How The Law of Attraction Helped Me Make Money In Google Adsense

Updated: September 22, 2014

One of the best ways to make money nowadays is to become a blogger. I discovered this great opportunity last November 2007 and I must say, it’s been very fruitful. It has become a reliable source of income and more importantly, it provided a productive avenue for my passion in writing.

There are so many ways to make money online. As a newbie, I was immediately bombarded with so much information and trying to learn all of them gave me countless sleepless nights. Eventually, it has become unhealthy for me and that’s when I realized that if I wanted to succeed in this endeavor, I need to focus on one income stream at a time.

I decided to concentrate my efforts first on improving my Google Adsense income. So I scoured the internet for resources and read numerous articles about it during my free time. Along the process, I discovered the single winning formula for Adsense success: Get traffic and optimize ads.

Search engine and contextual advertisement optimization is a very extensive topic. There are so many bloggers who write about them and if you don’t know where to start, I recommend that you first learn the lessons of Darren, Maki and Joel. These three people have been my most influential resources when it comes to blogging. Dig up their blog archives and you’ll find countless gems of information that will help you become a successful blogger.

What I can teach you today, however, is something that has successfully helped me in making money, not just online but in real life as well. It’s such a simple concept and I’m sure you know what it is already. Yes, it’s the Law of Attraction.

I will now tell you my Adsense story and teach you how the Law of Attraction helped me improve my Google Adsense earnings. Let us start by taking a peek at my computer wallpaper.


This is the upper right corner of my desktop. At the top, it says, “Let’s feel good today…” If I were to summarize what the law of attraction is all about, it would simply be learning how to feel good. Yes, if you want good things to come into your life, you only need to feel good about yourself.

That’s why I created this vision board on my laptop. I put several 125 x 125 boxes and filled it with photos and statements that makes me feel good. As you can see, I have pictures of a lovely coffee shop near my place and a photo of me and my friends playing poi at the beach last summer. Both scenes remind and give me feel good memories.

Beside them are statements which I want to attract – currently, I’m aspiring to earn $10 a day from Google Adsense and raise my net worth to P500,000 – among other personal aspirations. You’d probably notice that they’re written in the present tense. These things have not yet happened but stating them as if they already did makes me feel good. And you already know what happens if you feel good, the law of attraction will call out to the universe and make it come true. πŸ˜€

I cannot tell you a scientific explanation why this works, it simply does. Perhaps the only acceptable reason why it’s effective is that when we feel good, we become more eager to learn and work. When we think positively, we become more creative and motivated to succeed. What do you think?

And so that’s how I was able to grow my Adsense income. Aside from performing search engine optimization and studying effective ad block design and placements, I used the law of attraction to inspire me to blog everyday. And once a statement on my vision board becomes a reality, I immediately replace it with a higher goal. Below are my past Google Adsense blocks that I’ve used before.

I hope that this story has made you feel good and inspired you to try incorporating the law of attraction into your life. If you’re a blogger, I hope that it has also motivated you to believe in yourself that you too, can find online success in Google Adsense.

This post is part of a writing project about Google Adsense that was initiated by Pinoy problogger, Marhgil Macuha. If you’re interested in reading other inspiring, funny and informative Google Adsense stories, you can go and check out these posts:

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A little over two months after I’ve written this post, I’ve already achieved my $10 a day Google Adsense income. My vision board now says that I’m earning $20 a day. πŸ˜€

November 2008 Update:
For this month, my Google Adsense income is now already above $1000. My vision board now says I’m earning $100 a day. πŸ˜€


  1. MMmmmm.. Familiar tong Law of Attraction , member ka ba ng isang group that discuss this?

    i remember ung officemate ko may film silang pinapanood and it’s about this Law of Attraction

  2. @noemi
    wah! now i’m scared. πŸ™

    i agree… good vibes equals good karma πŸ™‚

    your officemates might have been talking about the film, The Secret. it’s originally a bestselling book. no, i’m not a member of any group that promotes the law of attraction though i’ve read it and do believe it’s true on a certain level.

    the first payout is usually the hardest, after that, tuloy tuloy na yan. good luck!

    yes, i think it’s necessary for us to be reminded of our goals so we don’t lose track. πŸ™‚

    yup, that’s why you’re one of my blogging idols! πŸ˜€

  3. nakakainspire naman po the way you put it.. but really, i guess the law of attraction works cause ive been searching around for sites that could help me, and here i am! i sure could learn a lot from you. bookmarked!

