The 7 C’s of Success by Thomas Morris

Updated: November 7, 2020

Who is Thomas Morris? He is an American philosopher and author of more than 28 books, most of which are about entrepreneurship and philosophy.

In fact, he’s well-known as a motivational speaker, who applies philosophical themes and concepts to business and professional life.

Recently, I stumbled upon an interview of him by Ryan Holiday of Daily Stoic, where he shared what he believes to be the 7 C’s of success.

He realized this list after working with world-class business executives, athletes, coaches, administrators, and entrepreneurs around the world.

According to him, these are the universal conditions for success, which includes the skills and mindset involved to achieve it.

The 7 C’s of Success

A clear conception of what you want, a vivid vision, a goal clearly imagined. Indeed, if you don’t know exactly where you want to go, then you’ll just aimlessly drift through life. SMART goals are important.

A strong confidence that you can attain that goal. Having a strong internal faith is important because it helps you focus to act towards your goals. So, Believe in your success.

A focused concentration on what it takes to reach your goal. You need to be determined, and never let distractions take your eyes off your goal. Be a star shooter.

A stubborn consistency in pursuing your vision. This means being resolute and persistent with attaining your goals. As I’ve said before — being stubborn can make you rich.

An emotional commitment to the importance of what we’re doing. When things become difficult and your willpower to proceed is dwindling, you need to use your “why”power to push yourself further.

A good character to guide you and keep you on a proper course. In a sense, this is similar to defining the Mission, Vision, and Values of a company.

A capacity to enjoy the process along the way. Because amidst the obstacles and hardships, you should be able to pause, smile, and appreciate your journey.

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