BDO: Unit Investment Trust Fund Product Catalogue

Updated: March 30, 2010

I was sorting through my letters last week when I noticed a Unit Investment Trust Fund product catalogue from BDO among them.

I remember asking a BDO trust and investment officer for their UITF brochure a couple of months ago and I’m glad she was able to furnish me a copy of this through mail.

We find ways” – that’s the BDO slogan. But how many exact ways do they have when it comes to investment and trust funds. Here are the various products that they offer.

I’ve grouped them into three types: conservative, moderate and aggressive. If you’re thinking of investing with BDO UITFs, it helps to already know exactly what they offer and have an idea which one you’d like.

This will greatly save you time in the bank because the investment officer can skip explaining the general details of their UITF products and can immediately start discussing more in-depth information about the products you’re interested in.


Suitable for risk-averse investors who are looking for safe and liquid investments with yields relatively higher than those of savings and time deposit accounts. In order to minimize risks and maximize earning potential, participants are recommended to stay invested in the fund for at least six (6) months.

BDO Peso Money Market Fund and BDO Dollar Money Market Fund
These Funds aim for capital preservation, income generation and liquidity from low-risk investments with a portfolio weighted average life of not more than one (1) year. They provides the highest liquidity and safety for your money.


Suitable for risk-tolerant investors who are looking for higher yields and are willing to take the attendant risks due to the medium term nature of the fund’s investments. In order to minimize risks and maximize earning potential, participants are recommended to stay invested in the fund for at least three (3) years.

BDO Peso Bond Fund and BDO Dollar Bond Fund
These Funds aim for capital appreciation over the medium term by investing its assets in higher yielding bonds and other similar fixed income securities with a portfolio weighted average life of more than one (1) year.

The Fund aims for capital preservation and income generation from investments in a diversified portfolio consisting basically of prudently selected government securities that can provide higher yields.

BDO Peso Fixed Income Fund
The Fund aims to provide a high level of income with preservation of principal and maintenance of liquidity by investing in a combination of short-term and long-term fixed-income securities.

EPCIB US Dollar Fund
The Fund aims to achieve long-term growth by diversifying into prudently selected foreign currency-denominated sovereign and corporate bonds with a portfolio weighted average life of more than one (1) year.


Suitable for risk-taking investors who are aware of the opportunity for high yields that stock market investments may provide but are also knowledgeable of the possibility of capital losses that such investments may entail. In order to minimize risks and maximize earning potential, participants are recommended to stay invested in the fund for more than three (3) years.

BDO Peso Balanced Fund
The Fund aims to achieve capital appreciation over the medium-term by investing primarily in equities and to some extent in fixed-income securities, the allocation of which shall be determined by the Trustee depending on market conditions.

BDO Equity Fund
The Fund aims to provide a professionally managed portfolio seeking primarily capital growth over the medium to long-term by investing in a selection of exchange-listed equities.

That’s it. I hope I was able to give you some helpful information about the BDO Investment and Trust products. If you’re interested in any of the investment funds above, then please visit any Banco De Oro branch near you.

Lastly, I would like to clarify that I am not connected to BDO and this post is not sponsored by them. This article is part of In Focus wherein I try give specific information about products, people and businesses that my readers might find interesting and useful.

Also, just in case you’re with BPI, here’s a list of the BPI Investment Funds.

Furthermore, if you’re new to investing then I hope you take time to read my series of posts on how to start investing for beginners.

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  1. Hi Fitz,
    I was hoping you could also give us an idea on around how much is the minimum cash out for each type of investment.

  2. I could relate to this article..From September 2009 to February 2010, I have invested a total of Php 50,000.00 in BDO’s Equity Fund. I have a total of 310.9092 units. As of today the Equity Fund’s NAVPU is 185.6651, meaning the value of my investment is now Php 57,725.17!

    I am a subscriber of this blog and it helps me a lot in learning how to properly save and invest my money.


  3. @Celine
    The minimum investment varies with each product but in general, it’s P100,000 for the conservative investments and as little as P10,000 for the aggressive ones. For the dollar investments, it’s $2,000.

  4. I’m glad I read this post. I still remember back in 2006 when I first started investing with BDO’s UITF. It was a defining moment for me as I quit my work with a FMCG company and ventured into the financial industry and has since made a career out of it.

    Keep it up! People do benefit from blog such as yours!

  5. Thanks for sharing this Focus Article about BDO UITF! Php50,000 to Php57,725.17 equates to 15.45% gain in 5 months! Good for you Pinoy Wealth Builders. More power to you and to Sir Fitz!

