On Quitting Your Job to Start A Business, and Other Concerns

Updated: April 26, 2022

Welcome to another Reader Mail, the category of my blog where I share my thoughts on questions sent in by our readers.

Today, I’m answering some questions from people who are planning to put up their own businesses. One wants to go into network marketing, the other into online selling. Meanwhile, the third one is seeking advice on what’s a good business to put up nowadays.

The ideas I shared are based on my personal experience and on what I believe is best for the situation. I would like to encourage my other readers to please share their thoughts and give any additional advice through the comments section.

Network Marketing

From Ms. D
Hi Fitz, I want to say Big Thanks to you for putting up this site. I can say that I see myself in you. I really want to be an Entrepreneur; I really want to have my own business. I was introduced to a Network Marketing company, I just want to ask if you are still involved in one?

How would I know if it is for me because I think that what I truly want is a traditional business like a book cafe? I am currently job seeking because I resigned from work to pursue the network marketing business, but the people around me told me to stay employed first and do the networking on the side, and if I already earned a substantial income, that would be the best time to quit my job.

I am really looking for a mentor, and I hope you could be one. I really learned a lot in your site. I am 23 years old and very passionate about helping others but I really don’t have enough capital right now that’s why I was motivated to work again. What advice can you give me?

My reply:
I know a handful of friends who are active in network marketing and direct selling and they’ve been enjoying good income from them.

However, most of these friends still have their regular jobs, while one is just a stay-at-home mom (husband still works in an office). They mainly do their “sideline business” during weekends and after office hours. These people get the money for their daily expenses from their regular jobs and use the money they earn from network marketing for non-essential spending.

Anyway, in my experience, the most important thing in life with respect to our finances is multiple sources of income. So for you, network marketing is just one source. You need to add a few more to become “financially stable”.

What are the other sources? Well, it’s up to you, your resources, and your available time.

You can look for a new job. You can start a small home-based business. You can become a freelancer. Apply for a part-time job. You can even try your luck at making money online.

Regardless of what you decide, always consider how everything will play in your life. Make sure that you won’t get burned out doing everything and you’ll still have time for yourself, your family, and your friends.

Now here’s what I think of your case:

If what you’re earning from network marketing is enough to cover your necessary expenses, then consider just looking for a part-time job, starting on some freelance work, OR building a home-based business.

If what you’re earning from network marketing is not enough, then I suggest you apply for a job (full-time or part-time, doesn’t matter, as long as your needs are met financially).

Furthermore, make sure that your work will still leave you with enough time and energy to grow your network marketing business (or any other venture you might want to pursue). Doing this will give you a steady stream of income as you wait for your “other investments” to fully leverage and grow.

Again, having a regular job does not guarantee financial stability – it is having multiple sources of income that gives an individual financial stability. And that’s what you should always remember.

Online Store

From Ms. A
Good evening, Mr. Fitz. I’m thinking of starting an online clothing business. I am worried that somebody can just grab the picture of my work and claim it as their own. How can I prevent that? Are there any laws that can protect me? Thank you very much.

My reply:
Hi. What I can suggest is to take your picture in high resolution with a professional camera so it would have metadata, which means it will have all the information and properties of your picture stored along with the image (camera used, camera settings, size, etc.)

After that, you can now create a smaller resolution of your photo and add a watermark. Use this to upload them to your online store.

Now, when someone steals your picture and claims it to be their own. You have proof that it is yours because you have a high resolution of the photo, along with additional proof of the technical details of the photo.

Regarding the designs of your clothes, you can somewhat also claim ownership because the metadata shows the date when the photo was taken. Now when someone steals your photos/designs, you can just email the offender and tell them that you have proof that they stole the content from you.

Hopefully, this will make them take it down. If not, you can contact authorities to help you – there are now internet copyright lawyers in the Philippines that can help.

Business Idea

Mr. D
I am an OFW and a Businessman as well, right now I’m coming home there in the Philippines. It’s been years since I’ve dreamt of having my own Lotto Outlet, well the papers and so, are all taken care of. The only problem is there is a Cash Bond of 500k.

Due to the recession here in the Middle East, I was included in the company’s retrenchment of Staff. So the money that I was supposed to save for my Lotto Outlet did not materialize. I have little money that I can do with, but it’s not enough.

Please advise me on what to do and, do I venture this little money into other businesses? and if yes, what particular business is it, that’s a major hit there in the Philippines. Thanks, Fitz, and Good Luck on this Site, you’re helping a lot of Filipinos. Good Day.

My reply:
Hi. I’m sorry to hear about your retrenchment, I hope all is well despite what happened. Anyway, regarding your concern, you must understand that venturing into a business is risky.

This means you need to have an emergency fund and other sources of income before deciding to invest your money in a business venture.

Assuming all that is taken cared of, then start a business that’s within your interest. I don’t really want to tell you what type of business you can put up that’s profitable in the country for there’s really no straightforward answer to that.

I remember pitching a business idea to a friend a few years back which proved to be very profitable. However, my friend decided to sell the business after a few months despite good sales. His reason according to him is, “I’m not enjoying it. This is not my cup of tea.”

On the other hand, know also that I’ve seen a handful of people pursue a business idea that I honestly thought was weak but was proven wrong. The reason why they’ve found success was because of their dedication.

They’ve put in long hours to research and marketing, which helped them a lot. I believe this wouldn’t have been possible if they did not have the interest and the passion for the business.

Lastly, I hope you can read the article I wrote about this topic. It’s about how to find good business ventures and opportunities.

That’s it for today’s Reader Mail. Thank you for reading.

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  1. Regarding on Ms. A’s online clothing business. If the watermark on the picture did not hindered others from copying the design. I suggest that she patent her product. She can go to http://www.ipophil.gov.ph/ for more information. And for Arts,music and composition. You can copyright those in the national library at Kalaw. Go to http://www.nlp.gov.ph/ for more info.

    You will be amaze how cheap it is to protect your idea. People that does not bother to do this ended up costing a very large amount of money and the future of their business.

  2. hmmm, maybe i could send you an email one of these these kuya fitz, hehe. mgpapatulong dn aq next time ;)

  3. A low resolution, water-marked picture is definitely a good way of ensuring its copyright. I’m just skeptical about having the original uploaded in flickr. I haven’t bothered to read the TOS so do forgive me if I’m wrong.
    The first point is that having the original pictures uploaded in any site may not really cover ownership. And since TOS do change according to the website owner’s liking, you can never be assured that your pictures there will remain to be yours.
    Second point: You can always rely on storing the original pictures in an external hard drive or better yet, multiple copies burned in DVDs and have it kept safe. By doing this, you remain to be the sole owner. Just make sure that what you upload over the internet is a copy that is lesser in quality and has a watermark with your name (or your blogsite’s name) in it.

  4. i agree with gio. you should look into the possibility of applying for a copyright. this is the best way to protect your work. doing this will help you avoid to an incident similar to what happened to GMA 7 and gary granada.

  5. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts. I agree, applying for a copyright would be the best option for her.

  6. Hi! I’ve read most of your blogs and I’ve learned so much from it…
    I want to ask about mutual funds, how does it work? Is that differen from stocks? thanks! :)

  7. Beautiful Bride obtains a copy write on every single new design in her educational products business. Her law degree paid off when she started this latest venture because she knew exactly what to do and how to do it to protect all of her new products.

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