How To Be Lucky In Life and Achieve Success

Updated: March 22, 2019

A couple of days ago, a friend bought a good luck charm from a Feng Shui store, hoping that it will help him get out of the financial rut he is in.

And as we talked over coffee afterward, I couldn’t help but notice how excited he was over his purchase.

At one point, he even held it so tightly and closed his eyes for a few seconds. At that point, I knew what he’s wishing for – to find a better job and finally get out of debt.

Later that night, as I was on my way home, I remembered the time when my most fervent wish in life was the same – a better and higher paying job so I could wipe out all my credit card debts.

And ironically, that wish never came true for me.

I never found that better job BUT INSTEAD I found the world of entrepreneurship. I was never able to wipe out my credit card debts BUT INSTEAD I learned how to leverage it for financial gains.

And as I look behind that time when I first “jumped off the cliff” and now see how far I’ve gone towards financial freedom, I wondered if luck had anything to do with it.

Did I just got lucky?

Thinking more and more about it, I’d have to say yes – I GOT LUCKY.

However, I also believe that my good fortune wasn’t because of some random twist of fate. Deep inside, I knew that the luck I had was NOT something purely accidental.

Which brings us to the question – if my luck was something I caused, then is it possible for others to likewise create their own luck?

And to that, my answer is YES, you can make your own good luck. Here’s how I did mine:

I opened up my world

There are a lot of great opportunities out there and most will not just knock on your door. To seize them, you’d need to stand outside your porch and go after them. Shake up your daily routine, get out and meet new people, be a Yes! Man.

I took risks

Life can be a game of hit or miss. While you’ll certainly “miss” most of the time, you’ll definitely say that it’s all worth it when you finally hit it right. Be adventurous, face your fears, take risks.

I always kept a positive mental attitude

No matter how your life is, always try to feel good and think positive. If you do, then you’ll see that good things will start to come into your life. That’s the secret of “The Secret” – work with the Law of Attraction, believe in the principle of abundance and luck will be on your side.

I never gave up

Persevere with your dreams and be resilient with the difficulties in your life. Your lucky break may just be around the corner. Challenge yourself to become better, always try again and don’t quit.

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  1. Hey Fitz! or “Papa” Fitz? That’s how I remember you from UPVC. Hehe.. came through here from Ynseng’s blog. I’m learning how to blog (& invest), so I’m scouting yours. I like what your doing here. :)

    My obligatory comment on the article:)

    Lucky. That’s how most people see you when you reap the fruits of your labor. They chuck it to being lucky even though you spent months, even years, shedding blood and tears to preparing for that right moment. The moment you get “lucky.”

    Yeah, I’d prefer A. Robbins definition of luck, “..when opportunity meets preparation.. “

  2. Wow! At the start of the “fire poi” video, I didn’t recognize that it was you. Galing! :) Great video clips! Continue to inspire us with your financial advice. I’ve learned a lot from this site ever since I visited it 2 years ago (can’t remember when). More power!

  3. If you were a little smarter, you’d intererpret it as luck. How is cancer not a matter of chance? Something that is researched a lot better than the causes of people getting rich and still you don’t know whether tomorow you will wake up having it. How about car accidents, that can turn your life upside down?

    How is being born stupid or mentally retarded, or be a prodigy not luck? Being son of a billionair, how’s that not luck?

    Yes, money can be gathered, if you want it. But the knowledge to do it and the plans for your actions are way to dependent on other things. If I lived in the 80s in my “business age” I don’t think I would have touched a single stock. Now, with internet, I trade them daily.

    This issue has been touched by many thinkers throughout the history and: The only difference between rich and poor is luck. Period.

    Now, if you don’t believe in chance/luck, go and cancel your health insurance. Let’s see, how can you control your health ;)

  4. Jonvy,

    What you are trying to descibe is not luck its fate..If you are born with sickness its fate it is your destiny to be born that way..If you are born with a golden spoon..don’t you think that your parents did sacrifice alot of things to be where you are now its not luck it more of perseverance and hard work…Health insurances are important for we don’t know when we will need it in the future..It is smart if you are going to avail a healthcard now rather than dig into your savings account if you to pay for medical bills or worst borrow money from your relatives to pay for it.. just my two cents =)

  5. this is really one inspiring post fitz. thanks or sharing this.

    this is one thing that i need – luck. i’ve always compared myself with others and think that they have been gifted with luck on their side while i had to strive harder to land on my own luck but up to now, never got one. i guess i just need to keep a positive mental attitude to let luck flow through me freely and i think this one’s the hardest for me.

  6. Hi doi, if you ask me, everything actually begins with the positive mental attitude so I encourage you to really work on that. Wish you all the best!

  7. Hi Jonvy,

    I did not say that I don’t believe in luck, in fact, I do believe in it.

    But more importantly, I believe that we can create our own luck, or in other words, we can consciously change our circumstances so that good luck can come to us more often.

  8. […] That is, if you want good things to happen to you… then you have to learn to open your world, take risks, be optimistic, and have perseverance – I believe this is how you create your own good luck. […]

  9. […] That is if you want good things to happen to you… then you have to learn to open your world, take risks, be optimistic, and have perseverance – I believe this is how you create your own good luck. […]

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