Guide To Selling In Bazaars, Trade Fairs and Craft Shows

Updated: September 24, 2019

Selling your products in bazaars, trade fairs and craft shows is a great way to earn extra income. With minimal capital, you’ll be able to introduce your brand to the public and test how marketable they are.

Selling in bazaars or tiangges is also an opportunity to get feedback from your target customers. This will help you find ways to improve your product for them.

Some of the most successful retail businesses actually began this way.

A friend, who is now an exporter of Christmas decors started his business by joining trade fairs and expositions. It took him a few years, but he was eventually able to build his own company and become a millionaire.

Selling in bazaars is not as simple as displaying your wares and waiting for buyers to come. There are effective ways to attract customers to your stall and make them buy.

Below are some simple tips on how you can optimize your profits and make the most out of your bazaar experience. But first, let’s discuss some initial questions you might have.


How to join bazaars, trade fairs, and craft shows

If you already have something to sell, then the first thing you need to do is to get hold of the bazaar schedules and contact its event organizers.

Watch for announcements in local newspapers, community bulletin boards, blogs, and social media. Ask how much the joining fee is, and work out the logistic requirements to see if you have enough resources to participate.

If you are low on funds, you can try to share space with other bazaar concessionaires. This is actually common practice. I highly recommend though that you partner with someone you know.

If this is not possible, then choose someone whose product complements yours. Ask the organizers if they can help or post an advertisement that you’re looking for booth-mates.

What products can you sell?

Anything that you have! The more important question to ask is actually, which bazaars should you join.

Think about your target market and participate in those, which will cater to that audience. You can ask the organizers for the demographics of the expected buyers.

For example, if you’re selling baby items, then don’t sell in bazaars near schools. The students will not be interested in buying your products.


Optimize your space for the crowd

Don’t just put a table and lay out your products for display. Study the floor plan and imagine how the traffic will flow into your area.

Design your space in such a way that it can easily be seen from the crowd. It also helps to be creative. Try to make your booth look interesting and inviting.

Greet, smile and be friendly in a unique way

This one goes for you and all your staff. Be courteous and sincere with your greetings.

Shoppers are already accustomed to the noise of monotonous scripts of salespeople in bazaars. Let your voice be heard by calling out customers with unusual and unique invitations.

Make sure everyone is knowledgeable about the products

Don’t you hate it when you ask details about a product and you get a blank expression or a confused look in return?

Prepare yourself and your sales team for possible questions that buyers may ask about your wares.

Have a sales pitch ready

People tend to look and browse over your display without speaking a word in these bazaars.

When this happens, and believe me it will, take the initiative and try to start a conversation by opening with a short sales pitch and end by encouraging them to ask questions about the product.

Create interest and people will respond.

Market the benefits more than the price and the features

When convincing someone to make a purchase, highlight the benefits that the customer will get if they own the product.

Spell out a specific need and explain how your product answers that problem. Simply, give them a reason why they should buy the item.


Mind your price and prepare for hagglers

One of the reasons why people go to bazaars is because it’s a great place to get deals and discounts. So make sure that your items are reasonably priced.

But more importantly, give some allowance for hagglers. Furthermore, train yourself and your staff on how to handle haggling situations.

Have your business cards ready

Selling in bazaars, trade fairs and craft shows is a great opportunity to meet not only potential clients, but also business contacts and suppliers.

Prepare your business cards and be ready give it anytime.

A quick tip, hand out two or three business cards at a time and encourage the receiver to share it with colleagues and friends.

How about you? Do you have any tips on how to effectively sell your items in bazaars? Kindly share them below as a comment.

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  1. This is a very useful post for me as I am preparing to have a small business in our place, and I like to sell gift items and clothes for this coming hoidays.

    I think business nowadays will find it difficult to earn due to bad economy. So, we need be a smart spender but still be conscious about quality.


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  3. Hi, Im an aspiring entrepreneur. Actually, I’ve already started small through online business. But, Im still looking for direct suppliers coz Im planning to join bazaar this Holiday season. Hope to someone could help me find one.


    By the way, this site is very informative.

  4. hi, just like to inquire the price of booth? puwede rin ba ang exhibit real estate? any requirement about the product.

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  7. Tip No# 1 for Bazaaristas: Never ever fall prey to other opportunist bazaarista’s tricks.

    This summer I joined a bazzar for the very first time. I met a fellow bazaarista who showed an interest in my items and showered me with friendliness and false promises. She volunteered to sell my items in a consignment basis. I was hesitant at first but I gave in. She seemed like an honest and reliable person, very friendly and amiable. A month has now passed and have yet to see a single cent. I called and texted her to remind her of the payment but her replies became few and unfriendly. I have now reconciled with the fact that Iam never getting my items back nor my money. It was such a stupid decision to trust a complete stranger. So never ever at any point be a victim to these bazaarista’s. if someone wants your items make them pay in full. πŸ™ Pay or no deal…that’s what you tell them. And by the way she interviewed my tindera first so also remind your tinderas to be vigilant and never to give anything away… where you buy stuff etc etc… the important things. You can never believe how many evil opportunist are lurking in bazaars.

  8. Top tip for me, study ur capital and know if it can sustain ur rental. And also know the crowd. Join bazaars which best fit your items.

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  10. […] But this time, I ventured into something a bit different and tried to see if I can do well in a big commercial bazaar such as this one. That’s why I made sure I remember all the tips that I gave in my past article on how to sell effectively during bazaars and trade fairs. […]

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