September 2008 Business Training and Livelihood Seminars

Updated: September 22, 2014

This month of September 2008, we focus on entrepreneur mindsetting, business and livelihood trainings. I hope that you can find time to attend these seminars so you can acquire the proper skills to start your own business.

These opportunities are mostly held in Metro Manila, but it’s possible that some of these organizations have events set in your locality. Please contact the sponsors for possible schedules in your province.

The details of these seminars and trainings are correct at the time of posting. However, I advise that you confirm with the organizers for updates and possible changes in the schedule and venue. Lastly, this website is not connected to any of these events. Kindly get in touch directly with the organizers for any further inquiries. Thank you.

Department of Science and Technology – Industrial Technology Development Institute (DOST-ITDI)

Energy Audit: An Effective Energy Management Tool For The SME’s
Know-how on effective energy management implementation through energy monitoring and target setting. This includes energy practices for systems and processes to develop an energy management plan
Date: September 10 – 11
Training Fee: P 3,200.00

Virgin Coconut Oil Production by Dry Process
Knowledge and skills in the processing of virgin coconut oil using the dry process
Date: September 25 – 27
Training Fee: P 2,900.00

Specialty Soap
Step by step processing of herbal bath soap, medicated soap, liquid bath soap and pet soap
Date: September 27 – 28
Training Fee: P 2,000.00

For more information, contact:
Rural Technology and Information Division, Industrial Technology Development Studies, DOST Compound, Bicutan, Taguig City
Telephone: (02) 837-2071 to – 82 local 2270 / 2269 / 2265

Negoskela September 2008

Negoskwela gives you a variety of courses for business and livelihood training this September 2008. Some of them are duck raising and duck egg production, basic beadworks, social events planning, bag making without sewing and how to put up a rice in a box business. You can also learn more on how to organize and participate in tiangge, bazaar and trade fair events. They also offer comprehensive all in one courses in food catering, meat processing, party planning business, native kakanin food business and many more.

A complete list of these courses is available for download here:
Negoskwela September 2008

Technology Livelihood Resource Center (TLRC) September 2008

Learn these livelihood skills, businesses and many more this month:

  • Tilapia Culture – grow out pond culture, tilapia fingerling production, hatchery and nursery system management, etc.
  • Layer Production (Table Egg) – layer breed, production management, housing, nutrition, feeds and feeding management and production economics
  • Setting Up a Junk Shop Business – trends and prospects of junk shop business, solid wastes and recyclable wastes for junk shop, costing, buying and selling techniques, investment and manpower requirements and many more
  • How To Operate and Manage A Money Changing Business – business permit requirements, tools and equipment, foreign currency identification, capitalization, profitability analysis, etc.
  • Swine Production – piggery business setup, general management for piglets and fatteners, health management and others
  • Sorbetes or Ice Cream Commercial Production – basic technology of production, material and equipment requirements, product formulation and costing
  • Accounting and Record Keeping For Small Businesses – bookkeeping, reporting and analysis of transaction results for small business operators and owners
  • Hilot (Philippine Traditional Massage) – health and healing concept, hilot routine, massage training, business opportunities
  • Basic Digital Photography – lecture and workshop, includes seminars on fundamentals or digital photography, photo shooting techniques and many more
  • Perfumes and Colognes – how to start a perfume business, formulations, blending of essential oils, types of perfumes and colognes, product requirements, materials specifications, cost and return analysis, includes hands-on training

Complete details and additional courses are available at the TLRC website.

Developing a Millionaire’s Mindset

Multi-millionaires share many common characteristics and follow many similar principles. This seminar will teach you what attitudes and thinking you need to develop to become financially prosperous. And just as important, you will learn how to use your wealth for a higher purpose. Learn how you can follow your dreams and live your passion by registering in this half-day seminar on September 30 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati City. This event is sponsored by Learning Curve, Inc. Please refer to official website for more details on what to expect and how you can take part of this event.

For more information on these and other institutions that offer business trainings and livelihood seminars, please consult this business directory.

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  1. Please advise me of your schedule of seminar on ice cream commercial production. if possible provide me other schedules for the month of September 2008.

  2. Hi Louie. The ice cream commercial production seminar will be on Sept 9 and 10, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. The fee is P3,509. Please refer to the link provided for the TLRC website for more details about this. Thanks.

  3. Hi. I am interested in bag making and designing. Do you have any scheduled training for this. I want to venture into this kind of business.

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