, you should clearly spell out your terms, be strict with your collections and manage your budget to avoid incurring penalties from late remittances to your company.

Monitor your account

It’s not enough that you simply market and sell. It’s also important that you set targets and monitor your income. This will help you track your progress and motivate you to sell more when you’re trying to reach a goal.

Moreover, most direct selling companies offer performance bonuses, recognition and higher discount rates for hardworking direct sellers.

Avoiding scam companies

Furthermore, before joining any company, make sure that you’re not signing up for a pyramiding scam.

Former chairman of the Direct Selling Association of the Philippines (DSAP), Josiah Go, gives us an 8-Point Test. A legitimate direct selling company would answer YES to ALL of the questions below:

  1. Is there a product?
  2. Are commissions paid on sale of products and not on registration/entry fees?
  3. Is the intent to sell a product not a position?
  4. Is there no direct correlation between the number of recruits and compensation?
  5. If recruitment were to be stopped today, will the participants still make money?
  6. Is there a reasonable product return policy?
  7. Do products have fair market value?
  8. Is there a compelling reason to buy?


Lastly, here are some of the popular direct selling companies in the Philippines:

  • Amway Philippines, LLC
  • Avon Cosmetics, Inc.
  • Dakki Classics Concepts, Inc.
  • Filway Marketing, Inc.
  • Forever Living Products Phils., Inc.
  • Fuller Life
  • Herbalife International Philippines, Inc.
  • Mary Kay Philippines, Inc.
  • New Image Int’l., Inc.
  • Nikken Philippines, Inc.
  • Nu Skin Philippines, Inc.
  • Triumph International
  • Tupperware Philippines, Inc.

To know more information on direct selling and get the contact information of these and other direct selling companies, please visit the website of The Direct Selling Association of the Philippines.

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  1. DXN number One Philippines! My father was earning P200,000+ per month before. But now, he is already 66 and weak. If you want to know his secrets, please contact me. Thank you!

  2. Mostly direct selling products gives it agent high commission because their mark up is usually high and they don’t advertise. Exception, AVON but they only advertising lately maybe because of the decline of the market reach.

  3. @don_ser
    That’s great. If any of my readers are interested on how your father earned so much through DXN, I’ll be sure to give them your contact info. Thanks.

    Direct selling is a good business model if you don’t want to spend much on advertising. Although some of these products are more expensive than commercial brands, people still tend to buy them because the personal recommendations of a friend can carry much weight on our purchasing decisions.

    Those skills and talents can be learned if you have real passion for selling. 😀

  4. Thank you for posting this article.

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    Brian Tracy in Direct Selling:

    “If you want to be the best be with the best”

  5. Indeed direct selling is an effective means of earning extra.

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  6. Wow this is a very informative read! I can actually attest to the beauty products thing. A Former officemate of mine is my main source of avon products hehe 😀

    I once signed up with NuSkin as a distributor way back, and the products are good.

  7. kindly contact me or send me more info on how to join direct selling business

    and how much money will I spend n starting this bus.?

  8. hi Mary Rose, if you want to enter direct selling business, please do contact me 0906-5982357, and Join Nu Skin Enterprises, for this company will give you more confidence and realization about your life and success.. thanks

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  10. I’m an Avon member, but I don’t really go sell to customers. I subscribed to Avon because I love their products and it happens that I buy more for myself… well, selling goes second but not really a priority. =)

    But this time, I’m looking out for Boardwalk.

  11. I am also into direct selling and it is a business that will give you freedom of time and money…. 0927428098

  12. I signed up in Red Logo and Milk and Co, I like their products. But negative point for me is that, their nearest office is located at Shaw, quite hassle kasi malayo. But I think Fullerlife have a branch here in Marikina i’ll try that one

  13. I am trying to make my own direct selling business in the Philippines. I am just sorting all the necessary papers on it. Its more on importing environmental friendly household products. I already have my supplier and we agreed on the price volume and deals.

    When things will be okey I need dealers and I am not into pyramiding scheme justl ike what the other multi level marketing were doing. Basically, sales person should earn depending on his/her performance.

  14. im residing in general santos city and im interested in direct selling business to have extra source of income, can anybody help me how to start in this kind of business?

  15. i have a boutique of those direct selling, maybe i could help you to those who are interested… its my priviledge to develop new aspiring business people…God bless happy selling

  16. I’m so happy seeing this article on direct selling. It gave me more information that I think is essential in deciding whether to enter direct selling or not. Actually it’s MLM. I’ve been researching a bit. It’s important to be cautious nowadays.

