Reader Mail #1: Business Advise, Blogging and Extra Income

Updated: September 1, 2008

Once in a while, I’d get an email from a visitor of this blog asking me for advise regarding money, business and income opportunities. I’m not a trained financial manager but I do try to respond with the best of my knowledge and I’m glad that most of them found my answers helpful.

Furthermore, I’ve also noticed that some of them would have similar and related inquiries. Personally, I take this as a sign that other people are probably asking themselves the same questions and most likely trying to also find answers on the internet.

Because of this, I’m now starting a new category in this blog specifically dedicated to answering some of the interesting questions I’ve received through email. I hope that this can help those who’s been looking for assistance regarding their personal finance and business problems.

Moreover, I’m hoping that my other readers (that’s you πŸ™‚ ) can also share their thoughts and give their own advise regarding these concerns. Let’s now take a look at some of the emails I got from my inbox. Names have been excluded and most of these emails have been edited for brevity. Thank you.

From Ms. R:

after graduation, i really intend to start a company that organizes events like weddings. i know i have to start from the scratch and i really dont have any background about it (not to mention that my field- legal profession is not about these stuffs) but i really want to learn everything about events organizing. do you have any idea how to start this business?

i really admire your site. it really inspired me to pursue the things that i love doing such as writing and photography even though my academic path right now is somewhere else. I also do writing jobs for online pumper sites while studying. just continue inspiring people. godbless.

Hi. If you want to put up an events planning business, you can start by attending seminars. Check out the September 2008 schedule of Negoskwela and look for Social Events Planning.

Furthermore, it would help if you could talk to someone who is into this business so you’ll learn the “tricks of the trade”. Thanks for taking the time to write. All the best in your chosen endeavors. God bless.

From Ms. C1:

Hi Fitz, just wandering, why I have all these skills but I am poor? I have this attitude to help people rich or poor, which makes me forget that I need help also? Can you share anything you know about raising funds, coz I have this Livelihood Program in the Community but financially I am broke. I am into Cooking and Baking, I need an idea how to seek help and support from people who cares to help the less fortunate ones. Thank you so much Fitz.

Hi. Maybe you could write a business plan and seek investors so you can raise some capital for the business. In general, politicians are generous when it comes to solicitations of this nature (livelihood programs). Also, you may try to seek the help of banks for loans.

Do remember that there is really no easy and fast solution. I admire your cause to help others but you also have to take care of yourself financially. Maybe you are giving too much and not leaving enough for yourself. Try to save up and earn some extra income.

Cooking and baking are very profitable skills. Why not sell some of your pastries to local coffee shops and restaurants. Additionally, you can market your best dishes to friends and colleagues. I know someone who makes really good carbonara, she marketed her recipe to others and made samples, after some time, people started ordering her pasta for their office parties and other small gatherings. These are very low capital endeavors which you can do to start. I hope somehow I was able to help you. More power and God bless.

From Mr. J:

Hey Fitz, I like your money saving tips and I would like to know more about making money in just being a blogger. I don’t know about this kind of stuff……….I am just a neophyte in this kind of business. I hope you would teach me a lot. I hope that you could be my mentor in how to be sucessful financially. More power and God bless!

Making money from blogging is a long term goal. I actually started earning only after around 3 months of writing. It’s also advisable that you have convenient access to the internet. Are you really up to it? If so, here’s what I can advise.

Think of what kind of blog you want to build. There are lots of types but there are basically two main classifications, which are the SEO Flagship or Big Blog Route and the Get Paid to Blog Route. The first one primarily earns from contextual and private advertising while the latter earns from sponsored reviews.

Once you’ve decided what kind of blog you want to build, including what niche you want to concentrate in – sports, business, love, showbiz, etc. – then it’s time for you to create a blog. The easiest way is to make one in Blogger and buy a domain that you want.

Once you have a blog setup. Meaning you have a domain name (.com, .net, etc), a webhost (free or paid), and a working webpage. You can now start blogging. Write your content. At least 3x a week, better if one or more posts a day for the next 3 months. After that, you can relax a bit and post less frequently. The point here is to give a visitor articles to read. If you start promoting and you only have a few posts, chances are they’ll immediately leave.

Furthermore, please be informed that I’m not a real authority in blogging. I recommend that you read other blogs who talk about making money online in greater detail. I’ve mentioned some of these blogs in my Google Adsense story. I hope you read that one.

My last advise, avoid information overload and concentrate more on your content. Good luck!


From Mrs. C:

hi. im a 28 yr old working mom who is now pregnant with my 2nd child living in the visayas. i just want to express my appreciation for your effort in paying it forward by having this journal. it gave me alot of ideas on how to manage my family’s finances, esp your budget table. i have also shared your writtings on paying urself first to my husband.

but what really touched me, is the effect of your journal to me. it gave me hope, especially now with our bad economy and meager salaries. i hope you will write some more and be guided by the One above to help us achieve that financial security we seek. thank you again and God bless you.

Hi. Thanks for your very kind words. Emails such as yours inspire me to write more and better posts in my journal. Good luck and God bless.

