Be Successful at Anything in 7 Steps

Updated: December 22, 2023

It’s easier to achieve goals when we have concrete steps that we can follow.

That’s why we have food recipes, equipment user manuals, self-help books, and many others.

Now if there’s a way to break down how to achieve success in life, what would the step-by-step list look like?

In my opinion, as based from the stories of the successful people I’ve met, here are the things they all did.

The Seven-Step Plan To Success

Step 1: Define a goal so big, it scares you.
It all starts with your vision and declaring to yourself what exactly do you want to achieve. Don’t hesitate or let self-doubt hinder you from defining where you want to be.

Begin with the end with mind – an end so far, you actually don’t know how to get there, at least not yet.

Step 2: Plan it backwards.
Starting from your goal, work your way back to where you are now. A puzzle maze is easier to solve if you start at the end, right? This is what you’re doing.

Imagine yourself in the future, and rewind your life up to the present – retrace and list down the milestones you must achieve, the pivots and tipping points that you should cross.

Step 3: Edit your present moment.
At this point, the path you must take to achieve success is clearer, and the milestones you defined now becomes your short-term and medium-term goals.

Think about your present and the things you’re currently busy with.

More often than not, you’ll discover that you spend so much time and effort on things that contribute nothing towards achieving your ultimate goal. Stop doing those things.

Step 4: Work it.
Turn the key and start your success engine. Step on the gas pedal and begin your journey. There’s no point in wasting time – because dreams have deadlines.

Don’t wait for the right moment, or the right timing, or for the right alignment of the stars. Act now, even if it’s just baby steps.

Step 5: Work it a little more.
All successful people work harder than the average person. They push their limits and go beyond their comfort zone.

If you’re not willing to exert the extra effort, then your goal may not mean much to you – and you should go back to Step 1.

Step 6: Work it until it becomes no work at all.
When your desire to achieve something is so great, the universe conspires to make it happen. So expect help to come along the way.

It may be difficult and hard at first, but with persistence, focus and dedication, you’ll see that working for your dreams becomes easier as time goes by.

Step 7: Give up your goal and look beyond the horizon.
The funny thing about success is… it’s not a destination, but a continuous journey. So when you see your original goal is already within your reach, give it up and define a new one.

Use your original goal as a launching pad towards a new goal – another goal so big, it scares you once again. Go back to Step 1 and repeat the whole process.

And that, my friend, is how you achieve AND SUSTAIN success.

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  1. Thank you very much for this very informative, inspiring and encouraging article. This is actually my first time to comment though I read almost all of your blogs, coz this really caught my attention. Why, since recently I just realized that I want to do something else from what I am doing now, though I am not so sure how to manage my time for me to do what I really want. So your article just inspire me particularly the milo ad theme song (hehe). Thanks a lot again! Have to go now so I can have more time to work for my dreams! I will read more of your blogs of course.

  2. for me when I have a goal in mind : the word is COMMITMENT! and I learn this from a book of MIKE HERNACKI. When I want to achieve something: I always ask myself if I will be WILLINGLY to do WHATEVER IT TAKES for me to get /achieve it and so far, I am and I am SUCCESS! (but still learning )

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