Two Events You Shouldn't Miss This July

Updated: June 17, 2010

I would like to invite my readers to attend two great events this coming July 2010.

First, as I’ve already written before, is the Money Summit & Wealth Expo 2010, which is a 2-day, whole day, super conference happening on July 2-3, 2010 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati City.

This is your chance to learn more about real estate investing in the Philippines, online and direct selling businesses, stocks, mutual funds, business franchising and many other topics that will help you get on track towards financial freedom.

The rates go higher as the event comes closer, so it’s better to register now and avail of their promo rates. But more importantly, register through Ready To Be Rich and you automatically get a 5% discount on the published rates!

To read more about this event, visit my previous post:
Money Summit & Wealth Expo 2010

To register now for this event, just fill up the form here:

For the second event, I’d like to invite you to attend the third installment of the No Nonsense Seminar on Finance.

This time, the seminar will focus not only on how you can invest for the future but also, how to go beyond motivation. What does this mean?

Seminar speaker Randell Tiongson says:

Many personal finance talks are great in teaching you in having a good mindset about money”¦ having that mindset is the first step into achieving one’s goals. However, what do you do when you already have that mindset? The next is putting them into action.

This is the program that teaches people on the rudiments of investments and investing.

Just how does investments work? What are the differences between investment products? How does one start with investment planning? The answer? Attend this seminar”¦ it’s a very good investment, guaranteed.

This event happens on July 10, 2010, from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM at the Victory Center, Upper Level, Promenade, Greenhills.

The learning investment will be P1,300.00 but if you register on or before June 25, 2010, you can avail of the early bird rate of P800.00.

To register, simply call or send an SMS to Jenny Ignacio-Magalong at 0939-1177856 or email her at


I’ll be giving away complimentary passes to this event to two readers who will give me the best reason why they want to attend the No Nonsense Seminar on Finance.

Just type in your full name and your primary email in the comment form below and complete the sentence: “I want to attend the No Nonsense Seminar on Finance because…”

One week from now, on June 24, I shall announce the two lucky people who will receive the free seats. The comments will be judged by Randell Tiongson himself so make it good! 😀

Lastly, please be reminded that comment moderation is enabled on my website so it may take some time before your comment will appear. Thanks.

Update 1:
You may leave your comments for the free tickets up until today, June 23, 11:59 PM, Manila time. The winner of the two tickets will be announced tomorrow evening, June 24. Thanks.

Update 2:
The two free seats go to: Raoul Siasoco, M.D. and Les Mallari. Congratulations! You will receive an email with further instructions on how to avail your complimentary tickets. Thanks!


  1. I want to attend the No Nonsense Seminar on Finance because I am a mother who believes that it is the sole responsibility of each Filipino to empower themselves with comprehensive financial knowledge and utilize it as a tool in alleviating the economic status not only for one’s personal gain but for the whole country as well.

  2. I want to attend the No Nonsense Seminar on Finance because…
    First I’m a avid fan of yours and everyday reader of this site.
    And second I think it will help a lot for my future plan..Honestly speaking this will help me a “LOT”. As a retrenched employee I don’t know what and when to start because of financial difficulties. It’s hard to think consider my age to find a job this days. But with your inspiration in most of your blogs it helps..thanks again.

  3. I want to attend the No Nonsense Seminar on Finance because…
    I’m a young professional who wants to learn how to manage my finances properly for my future rather than go out of town, bars, mall and spend for the things that would make as liabilities instead of assets. I want to know more how to make passive incomes such as investments, entrepreneur, real estate etc.. I’m very much interested in financial education in fact I bought some financial books so that I would have idea on financial education.

  4. I want to attend the No Nonsense Seminar on Finance because… they never taught Finance (practical Finance) in Pre-Med and in Medical School. . . .

    I later found out that doctors are no different from barbers, taho vendors, or anyone working for money. No work, no pay!! No escaping the fact that all of us need to learn finance, investing, and making money work for us. In the end, even doctors need “financial” healing.

  5. I want to attend the No Nonsense Seminar on Finance because I want to affect everyone around me. I want to learn more about financial management, apply it to my daily life, and eventually, be someone who is “contagious” enough to spread the word on how to be financially free. I know I am still at the early stage, but that is the whole point, to grab opportunities for learning while I still have the luxury of time. Because I sincerely believe that to achieve this goal, I need to make my everyday life a continuous process of listening, doing and knowing.

  6. I want to attend the No Nonsense Seminar on Finance because I dream of becoming financially free in order to support the need of my family. The learnings I’ll get from the seminar will show me of fulfilling that dream. And I could share the experiences that I’ll gain to others who is seeking also that financial freedom.

  7. I want to attend the No Nonsense Seminar on Finance because I am a budding mutual funds specialist. I would like to enrich my knowledge in investments so that I can spread the word to the sales force which I am currently handling (they, in turn, will share this with their clients. Hence, the multiplier effect on doing an “investments advocacy”). By empowering myself with knowledge, I am able to help other people better sell investment products.

  8. I want to attend the No Nonsense seminar on Finance because what Randell Tiongson has to offer in terms of Financial planning and experience is invaluable and priceless. He’s certainly different from those who just ramble on about finances as he has the experience and credibility to back it up. I’ve had the opportunity to attend his first No Nonsense seminar and from that point on, I felt like a voracious lion always on the lookout if he has an upcoming seminar in the works. He certainly has a way of unearthing complicated things especially with finances that’s why it is truly a privilege to pick his brain. (not in a literal sense, though.haha)

  9. I want to attend the No Nonsense seminar on Finance because, at 22 years of age, I am now the bread winner of our family. My father died december last year and I have 2 more younger brothers in college. My family. They are the reason. I want to attend the No Nonsense seminar on Finance because of my family. I know my reason may be a bit personal. But I don’t want you to give me a free pass just because of my family’s tragedy. I am writing this because, this will be a reminder for me. When the day comes that me and my family are finally financially free, I will look back at this page and I will see that this is where it all started. And I will be forever thankful! My mind is set. I am ready to know what to do next.

  10. “I want to attend the No Nonsense Seminar on Finance because…i want to learn from somebody who can translate the foreign language of Finance into practicable wisdom that every Pedro or Juana can apply in their lives and eventually ‘contaminate’ others to listen and learn from a mentor who has the distinct adeptness to effect transformations in the lives of his apprentices. Randell Tiongson is the master transformator of his craft in financial education.”

  11. And to Fitz,

    Thank you for sharing your exciting lessons from your pursuit of your entrepreneurial spirit. Your original contents in this blog have inspired me even when i was overseas working hard so that i can kickstart my own odyssey to financial FREEDOM! More power.

  12. Winners of the free seats have been announced. Congrats to Raoul Siasoco, M.D. and Les Mallari.

    I sincerely thank the others who joined. You may still avail of the early bird rate until tomorrow, June 25.

    And I promise to give you more promos and freebies like this in the future. God bless! 😀

  13. Yes!!! As I have said, I will forever be thankful! Thank you Sir Fitz and Sir Randell! God bless!

  14. Thanks much for sponsoring one of my subjects in my financial education. Eagerly awaiting your email on how to obtain my complimentary ticket to the event. Excited to meet financial gurus and students too. More power to you.

    To Fitz and Randell, maraming salamat po! Salud ! =)

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