How To Invest For The Future: The No Nonsense Seminar On Finance

Posted by under In Focus, News and Events . Published: October 27, 2009

I often get emails from readers asking me for business and financial advise, some of them I have already shared with you through my Reader Mail section.

And occasionally, I encounter some serious financial questions which I cannot really answer comprehensively.

During these times, I am reminded that investing in knowledge and financial literacy is something that we should continually do.

That’s why on November 7, I’ll be attending the No Nonsense Seminar on Finance by Randell Tiongson over at the Victory Center in Greenhills.

Subtitled, “How To Invest For The Future”, I am expecting to learn more about investing and strengthen my knowledge about personal finance.


I’ve attended one of Randell’s seminars before about practical personal finance and I found it quite refreshing. He’s lively, easy to understand and gives good practical advise.

And what’s also important to know is that Randell is a certified financial planner. So you can fully trust anything he says about money and investing.

So will I see you there on November 7? I do hope so.

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7 Responses to “How To Invest For The Future: The No Nonsense Seminar On Finance”

  1. Gugol says:

    Ouch. I’ve got graduate class during Saturdays… Idol Boss Fitz, let us know of future financial management events like this. I’m really interested. Thanks.


  2. Edge says:

    Hi Sir Fitz, were you at Mall of Asia last night? I’m not sure but I think I saw you there.. Hehehe

  3. Randell has been so successful with his seminar engagements. Hope to meet him too someday and probably engage myself part time as a speaker too. 🙂

  4. rose says:

    hi fitz,

    see you on nov. 7.this will be my 2nd to attend Randell’s seminar. hope to meet you in person. i’ve been reading your helpful tips.


  5. allan says:

    hi sir

    thanks all the information, do you know any seminars on “accounting for non-accountant?”


  6. Fitz says:

    @Gugol, sayang nga, but don’t worry, I’ll blog what I’ll learn that day here. *manhug*

    @Edge, I think that was me 😀 Was with two friends who I accompanied to canvass for a new mobile phone.

    @Tyrone, wow, I’ll surely attend one of your investment seminars. I know you can do it. 😀

    @Rose, great, see you there!

    @Allan, I’m not so sure but I suggest you contact Negoskwela or TRC for that. I remember that they used to have accounting seminars.

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