What’s The Secret To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur?

Updated: July 9, 2020

One day, a friend asked me what’s the secret to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

“Honestly, I don’t know,” was my initial reply.

I don’t consider myself an expert on entrepreneurship and I don’t even have a degree on Business. That’s why I didn’t have a concrete answer to his question.

However, after some careful thought, I said that I’d be willing to share with him the most important things I learned through the years as an entrepreneur — hoping that maybe, he’d get something valuable from them.

And these are what I’m sharing with you today, and I’m likewise hoping that you would be able to find value in them.

These are not sage advice but simply off-the-top-of-my-head lessons which has helped me reach where I am now. And so here they are… my seven “secrets” to becoming a successful entrepreneur.


Realize that you are the one who is truly in control of your life

When you want to achieve something, then it’s only you who can make it happen. Stop blaming other people, stop waiting for things to change – when you want to reach your goal, then you need to act and take the first step.

Learn to be decisive and always follow through with action

There will be many forks on the road to success. When faced with a crossroad, choose the path which you believe is the best for you and start walking. Don’t look back and waste time on “what-ifs”.

Believe and trust in yourself

There will be people who will put you down, who will love to see you fail. Don’t let them get to you. Throw away self-doubt. Have faith in who you are and what you can do.

Always focus on the task at hand

Life is full of distractions. Don’t let temptations and obstacles veer you away from your path to success. Keep your momentum running and direct your vision straight ahead.

Never stop learning

Knowledge and information is power. Continuous education is key to discovering new opportunities. Believe that there’s always something new to learn every day.


Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Failure is part of success. It happens to everyone and you shouldn’t fear it. Instead, take each one as an opportunity to learn and become better.

Take others with you

Work with people who will provide the strength for your weaknesses. Learn to trust and delegate. Duplicate yourself in others so you can grow your business beyond yourself. Remember that success is a TEAM sport and “Together, Everyone Achieves More”.

How about you? What do you think are the secrets to becoming a successful entrepreneur? Share them below as a comment.

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  1. Thanks for this shared entrepreneurial spirit. Basically this should be apply if you want to become a successful entrepreneur. This is also my basis when it comes to pursuing my online venture.

    Rosendo Cuyasen from Eyewebmaster

  2. As always, you never fail to ‘hit the mark’, sir.

    It’s always a learning experience every time I read your posts.


  3. Take others with you… – This is a new concept to me. I always thought business is about competition. Nice perspective. Thank you ;)

  4. Very informative post Bro… but I got a question about the last tip “Take others with you” What if you already done that but the people or person does not want to follow…do I need to pinch their ears and force them to follow or what? hahah just wondering =D

  5. Hi CT. If that happens, you have two options – either force them to follow and hopefully, they’ll have a change of heart and fully support you; OR find other people who are willing to take the risk and join you on your venture. More often than not, I take the second option. :D

  6. Hi there,

    I just have something to share…

    Entrepreneurship is a skill, the more you do it, the more you learn. Behind the learning are some hard mistakes, and most often than not its so deep. That some dont recover.

    For those who have, they’re on their next level of entreprenuership.

    And its an ongoing process.The more you learn, the more confident you are and the bigger the deal and the higher the chance, winning the deal.

    A writer once quoted, spend at least 10,000 on a certain skills, you’ll be expert on such field or skill.Thats about 5 years if you dedicate at least 8 hours a day.

    Have a great day to everyone…

  7. Fitz, you did it again man, another article that belongs in the treasure chest of golden advise!!! I would add that while single people are free to “chart their own course” those contemplating marriage must be aligned with a like-minded person. All to often, I have seen a husband or a wife “hell-bent”on destroying what the other half is trying to accomplish. Sometimes well intention-ed in that one partner just wants a stable life and cares not about the big reward down the road. Sometimes greed sets in and one partner wants it NOW and will not stand with the entrepreneur half of the relationship.

    I will say candidly that my first wife and I were 100% supportive of each other until she was called home. Now that I am happily in my second marriage, God has again blessed me with a Bride that, if anything, is more of an entrepreneur-businessperson that I ever was. One of my great joys in semi-retirement it to watch my Wife bring a new project to fruition.

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