  4. Fitz: I see that we are using a similair theme however I notice that you have a google ad after your first post. How did you do this did you hack into the theme ? What file Did you hack into and what is the size of that ad ?

  5. yeah it’s possible and you can do it 10 times more… galing nto do you have a copy of THE SECRET?

    this are the books and films na msarap panuodin at basahin like.
    RICH DAD POOR DAD , The Secret

    baka next time di ka na 10 per day baka $10 per hour ka na πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Ronald. Yes, I have copies of both The Secret and Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Fantastic books I must say. πŸ˜€

  7. I’d like to earn from Adsense too. I’ve signed-up, and have implemented the Google Search bar. Problem is I can’t place the Ads. Hope you can help me with it.

    Yeah, The Secret and “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” are great tools. I have a friend who has this group who plays the CashFlow game every Saturday, I’ve been there twice already, maybe you guys would want to join.

  8. @inday
    Thanks, ikaw din, kaya mo ‘yan. πŸ™‚

    @Lee Angelo
    I’m not so sure if you’re allowed to put Adsense in domain blogs – better ask if it’s okay in their terms of service. If it’s not, then I suggest you just buy your own domain or move to Blogger. Ask their customer support for options.

    Regarding the CashFlow game, I used to play weekly with friends several years ago at the US Embassy and I kindda miss it actually. Please email me the details and I’ll see if I can pay you guys a visit. Thanks.

  9. thanks for the reply Fitz! I believe allows people to put Adsense..maybe I’m just doing it the wrong way.. hehe! I’ll check my friend who’s also on and ask about the Adsense links.

    About the CashFlow, I’ve sent you an e-mail thru your site. I’m just not sure if I could attend on Saturday. But my friend is super nice too. Look for Mandel Sy just in case. Godbless!

  10. I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction, so much to the point I won’t allow one of my worker to ride with me if I think their putting out negative energy.I don’t want to be caught up in their negativity.

  11. @Lindsay
    Thanks and more success to you and your new blog. It’s quite promising!

    Although I’m not that averse towards negative people, I do agree that we should minimize spending time with them. It always feels good to be surrounded by positive and optimistic people.

    I could only imagine what she meant by that. Better ask her personally about it. πŸ˜€

  12. Hi inday, I edited out your email to protect your privacy. I’m not an SEO expert, most of the strategies I know I just learned from Mahrgil and Dexter. πŸ˜€ I suggest that you subscribe and read their blogs, there are a lot of great information there about SEO. Thanks!

  13. […] this blog deserved to be broadcast to the blogosphere. I especially enjoyed reading the post about The Law of Attraction as I myself am a firm believer in it. That is a post that anyone in the world, blogger or not could […]

  14. […] How The Law of Attraction Helped Me Make Money In Google Adsense by Fitz […]

  15. […] How The Law of Attraction Helped Me Make Money In Google Adsense by Fitz […]

  16. wow… galing naman. i remember this blog nung nagstart akong magblog. hehe. nakipag xlinks ako sau nuon and palagi ako mapunta sa blog mo nang hindi ko alam. ibig sabihin malakas ka sa serps. hehe. congratz sau!!! by the way, salamat sa Link.

  17. it took me 2 years to attain a $150/day income from blogging. now my target is $200 at the end of this year. kaya mo rin ‘to bro. it only takes time.. and patience.

