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7 Lessons the Corporate World Taught Me about Success

Updated: May 15, 2020 | Life Lessons | 5 Comments

I’ve been asked a few times if I ever regret working in the corporate world, and my answer would always be a big “No”. Being an employee has taught me a lot of valuable lessons that continue to remain relevant in my life as an entrepreneur, seven of which I’m sharing today. 1. Do not […]

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Forget Financial Resolutions, Here’s The Only Thing You Need To Do in 2014 To Become Rich

Published: December 29, 2013 | Mindsetting | 8 Comments

A lot of people resolve to save more money whenever the new year comes. Unfortunately, only a handful of them would succeed. The reasons for failure vary with every person, but the common thread among them is because they stopped trying. They convinced themselves that it’s really hard to save money, and rationalize this decision […]

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Be Successful at Anything in 7 Steps

Updated: June 14, 2020 | Mindsetting | 5 Comments

It’s easier to achieve goals when we have concrete steps that we can follow. That’s why we have food recipes, equipment user manuals, self-help books, and many others. Now if there’s a way to break down how to achieve success in life, what would the step-by-step list look like? In my opinion, as based from […]

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My 2012 Failures

Updated: June 22, 2015 | Life Lessons | 6 Comments

The year is about to close and as we all look back to the year that was, I’m now here to give you my list of failures for 2012. Why share something so “negative”? On the contrary, I believe it is actually a very positive experience. By summarizing the things that I’ve failed to accomplish, […]

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What If Money Didn’t Matter?

Updated: November 16, 2014 | Inspirational | 2 Comments

Money is an invention of man, a creation that has for many centuries, imprisoned the way we live our lives. But what if money wasn’t invented, and we are all free to do whatever we want? What if money didn’t matter? How would you spend your life? What will you desire? What if money is […]

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Seek Excellence and Success Will Follow

Updated: July 18, 2020 | Mindsetting | 8 Comments

If you’re a fan of Bollywood films, then I’m sure you already know where the title comes from. If not, then I highly suggest that you try to get a copy of the movie, 3 Idiots. Anyway, some of my friends recently discovered this film and have been really raving about it. I can understand […]

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What’s The Secret To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur?

Updated: July 9, 2020 | Business, Mindsetting | 10 Comments

One day, a friend asked me what’s the secret to becoming a successful entrepreneur. “Honestly, I don’t know,” was my initial reply. I don’t consider myself an expert on entrepreneurship and I don’t even have a degree on Business. That’s why I didn’t have a concrete answer to his question. However, after some careful thought, […]

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4 Reasons Why Your Business Will Fail Before You Even Get Started

Updated: May 27, 2020 | Business | 4 Comments

Are you planning to start your own business? Then prepare yourself for an exciting and challenging journey into entrepreneurship. But before you spend a single centavo of your start-up capital, make sure that you’ve got these four things covered. Four simple, common-sense but often overlooked traits that every budding entrepreneur must overcome to be able […]

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The Three P’s of Success

Updated: March 25, 2020 | Mindsetting | 5 Comments

Napoleon Hill, author of the best selling book Think And Grow Rich once said: “Patience, persistence, and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.” For someone who lived his prime during the early 1900s, it’s truly extraordinary to see how one man’s teachings can still hold a lot of truth today. In fact, read through […]

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A Simple Story of a Successful Business

Updated: March 27, 2019 | Business | 12 Comments

Juan had a business idea. He followed all the necessary steps in starting a business and opened his store a few months after. Weeks passed by and he realized that he wasn’t making any profit. He calculated that for every P1,000 he spends; he only earns P900. Not wanting to continuously lose P100 until he […]

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How To Be Lucky In Life and Achieve Success

Updated: March 22, 2019 | Mindsetting | 13 Comments

A couple of days ago, a friend bought a good luck charm from a Feng Shui store, hoping that it will help him get out of the financial rut he is in. And as we talked over coffee afterward, I couldn’t help but notice how excited he was over his purchase. At one point, he […]

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Believe In Your Success

Updated: January 5, 2020 | Life Lessons, Mindsetting | 15 Comments

The holidays are over and it’s time to face the new year ahead. Thinking back – if I would take just one lesson I learned last year to guide me this year, I’d choose the power of believing. Believing that I can do whatever I put my mind into, that my dreams are always just […]

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The Real Formula For Success In Business and In Life

Updated: October 18, 2020 | Inspirational, Life Lessons | 11 Comments

Do you want to know the formula for success? It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for success in business, in your professional career, or life in general; There’s really only one formula, and that is to… Never give up and keep trying. I know you’ve probably heard of that advice before – but this time, […]

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