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  21. […] Going from P16,384 to P32,768, P65,536, P131,072 to P262,144 As you go further, doubling money actively would become too exhausting and time consuming. I believe that the financial strategy should change at this point. This means considering low and medium risk investments to passively make the money grow. Aside from acquiring paper assets, I can also leverage on multi-level marketing companies and direct selling networks. […]

  22. i am also engaged in direct selling as of now… it is a very good opportunity for me, i earned big amount of money which i never had before when i’m still working as employee.

  23. The 8-point question isn’t a guarantee either, although helpful.

    Boardwalk Business ventures is another direct selling company in the Philippines but not a member of dsap. They started out selling slippers, now they have a huge line of apparel. The dealers I know are more successful then most of the above mentioned.

  24. Wow, this article is more than 2 years old yet still buzzing with activity. Only accomplished by truly great writing skills. My favorite tip here is this one:

    “Learn from and duplicate the success strategies of other members in the company.”

    Not everyone is born to be a super talented salesperson. The quickest remedy is to follow the strategies and footsteps of the greatest salesman in history. No need to reinvent the wheel, right?

    Another tip I’d like to add is being persistent. From what I’ve observed, it’s the persistent dealers who make more sales than the smart intellectual types. Reason why, because they’re not afraid of rejection unlike the highly educated one’s. That’s just my own observation though.

  25. Hi! I’m gerlie can you please help me to earn extra income by the way Im a plain housewife and I’m thinking to join a direct selling especially triumph but my location is novaliches it’s too far in Gil puyat were the main office of triumph . I do a little selling of imported cosmetics but it’s not enough so i’m thinking of selling triumph I already tried buyying triumph products on the net , but the price is too much high . So I’m thinkng were can I find a a direct supplier of triumph please help me …..

  26. Hi girls and to those who want to have a direct selling business! I’d like to introduce to you Mary Kay. I am a Sales Director of the company. I am already more than two years in this business and I am very satisfied direct seller. For those who are interested to have Mary Kay Business you may contact me through this mobile number 09206610323. Let me help you enrich you life. God bless.

  27. Hi, I live in Florida, USA and I like your blog. I am with a company that works in US and Canada and direct marketing does work. All you need is a good company and the desire to succeed. Direct Selling have to makeing people comfortable or rich depending on their work ethic, so think, work, and grow rich in your business.

  28. I represent a wellness product marketing company from India – We have a wide range of products from beauty enhancing to diabetes elimination – We adopted the Direct Selling approach here in India and it is a tremendous success mainly because of the product strength because quality/efficacy of our products as of today is NUMBER ONE in the world. WHO GMP certified too . We are desirous of marketing the same in Philippines and seeks a mutually beneficial cooperation

  29. We became “accidental marketers” for the vitamin line offered by one of the companies mentioned in the list. My first wife and I were super health conscious, especially after her first battle with cancer. I grew all our food organically on the “hobby farm” we owned in northern New England and my first bride continued to work at the Boston law firm she was with for many years. Marketing products at the office was frowned upon but some activity still transpired.

    We personally used the high quality supplements from the MLM. At one point we also needed new office equipment at home so the question was, how do we “create” a tax deduction? We joined the MLM and casually marketed the supplements. My wife would leave an open box on her desk and when folks visited her office at the firm, she was frequently asked about the product because of the unusual packaging. We had two full years of tax deductions because we had started a new business. Without work very hard at selling, some folks were buying products. We were able to get tax deductions for all the office.

    I know of people in this same MLM that concentrated on gift catalog sales. Another line the company offered were gift catalogs at several price points. What some distributors did was visit the person in charge of corporate gift giving at large companies. It has been a long time but if I remember correctly, gift catalogs were offered at price points from $25.00USD up to around $250.00USD? If a companies budget was $50.00 USD/person for general employees and $100.00 USD/person for office staff, the appropriate number of gift catalogs were ordered and delivered in time for the holidays. The distributors earned a nice commission and was finished until the next holiday.

    Once the gift catalogs were handed to the individual employees, they could choose any item in their catalog and it would be delivered to their door. They never knew how much the company spent but they were usually happy as they could pick the exact item they wanted. When you think about this, it is a pretty good business model. Visit a few companies each week, help them solve their corporate gift giving needs in one shot and bank your commissions.

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