On Aromacology, Bazaars and Entrepreneurship

Updated: November 5, 2011

This long weekend, in my opinion, is the real start of the Christmas season in the country.

Christmas decors are already up almost everywhere, specially in malls. People don’t protest anymore when they hear Christmas songs on the radio. And of course, Christmas bazaars are now happening all around the metro.

In fact yesterday, Friday, I just spent the afternoon inside the Super Sale Bazaar at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

But not just because I’m already gearing up for my Christmas gift shopping; but also because I went to visit my friend, Karen, who has a booth there.

Karen is selling “Aromacology”, which are botanical-based personal care products like bath soaps, essential oils and other beauty products.

If you’ve been to The Body Shop, then her stuff are fairly the same as what they offer – but of course, at much affordable prices.

What’s interesting to note though is that this is Karen’s first time to sell her products in a bazaar.

She just started this home-based business early this year and has only been selling them to friends and through her online store at Multiply: My Aromacology

Wanting to gain some exposure for her products, and see how it really is to sell in a bazaar – she mustered the courage to invest time and money to make this possible.

It was the first day of the bazaar and the crowd is still manageable, so I had a few minutes to talk to her and ask about the experience so far.

According to her, it’s really overwhelming to be there and she’s still at awe with the bazaar culture. She’s also quite amazed at how the veteran sellers are efficiently handling their bazaar booth logistics.

When asked what’s the biggest challenge so far in her bazaar selling experience, she answered that it’s trying to attract people to come and learn about her products.

Indeed, people in bazaars would usually just scan over your stuff and move on if they don’t see anything interesting. The challenge really is how to make people stay and listen to your sales pitch, and hopefully you will be able to convince them to buy.

To address this challenge, Karen has decided to offer free product demos in her booth. She also prepared testers and samples for everyone.

On the brighter side, she shares it’s always nice when she’s able to convince someone to buy her product. And more than the profit, it’s really self-fulfilling to her entrepreneurial spirit.

I told her I know that happy feeling, after having experienced selling in a bazaar myself. It’s indeed very rewarding.

Anyway, the Super Sale bazaar is still happening today, Saturday, until tomorrow, Sunday. If you do have some free time. I hope you can come and visit my friend Karen in her Aromacology booth there.

Don’t forget to tell her I sent you there – so you can get a discount. 😀

And to those who are also planning to sell in a bazaar, I hope this article can help you: Tips On Selling In Bazaars, Trade Fairs and Craft Shows

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  1. I’ve been to multiple bazaars and when I see so many booths to check out, I don’t really pay attention to anything that is too common. I happen to think that if you’re product is similar to Body Shop, which is a brand well-known to many, you ought to be able to offer more than just lower prices as an advantage. You need something extra. Something better! That’s how you’ll steal the market from the big players!

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