Five Signs That Your Goals Are Bound For Failure

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What are your goals for this year? What are the things you want to achieve in your career? in your finances? in your personal relationships?

I surveyed my friends and most of them want to save more money, lose some weight and start a small business.

A few did good by writing down their goals and making a vision board. However, I told them that crossing the “finish line” will take more effort than that.

In fact, I said that I don’t recommend setting such “impossible” goals because they’re bound to fail. Why? Why do I think that those are impossible goals?

They are impossible… not because they’re unrealistic as traveling back through time – but simply because they have these five tell-tale signs that they’re most likely come up short in accomplishing them.

Evaluate your own life goals and see if yours are also “impossible”.


Sign #1: Your goals are vague or too broad.

Save more money, lose some weight, start a small business – all of these goals are ambiguous and almost meaningless.

Instead, make it your goal to have P200,000 in your savings account, go down to 140 lbs, or franchise a food cart business. Be specific with your goals.

Sign #2: It’s hard to measure how far away you are from achieving your goals.

So your goal is to save more money, but how do you exactly know you’ve become successful at saving more money? Again, this is the problem with having a goal not specific enough.


When your goal is to have P200,000 in your savings account, then you’ll know you’re already 10% done when you see P20,000 in your bank statement, and half-way done when there’s a cool hundred there. Make your goals measurable.

Sign #3: Your goals are too hard to attain.

So your goal is to get your weight down to 140 lbs, which is a nice, specific and measurable goal. But if you’re a 200-pound guy working as a chef, then that goal might be a little too grand for now.

Be realistic and practical about your situation. Why not make it your goal to be 170 lbs first. This way, it’s easier, less overwhelming and more manageable to achieve. Make your goals attainable.

Sign #4: Your goals do not inspire you.

Starting a business, whether your own or a franchise, requires hard work and focus. You may be able to afford that food cart franchise, but does that kind of business excite you?

If your passion is photography, then it may be more relevant to put up a business in that niche. Ask yourself… is this goal worth my time? Will achieving this goal give me self-fulfillment?


Sign #5: Your goals do not have a deadline.

Have P200,000 in your savings account by December 31, weigh down to 170 lbs by September 1, schedule the grand opening of your photo studio business by August 8 – this is how you make your goals time-bound.

It’s important that you always have a target date for your goals because it gives you a sense of commitment. They become more real to you and serves as a motivation to make progress every day and succeed.

In summary, when setting any kind of goal, always make sure that you’re being S.M.A.R.T. about it. Your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound.

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24 Responses to “Five Signs That Your Goals Are Bound For Failure”

  1. richard says:

    Great Post! So true. Thanks

  2. Jeff Crews says:

    Point #1 is crucial. I think many times we set goals, and they are so vague that we can’t obtain them. For the example of “losing weight”, that is to vague. Instead, someone should keep month by month goals with a target weight loss total. What do you think?

  3. Daily goals are the way to go..

    small daily goals that are achievable compounded over time will change your life…

  4. Micamyx says:

    Toinks! Yet another article that made me say ‘Oo nga noh’ ang scratch my head. Thanks Kuya Fitz for continuously slapping reality to our faces without you even knowing it hehe. That savings part I must do, but I need to sacrifice my traveling first or in this case i-lessen.

  5. ian says:

    Ooopss! Five boxes checked :/ Nice to read, though! Thanks much!

  6. Ron @ High School Life says:

    Thanks for sharing this great post! I find the key to successful goal setting is to make sure that youre goals are attainable.

  7. Bong Mabilog says:

    Back to square one, at least I know the next time around I’ll get it right.

    Thanks for the post.

  8. Brilliant spin on setting SMART goals. By showing the negative side, it actually makes it easier to set SMART goals. Great post, Fitz.

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  10. jehzlau says:

    Oh geeezz.. I need to be SMART this year. 😀

  11. Hessed says:

    This is what I needed to read! Thanks for posting it. No wonder I fail to achieve ALL of my New Year’s resolutions every year!! :/

  12. ronaldov says:

    WooooW! great blog…my 1st time to read these blogs and im learning and teaching me a lot..More Power to you Mr. Fitz!

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  16. Rey L. says:

    Hi, Sir Fritz i’ve been a reader of your blog since 2011. Your blog is very helpful to us seeking financial advice. keep up the good work!! and i think i’m doing well with by goals.. 🙂

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  19. Rob says:

    Hi Fitz, just a question, when is the best time to leave the job? My job and the cycle just keeps on spinning and I was reminded of the corporate slave concept which I want to stop on my end.
    I have a training business now and would likely wish to develop it.

  20. Fitz says:

    Hi Rob, what’s your plan after you leave your job? If it’s to start a business, then you should leave your job only when your business is already earning enough to pay for your necessary expenses.

    This is the most difficult phase in transitioning from employment to entrepreneurship. You will have to stay in your job, and use your free time and all available resources to build a profitable business.

    It’s normal to have no social life during this stage — but the rewards in the end will be worth it, I guarantee.

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