From Ms. L:

First off, thanks so much for the info on your blog. Your articles are very informative. You write really well, and your style is direct, concise and not patronising. Anyway, I’m writing because – if it’s not too much bothersome for you – I’d like to make some inquiries. I actually chanced upon your blog while searching for information about selling stuff online (via sites such as etsy and ebay). I read your article on it, and I was wondering if you have any more information on shipping options for sending orders abroad. I’ve tried our postal service a few times and almost all the stuff I sent didn’t make it to the supposed recipient. Courier on the other hand, is very expensive, even for international buyers. So if you could suggest other options I’d be very much obliged to you (or perhaps this would be a good topic for one of your articles!).

Hi. It all depends on what you are trying to ship. Unfortunately, postal services can be quite unreliable. What I usually use for national deliveries is Air21, and DHL for international deliveries. It’s not that expensive in my experience, (I ship books often). Foreign buyers do understand that it’s more reliable, plus, you get to double check on the courier if your package did arrive. Don’t worry, I’ll try to look more into this and give you more options, perhaps as another article in the near future as you suggested. πŸ˜€ Thanks for taking the time to write me.

From Ms. C2:

fitz, gud pm. just wanted to ask if you are familiar with Home Profits Dot Biz? i really am badly in need of extra money aside from my monthly salary. my kids are growing up fast and the salaries of my spouse and i are really beginning to be short. does this online job of feeling up email adds for this site true? it takes 49.99$ or 2,200 + pesos to register. i can not afford to loose that big amount of money. i hope you could help me. you seem to be a very well verse on the net and you seem to be a nice guy too. please help me decide. Thank you so much. ill wait for your reply. God bless you.

Hi. I’d be cautious of that website. I’d advise you not to join. I tried to search online for any reviews of this website and the only ones I’ve found are people complaining that they didn’t get paid anything when they joined. Lastly, whenever you’re planning to join any type of income opportunity, it’s always best that you get feedback from someone who did get paid.

From Mr. D:

Hi. A friend of mine recommended your site to me and I’m glad he did. Thank you for all the wonderful articles in your blog. Anyway, I’m writing you because an officemate of mine is inviting me to join the Fern-C network and I don’t know if I should. What can you say about the company? Do you think it’s okay for me to join Fern-C?

I’m glad you like my site. I do hope that you continue to visit and read my articles here. To answer your question, I believe that Fern-C is a direct selling company. It would help if you could read my post on how to earn from direct selling because it will guide you in choosing the right network to join.

The good news for you now is that, I can attest that people have earned good money from Fern-C. A family friend actually does this for extra income. The question really is how prepared are you to go into this business? Assess your own resources and capabilities and hopefully, you’ll come into the right decision. Thanks and good luck!

This concludes the first edition of Reader Mail. Keep yourself up to date with the latest posts here by subscribing to Ready To Be Rich.

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  1. hmmmmmmmm, many people nowadays are now trying their luck to make money online (i’m one of them, hehe), and they need some guide or path to make their goal turned into success. and i think, you, fitz could help a lot for them. me, myself had learned a lot from your blog most especially in money saving tips. i know that you can make their requests turn into real. πŸ˜‰

    good luck fitz. πŸ™‚

  2. It is great to know that your readership is increasing. Making money online is not an easy task. But I may say that it is a challenging task Specially on the SEO Part where we earn from clicks.

    Nice response to your readers question

    Happy Blogging Fitz

  3. Nakakatakot lang talaga minsan sumagot kasi some of them have really serious financial problems and they want me to solve it for them. Nakaka-pressure, baka makapagbigay ako ng wrong advise at ako ang i-blame nila. Wah!

    Anyway, I guess these emails are expected specially that I’m blogging about money, which concerns almost everyone out there. I just hope they’ll be forgiving when I answer them that I don’t have a straight answer for their concerns.

    Thanks Gusher and Dexter for the comments. πŸ˜€

  4. Its been a while since i visited your blog fitz, everyday your blog transformation is inevitable! I hope that i could accomplish also your achievements for far…

    It take me a lot of time reading this whole post. hahaha your great pal hope that you could write wonderfully as you do. I got comments that mostly of my post is not grammatically correct, πŸ™ am trying to improve my writing skills hope it will sharpens as time passes by.

  5. Hi juler. Blogging is really a great way to improve your English. Thanks for the wonderful compliment. God bless. πŸ™‚

  6. Good day fitz

    I m very curious about to their website if you sign-up,start a discussion and give comments you will receive paychecks just like any other blogsite.

    Do you recommend or advice to a newbie commentator/online writer like me to create an account with mylot?You know im interested to write a topic to discuss and of course to make an extra income na rin.

    I believe that i have a niche in this field,siyempre i want to develop na rin my writing skills.Para ma experience ko na din yung office work from home and receiving my first paycheck through courier at maymaipagmalaki ako na talagang pinagpawisan ko ng husto.

    Thank you morepower and GODBLESS!

  7. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  8. I wish getting over a broken heart can be so easy as following a few steps.. but its not? πŸ™

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