  18. @don_ser
    Congrats din sa yo at sa bago mong laptop. Mas magaling ka sa SEO sa akin kasi 3 months lang, naka $600 ka kagad. πŸ˜€

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Coming from you, this is truly an inspiration. You’re one of the people I actually look up to. πŸ˜‰

  19. hi fitz,

    I already sign-up an account for blogger and google ad-sense.My primary concern as a blogger newbie.medyo confusing yung google adsense meron silang rules on how to activate your adsense.ang naiintindihan ko lang yung step 1 mag-log-in.

    Ayun adsense code!kailagan ko ba yung adsense code para ma-activate yung ads sa account ko sa

    marami silang features sa adsense set-up gaya ng mga adsense products nila.

    adsense for content,adsense for product,at adsense for products. anu bang advisable sa mga products na yan? kasi pag-blogging talaga ang concentration ko. mahirap na magkamali sa pagclick ng info sa adsense baka ma-terminate yung google account ko at di me magkaroon ng ads sa

    Gaining extra cash online is the beginning of my new-life and i want blogging din to be one of my bread and butter.
    sa panahon ngayon it is difficult to make-ends meet.I truly believe through writing blogs i could really express my thoughts and what i feel.If learn more about this technology magkakaroon ako ng chance to rely info sa mga friends at classmates ko na bum at unemployed din like me para kumita din sila at makatulong sa family nila.

    My mom want me to join the call center bandwgon.tama ba yung term bandwagon!okay.i told her na kahit maraming college drop-out like me nakakapasok sa ganung propesyon.I m an optimist pero my chances to get hire ay very slim dahil na rin sa competition oversupply of college gradutes,exodus of daytime employees to graveyard job,professionals tempted to earn bigger income kahit nightshift,makipagbuno sa mga nursing grads,mascom arts,struggling middle & upperclass kids living in exclusive villages,fil-for bred,and etc.Even if i refresh my crash course in speechpower and english fluency program.wala pa ring assurance you will fill the position.Gaya ng mga athletes from china they spent decades honing athletic skills para magover-all champion sa olympics.Just like here back home you have to exert a lot of energy and years to train to meet all requierements that companies needed.kahit learning proper grammar at diction malamang abutin ng taon at malaking puhunan mas maganda pa mag-negosyo na lang.A simple entreprenuership like blogging mas madali pagnatutunan lahat ng kailangan basta focus lang sa lahat ng goals.Mabuti na lang im very inspire to read your blogs,watching waterboys and success stories of our asian neighbors.

    Thank you fitz! aside from adsense okay magkaroon ng account sa

  20. Hi ram. I edited your comment, pumasok kasi sa spam dahil maraming link na nakalagay from the copied text you pasted.

    Anyway, to simply answer your question. If you really want to know more about blogging, I highly recommend that you buy the book, Blogging From Home. It will guide you step by step on how to set up your blog and earn from it.

    I’m sorry if this is all I could advise for now. Blogging and earning from Google Adsense is a wide subject and it might be better if you had that book because it was meant to help those who have no idea how to start blogging.

    Lastly, if you really want to earn from blogging, then I’d advise you to focus on writing and not be distracted by other online opportunities. Focus on your blog. Write content and market your site.

    Good luck and thanks for taking the time to comment.

  21. hi fitz,

    i m very curious about ptc(pay to click) and ptp(pay to post) like clixsense,alertpay,bux3 and stormpay.ito ba ay genuine sites na if you click their ads ay babayaran kanila?im afraid na baka ma-scam ako.habang wala pa kong income sa blogger gusto kong i-try yung mga ptc sites that i mention….ang worry ko aside sa scam yung viral at spyware attack in my pc..siyempre para di masayng operating expense like electricity on surfing ptc sites.

    except for blogsites can you give me other sites to augment my income? thank you so much and more power.

