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I Invested in Banco De Oro’s Easy Investment Plan (EIP)

Updated: May 12, 2017 | In Focus, Investing | 115 Comments

I’ve been assessing my investments recently. And saw that some low-risk investments which I placed several years ago have already grown significantly over the past few years. Consequently, I thought that perhaps, it’s time to rebalance my portfolio and diversify more. Incidentally, I’ve been studying the performance of BDO’s Unit Investment Trust Funds for several […]

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BDO: Unit Investment Trust Fund Product Catalogue

Published: March 30, 2010 | In Focus, Income Opps, Investing | 48 Comments

I was sorting through my letters last week when I noticed a Unit Investment Trust Fund product catalogue from BDO among them. I remember asking a BDO trust and investment officer for their UITF brochure a couple of months ago and I’m glad she was able to furnish me a copy of this through mail. […]

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