Simple Things I Do To Save Energy At Home

Updated: November 17, 2018

It’s going to be the holidays soon and for most Philippine households, it’s time once again to put up those decors and Christmas lights to brighten our homes.

Unfortunately, with the longer nights and all those lights, our household electric bills could go up more than usual.

Save for the fact that we might be using less air conditioning because the weather is cooler, it’s still always good to be aware of our energy consumption so we can stay within our utility budget.

For today, a guest blogger shares some very simple and practical ways on how she was able to save energy at home and save money on her electric bills.

Let’s read Rosemarie’s list below and hope we can pick up some tips from her.

In every household, the energy bill is one of the highest expense, together with food. While we don’t want to compromise our nutrition, becoming a little bit frugal with our electric use is every bit smart.

Moreover, saving electricity is more than just about saving money, it’s also a great way to help lessen power hikes and more importantly, do something good for the environment.

That’s why I’d like to tell you today some of the simple things I did at home that helped me lower my electric bills.

Plug it off

Appliances on stand by mode still use electricity – I’m referring to microwave ovens with digital clocks, television and DVD players, battery and phone chargers and so on. If you’re not using them, then just plug it off.

Kitchen tips

  • When cooking, use a kettle to boil water then just pour it to the pot. It’s faster and uses less energy than waiting for the water to come to a boil inside the pot.
  • Instead of an oven, cook food in the microwave oven. Again, it will be faster and you will use less energy.
  • Cut food in small pieces so that they will cook faster.
  • Make sure your pots and pans match the size of your burner or stove plate.

Learn about electricity

Learn about energy efficiency ratings so you can understand how much electricity an appliance consumes when being used. It will also help you compare electricity prices when there is a need to buy new appliances.

Lighting tips

  • Replace all your tungsten bulbs with compact-florescent lamps (CFL’s) or better, use LED lights. They’re a smart investment because they last at least 6 times longer; and they give as much light but uses less energy.
  • Use light-colored lampshades because they are brighter.
  • Install lighting fixtures that can store solar power.
  • Clean your lighting fixtures regularly so you always have optimal brightness.

Stay updated with technology

We live in a technology-driven world, and there are always news on how we can improve our lives by becoming more efficient. Read blogs that promote frugal lifestyles like this one, Ready To Be Rich. Discover websites that provide useful financial information as well, such as your local electricity provider’s homepage.

Final tips:

  • Curtains are a good way to preserve room temperatures. Use them to retain the heat during winter, and keep the sun out during summer.
  • Enjoy more cold showers. They can be as relaxing as hot baths and warm showers.
  • Consider thawing frozen food inside the fridge, it can help in the cooling.
  • Rediscover the joys of simple living. Disconnect from the internet, turn off the television and just read paperback books, learn home crafts and take leisure walks.

Of course this is just a short list of the many other ways you can save money through energy conservation – I leave the rest for you to discover and apply.

This guest post is contributed by Rosemarie Gregory, a stay-at-home mom living in London.

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  1. holidays equals lots of vacations, especially for students. this means a lot of tv and computer browsing and gaming.. saving is really a discipline 🙂

  2. hi fitz,
    i’ve heard it once or twice in your other articles before and i’ m really interested in confirming it since i see it in this article again. two things. first is: Instead of an oven, cook food in the microwave oven. it will be faster and you will use less energy. and second: Consider thawing frozen food inside the fridge, it can help in the cooling. are these both true? if so, are they applicable here in the philippines? here’s hoping for a yes. thanks.

  3. Hi Arvin. Yes I believe both are applicable in the Philippines. Actually, at home, we thaw our frozen food inside the fridge already.

    On the other hand, please note that cooking food is different from baking pastries. If you bake often, it will be better to use a gas oven instead. There are a lot of microwave oven recipes online and from experience, they’re quite good and fast to prepare. 😀

  4. hi fitz,

    thanks for the quick reply. got another one for you. under lighting tips it says “Install lighting fixtures that can store solar power”. would you happen to know where i can get those and how much they cost? thanks again.

  5. Hi Fitz,

    Some nice energy savings pointers. I recently switch using compare4us but if you don’t take some of the steps you have mentioned whats the point in using comparison sites.

    Nice Post

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