  6. @celine
    Minimum investment for the BDO Equity Fund (the one I invested in) is only P10,000.00. You can visit any BDO branch nearest to you. If you’re interested to invest, they will have you answer a questionnaire to determine what type of product best suits your appetite for risk.

  7. Hi Fitz, thank you for the informative article. If you don’t mind, which BDO branch did you go to? I don’t see this brochure in my BDO branch in Pque.

  8. @silent_investor – I went to the BDO branch in Las Pinas. Yes, it’s not readily available in their branch. I had to request for a copy of this from them. Perhaps they’re readily available in their main branch in Makati. 😀

  9. Thanks Fitz! I was able to get one in their branch at the Makati head office. I placed a small amount already in their peso fixed income fund. I was told the monthly performance can be found on their website. It’s kinda hard to find but I was able to dig through and see the monthly performances. I think a monthly monitoring is ok for this right? Thanks again for your insights! Great blog!

  10. @silent-investor – yes, a monthly monitoring is okay, although I do mine weekly. But more important is to have an “exit strategy” on the investment… which means answering the question, “when am I going to liquidate this investment?”

    Know your investment objectives and consequently decide at what price are you going to redeem your units. 🙂

    Congratulations by the way for being an investor!

  11. Hi Fitz, thanks for the reminder! Looking at the 2009 performance of the Fixed Income Fund, it gave a 6.9% return. I think my exit would be a 10% return hopefully within two years.

  12. Hi Sir Fitz,

    I really find all of your articles helpful, i’m now in the process of determining which type of investment should i venture. and i’m really studying how it works and everything about it. My time deposit in BDO will mature by this month and i’m planning to invest it in their Equity Fund. Thanks so much! 🙂

  13. HI,

  14. hi Fitz!
    i really find your insights very helpful.
    i have a question though,
    will i be able to avail of the BDO Dollar Bond Fund
    even if i am out of the country?
    if so, how?
    you seem to know how to handle your finances pretty well.
    if you were in my shoes,
    will you invest say, $5,000 in their Dollar Bond Fund?
    or will you invest it some place else.
    kindly enlighten me please…

  15. I suggest you ask BDO regarding your concern. As far as I know, yes you can.

    With regards to the $5,000 – it depends on your total assets and your investment goals. So I can’t really say if investing in the Dollar Bond Fund would be your best option.

    The good news is that, you can just go to the Wealth Management officer of BDO and asked to be evaluated. After the interview, you will be given recommendations as to the best products would suit you best.

    This is not limited to BDO – all commercial banks offer this service. So go ahead and ask other banks too.

  16. Sir Fitz,
    I am planning to invest on UITF, my concern is will i be able to receive a monthly statement of account on the status of my investment?

  17. @M.G.B. – that actually depends on what bank you’re planning to invest on. Just ask the manager or officer about your question, but in most cases, the reports are quarterly, not monthly.

  18. Hi Fitz,

    I invested P400k last Nov. 2007 at the BDO Peso Balanced Fund. It steadily declined as time passed and it is only now that I am starting to see satisfactory results. The NAV at that time was 2,470.47, and as of Sept. 13, 2010, the NAV of the Peso Balanced Fund is already 2,610.84. This means I already earned a little over P22K.

    My question is, how do you see the trend for the BDO Peso Balanced Fund? Do you think this will steadily increase in the months to come, or should I already pull out my investment while I am still at a gain?

    Your insights and advice will be greatly appreciated.

    More power and kind regards!

  19. hi sir fitz.. please let me thank you for sharing inspiring articles and insights on how our financial world works around. lots of information here, i can already consider them as treasures ^_^ .. every piece is definitely useful in establishing a better standard of living and eventually lead to having a healthy lifestyle (financially healthy i’ll say). i’ll recommend this site to others so they can be aware that they can actually start doing something immediately to fulfill their plans in the future.. i would like to ask for your advice about my current situation and my goals. assuming i have already secured my finances for 3 months (including an emergency fund), and i can spare an amount for paper investments or starting a business like a franchise. im busy working in a bank whole day all weekdays. i have someone i can entrust the business to, while i know i can frequently monitor things here in the internet when it comes to investments. i was wondering if which would be the better option for starters like me? i think my stomach can tolerate risk for at least 3-4 years and i won’t desperately need the money in the same span.. please share your thoughts on this one, and anyone is welcome to. thank you very much

  20. Hi guys,

    Just happen to stumble upon this website. I must say you’ve got quite interesting stuff here.

