1. Hi, if I already invest in the stock market for my retirement, should I still invest in PERA? What could be the advantage of PERA aside from the exemption in taxes over stock market investment? Thanks! 🙂

  2. I’ve already maxed out the P100,000 limit for an individual account this year, which I made through BPI. So, my next opportunity to add to my PERA account is when the new year comes, and I plan to invest through BDO this time.

    Can you invest in both your BPI and BDO Pera accounts next year, with P100,000 limit each? Or does the P100,000 apply to all accounts.

  3. @Daddy’s Girl
    I recommend it as a way to diversify your portfolio, not just PERA, but investing directly in mutual funds also.

    No, you can’t. The P100k annual limit is a cumulative sum of all accounts.

  4. Hi po. How does the tax credit works? I have an employer so how can I enjoy the tax credit if I made a contribution for the year?

  5. Same question on the tax credit. I just started last September and plan to max out the P100K allowed contribution.

  6. Hi Fitz,

    What made you choose BDO over BPI to administer your PERA funds?

    Are PERA funds transferable from bank to bank (BPI to BDO, BDO to BPI)?


  7. Hi Fitz,

    I have a few questions.

    1. Why move from BPI PERA to BDO PERA? Was it just for the ability to invest online? If so, would you recommend BDO PERA over BPI PERA if you don’t have a Savings account in BDO?

    2. Is PERA transferable from bank to bank? (BDO to BPI, BPI to BDO)


  8. @Weng and Vicky
    Go to your respective BIR RDO and ask them for the process on how you can get the tax credit with your employer. You can also ask your HR, in case they know how, but currently… most HR are still not aware of PERA. So it’s better to be proactive on this with the BIR.

    I have PERA funds in BPI. Next year, I’m putting additional funds, this time with BDO, simply for diversification. PERA funds are not transferrable.

    Invest where you already have an account. Or where it is most convenient for you. No one is better between the two.

    I have funds in both because I have savings accounts in both, and both branches are near my place of work. My primary reason for having both is to have my money spread out in different places.

  9. Hi Fitz, seems that BPI is not really keen on getting more people to invest in PERA. they only offer that every Thursdays only in the main head office. And i have been passed to different people and there’s just one person in the BPI main branch who is authorized to transact for PERA. Is it really this difficult?

  10. @gladys
    Yes it is currently that difficult, unfortunately — both in BPI and BDO. Because it’s not a priority for the bank to get investors in PERA, they only assign a limited number of authorized personnel. I was fortunate that one of them was at the branch near me during the time when I inquired and opened a PERA account early this year.

  11. Previously with PERA in BPI but its so inconvenient to invest there. Is it ok if I have PERA fund in 2 banks?

  12. How do they calculate the fees they charge for each contribution? I just opened a PERA account with BDO and placed an initial 1000 pesos contribution. I found out in my account an additional 250 pesos deduction over and above the 1k I placed. Is this correct? What woul be the fees then if I place my reserve 100k as additional contribution? Kindly enligjten me about this as you have already placed your 100k contribution.

  13. @Joseph Velasco
    The P250 is the admin fee, and it’s fixed. If you invest P100k, then you’ll be charged the same amount of P250.

    PERA is recommended for one big amount / lump sum investing because of this. As this is the same policy that BPI has.

  14. @ Teodoro Ela

    why is it so incovenient un BPI to invest? i am still having a hard time investing in PERA.

    Could you help me please? Which branch should i go?


  15. good morning Sir…pwede po ba magtanong?

    i plan to invest po sa PERA with BDO and maximize my investment to 100K/yr. im about the submit my answers sa risk assessment questionare kaya lng natigilan ako bigla. i cannot decide po if ill go aggressive… ang nasa isip ko lng po get high returns also alam ko din po risk…

    im 37 yo,
    Would you recommend po na mag aggressive po ako sa investment ko with PERA kung age pagbabasehan…given my finances is doing OK. in 20 years kaya ko ba makarecover kahit papano kung along the way magkaron ng malaking dip sa market?

    please help.

  16. @Fitz

    1. Is the admin fee of P250 a fixed amount per transaction or they will deduct it per month/year?

    2. I can invest in PERA as much as 100K per year regardless if I do it monthly (until I reach up to 100K), quarterly (until I reach up to 100K) or annually. Did I understand it correctly?


  17. @Rhia

    1. It’s a one-time fee per transaction.

    2. Yes, your understanding is correct. But there’s no need to do it at a fixed interval. For example, you can invest 20K in January. Then another 30K in April. Then another 50K in September. After that, you can’t invest anymore because you’ve invested a total of 100K already within the year.

  18. pede po pa-update ano na po lahat ng fees na babayaran sa bdo pera equity index fund including yung mga one time and annual fees na babayaran? Baka kasi mas maganda pa rin ang FMETF kasi mababa lang ang fees.

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