  22. Hi ram,

    A good way to earn income while you’re still new to blogging is by doing Pay Per Post. I have another blog dedicated to this and it’s a consistent earner for me. Although this is active income.

    Honestly, I don’t really like PTC sites because the income is soooo low. You actually earn decent income from them by recruiting members to their affiliate.

    There are a lot of ways to make money online. In general, those that are legitimate have one thing in common – it’s free to join. No cash out of any sort.

    While most of these income streams do pay, it will also take much of your time. That’s why it’s important to still focus on quality content, search engine optimization and blog marketing.

    When you have a great blog, you’ll have a lot of visitors and with high traffic, you’ll get to earn more from private advertising and of course, Google Adsense.

    Good luck!

  23. Hello fitz! I’m a newbie here.

    Nakaka inspire naman ng mga post niyo. Hope sooner maka earn din ako tulad nyo:)

  24. […] Contextual Advertising A large percentage of my blogging income is actually from Google Adsense. I also know a handful of Pinoy bloggers who were able to quit their day jobs because they are already earning enough from contextual advertising to pay for their monthly living expenses. You can learn some tips on how to improve your Google Adsense earnings and read my Google Adsense story here. […]

  25. Wow very inspiring naman sir.

    I want to have an income generating blog like yours. I guess the law of attraction will help me too.

    more power sir.

  26. wow! (yun lang masasabi ko, hehe…)

    I hope I can get that $10/day too…

    law of attraction or just wishful thinking? πŸ™‚

  27. Hi Fitz
    I enjoy reading the various comments of the readers and of course your blog topics. Actually, I tried blogging last Sep, 2008 and I have already posted my blogs in and may mga Google ads na rin but I haven’t gained any earnings yet.I am a freelance CPA and hobby ko lang ang blogging so I dont do blogging regularly. Now I’m planning to earn more thru blogging and I learned a lot from your story and blogs. I hope you could give me more tips.

    Thanks and more power!!!

  28. I also believe in the power of attraction but I am more on feeling it rather than seeing it ( hindi pa ako nakakagawa ng attraction board). But when I write the things that I want to get for myself, nakukuha ko naman so far kaya masaya ako talaga.

    Congrats nga pala on your adsense earnings!

  29. […] How The Law of Attraction Helped Me Make Money In Google Adsense by Fitz […]

  30. Kuya Fitz,

    I am inspired by this article and also made my own Vision Board. πŸ™‚ By the way, I also quoted what you said on law of attraction in my recent post. Thank you for constantly motivating us, your readers. =) Remain blessed. \(“,)/

  31. If I knew from the start that I could earn from the blogs I have written, I could have entered Google Adsense long ago! Sometimes I would just write a post on a random thing and that blog surprises you with several hits! Sayang, I could have earned something long ago!

  32. Terrific article!! This blogging simply keeps me returning. I appreciate the energy that you put into it as well as get pleasure from browsing all of the posts. Thanks a bunch a bunch and also keep the brilliant work up!!

  33. fitz, you are an authority on this:
    can BIR really chase you for this? since I think Pay pal already deducts taxes before they send the adsense payment to your acount right? plus the txes charged by the webhosting itself?

  34. Hi George, currently Adsense does not pay through Paypal. They pay through Western Union.

    With regards to BIR, I think it will be hard for them to go after everyone who earns online. But it is possible.

    Regardless, I personally believe that you should file income taxes for your online earnings. Why? Because having the legal documents that show proof of income can be helpful.

    An ITR can be used to acquire a loan, for example, which you might need in the future.

  35. thanks. BTW I am about to blog again. this time I bought aboutlifting dot com and comofeliz(span site) about hapiness you guys can visit it at around next month I owe you the inspiration to start again. Thank you for your reply on the BIR question

  36. Hi fitz. Great story. How did you maintain the website? Did you venture in SEO also? How much are earning daily now? I need some tips also. I just started out my website this month. I hope to get more tips from you.

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