    Just a tip for all those who are itching to find out how their funds are performing. I recommend you check out to get daily updated prices and graphs of the funds. You just need to type the name of the fund on the search bar or you can use the bloomberg code of your fund.

    ex: BDO Peso Bond Fund
    bloomberg code is – BDOPBF:PM

    *Note that “PM” stands for Philippines.

    Hope this helps!


  21. Very lucky to have visited this site. I usually do not post comments but this site satisfies my curiosities. I think I’ll also start investing even if I only have a little to invest (I’ll start at 10K).

    Thank you and more power to you Sir Fitz and to all the investors in here! 🙂

  22. This kind of investment sounds good, i’m not into business i was just curious about it when i watched it on cnn.. does BDO still offer this? what branch? tnx..

  23. Thanks for this information.

    It has cleared some thoughts of me about investing in uitf.

    Keep doing this good blog, I know you can help some others too.

  24. I noticed that the NAVPU of BDO balanced fund is >3k while the NAVPU for the fixed income fund is approx 1700 while equity fund is approx 350. Did I make the right decision of splitting my investments to fixed income and equity instead of balanced fund alone? I also made sure that the 75/25 ratio of balanced fund is conserved for the equity and fixed income, respectively.

    Thank you 🙂

  25. if i invest in mutual fund equity for 10k cash out, how much would be my monthly remit? or it depends the term? how many years is the short/long term?

  26. Hi Mr. Fitz, I’m happy to have read about your article. My friend have told me about this equity fund investment and I got very interested. I got interested the more when I learned that you actually answer the questions of the new investors. I’ll be one of them soon and hope to hear from you, too.

  27. hi fitz isa ako ofw gusto ko sanang mag invest sa mutual funds sa equity. ang problema di ko alam kung paano mag invest kasi and2 ako sa abroad meron ako nakuha na application form na internet ko nakuha.. gus2 ko sana mag karoon ng account number sa funds kung meron at dun ko nalang sana ipapadala.papaano ang mas mabuti kung gawin. thanks and more power to you.

  28. hi I am so lucky to visit this website and read your conversation. I am 23 y/old turning 24 this july.. I dont know if I am too old or too young to start this kind of INVESTMENT TRUST FUND.I dont even have any background about financial investment since I am a graduate of nursing but I HOPE it will not stop me in becoming rich..
    .. FITS i have a time deposit worth P100 K.. HOW CAN I START this type of investment, I am a conservatve type which means i wanna go for a LOW RISK at the same time earning money..

  29. After mass,one of my friend discuss to me about the mutual funds…shes interested and it also give me the reason to think about it…can you please elaborate this mutual funds to me…i have savings in BDO…and i think its better to invest in this funds…hope you can give me some information…

  30. Hi Fitz,
    Just wondering if BDO equity fund available for US investor? How can I open an account with BDO so I can buy this funds. Thank you just stumble upon this site.


  31. hi fitz, i have BDO Peso Balanced Fund and last month is the first time ive seen it go negative! 🙁 should i be worried? should i take it out already? i would really appreciate your advice. thanks a lot!

  32. May I know if it’s a one-time investment or you can do it monthly? Also, does anyone know how much is the minimum initial investment amount and minimum monthly investment amount, if any? I’m interested in BPI, but if anyone knows of BDO, I will surely appreciate. Thanks.

  33. @wndL

    You can do it as a one-time investment, or as a monthly investment aka Easy Investment Plan (EIP) scheme. The minimum for one-time is P10k. For the EIP, the minimum is P1k per month, with at least 10 months duration.

  34. Sir Fitz,

    What if I initially invest in a BDO branch in Alabang, then after sometime, I wanted to put additional amount on my investment, can I have it transacted in any other BDO branches?

    Thank you…

  35. Hi sir.

    I applied for an EIP 10 months ago but I’m not so sure how I’m going to redeem any of it since BDO didnt issue me any stock cert or any signed document. They would just deduct my monthly investment on my savings account. How would I know my investment status given at this given circumstance? thank you in advance for your reply. 🙂

  36. Hi All,
    Im just in BDO UITF.. Im little bit confused on The NAVPU that being use in the time of redemption. they said the the cut off time is before 12:00 nn every day.

    if i redeemed my investment today 11: 00 am (Jan 24 ,2015 ) .
    which NAVPU will be used, is it the NAVPU published on January 23 2015 7:00 PM or the NAVPU that we will be published on Jan 24.2015 7:00 PM?

    Thank you looking forward for your inputs.. 🙂

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