My IMG Wealth Academy Experience

Updated: April 14, 2020

Around one month ago, I featured a question from the Ask Community about IMG or the International Marketing Group.

Motivated by the positive reviews and reactions from different readers, I tasked myself to get to know the company better and see what they are really all about.

Now, I’d like to share with you my personal experience in becoming a member of IMG, and attending their Wealth Academy.

First of all, I’d like to say that there isn’t really much that you can research about IMG online, and currently, your best source of information about the company would simply be their official website.

In any case, IMG actually stands for International Marketing Group and they operate as a financial distribution company. They’re actually a big company with offices and marketing arms in the US, Canada, Taiwan, Hongkong, Philippines and other countries worldwide.

Being a “financial distribution company” means they carry a broad array of financial products & services – from insurance to mutual funds, from real estate to loans management, and several other personal finance and investment products.

In simple terms, they are a “one-stop shop” for all your financial needs.

Now here comes an interesting observation about IMG…

Unlike most companies whose focus is in selling their products, IMG is more focused on educating and helping people increase their financial I.Q. – because they believe that when you understand the importance of saving and investing – then you’ll already take it upon yourself to develop a financial strategy and learn more about their products and services.

As an analogy, let’s say that IMG is an umbrella salesman and you’re a pedestrian passing by the sidewalk. Most salesman will try to sell you their umbrella, telling you how cheap but sturdy their product is.

But IMG will not do that, instead… they will inform you that the weather forecast for the day is that there is a high probability of rainfall later. If you went out of your house prepared, then you’re all good – but if not, then I’m sure you’ll suddenly consider buying that umbrella, right?

A seminar at the IMG Wealth Academy

The IMG Wealth Academy

The IMG Wealth Academy is where your journey towards financial literacy begins, so to speak. It is the company’s “school” where you can attend various financial management lectures on business, investments and personal finance.

Currently, they have 33 modules which you can learn from. And so far, I’ve been able to attend three.

The first one I attended was called Series 1, which is about Practical Money Management Strategies. IMG Wealth Academy National Marketing Director, and now friend, Dr. Jaime Lorenzo, gave me a one-on-one table lecture about it.

The second one which I attended was Series 2, which is about Creating Multiple Passive Income Streams. This time, I went to their office in Makati and attended the classroom seminar.

The most recent one, which I also attended in a classroom, was called Upstart School, which basically continues where Series 2 left of. The most interesting learning I got on this one is the so-called, “Four Cornerstones of a Strong Financial Foundation”.

Three down, and thirty more to go. There is still a lot for me to learn in the Wealth Academy!

Receiving my certificate for finishing “Upstart School”

Join Me, Maybe?

The good news is that, attending Series 1 and Series 2 at the IMG Wealth Academy is FREE and OPEN for everyone. Moreover, these seminars are regularly held in different cities in the country and around the world!

I am attending the seminars in Makati City, but they also conduct them in Laguna, Naga, Baler, Tacloban, Cebu, Davao, General Santos, Iligan and Cagayan de Oro.

For OFWs, they also offer seminars in Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE and Brunei.

And I was informed that more cities and countries will be added to the list soon.

Personal Thoughts

The best thing that I like so far about attending the IMG Wealth Academy seminars is feeling the positive vibe of the people around. They’re a group of highly motivated people, each one with an inspiring story to tell.

The most memorable so far, was when someone introduced herself and told me that she is a regular reader of my blog. I was really surprised that she recognized me and knew who I am.

She then told me that reading my blog has inspired her to pursue financial freedom; and that dream has led her to discover IMG Wealth Academy, which has been helping her for many months now in learning how to reach that goal.

New friends I met at the IMG Wealth Academy

Attend a FREE Money Seminar at IMG Wealth Academy

Do you want to learn more about the Wealth Academy and how you can attend their FREE money seminars? Then just follow the link below:

Yes! I want to attend the IMG Wealth Academy for FREE


  1. Hi Milbert, IMG and WFMA are two different companies, but I think yes, they have similar setups.

    I can’t really speak anything about WFMA because I haven’t met anyone yet from that company. But who knows, maybe soon.

    Although as of the moment, I think I’ll focus first on getting to know IMG better.

  2. Hi Bill… yeah, that would be great. πŸ˜€

    Hi RD… I’ll be in Cebu for Sinulog next year. Looking forward to meeting you guys there.

  3. Sir Fitz,

    Good day, I want to know if IMG has scheduled a seminar here in Quezon province, particulary Lucena City.

    If ever, can you please inform me, so that i can attend,

    Thank you,

    Oca Fegalquin

  4. Hi Oca,

    Thank you for your interest. I will take note of your email. But please also sign up in the registration form, so we can have you in the database and it will be easier for us to inform you if we have a seminar scheduled in Lucena.


  5. Hi Oca,

    Simply click the words “Yes! I want to attendthe IMG Wealth Academy for FREE” above and then go towards the bottom of the page and you’ll see a registration form there.

    Thanks! πŸ˜€

  6. Hi Fitz,

    I’m a fan of your blog and I am also a member of WFMA. I partly agree with what you said about WFMA and IMG having the same setup though we differ big in our concepts and belief.

    2 things that I am very proud of about WFMA: the big heart of every member and that we are a one big happy family no matter we are from.

  7. sir fitz,

    i have a schedule this weekend with dr lorenzo. 2nd time with IMG. 1st encounter was that after 1-2hour lecture i was offered an insurance. hopefully no insurance offering he he.
    i will update you my experience.


  8. That’s the catch, very similar to WFMA approach. I am a WFMA agent myself before but im not really good into marketing, so I did not pursue it. Tho, I highly commend both for educating filipinos on managing finances.

  9. Hi al, thanks for sharing that information. I shall relay that to Dr. Lorenzo.

    To be honest, that is indeed part of their business – to sell insurance and their other financial products.

    But as I said, the most important thing to remember is that nobody should force you to buy anything. If someone does, please report it to me, including the name of the person, and I shall do something about it.

    Thanks and I hope you enjoy Series 2. Please note that you can attend Series 1 and Series 2 as many times as you want – and I encourage you to because different trainers give different perspectives on the topic and you can learn new things from each of them.

  10. Hi! I attended Series 1 yesterday upon reading your blog. I was VERY DISAPPOINTED with the seminar. Didn’t learn anything at all! And worse, the speaker who was mostly reading her “talk” spoke with poor pronunciation and grammar! I felt like I just wasted my afternoon! πŸ™

  11. Hi Jeny. Thank you for your honest feedback. I’m sorry for that. I will tell Dr. Lorenzo about it.

    Personally, I’ve attended Series 1 twice and have been fortunate both times with good speakers who did not just read slides, but talked to us, asked us questions and shared some personal stories.

    I guess there’s a “luck” factor involved when attending the seminars because you don’t know who the speaker will be.

    To all others who have attended the seminars of IMG-WA, I would really appreciate it if you can likewise share your experiences here… both good and bad, so we can have an honest and constructive conversation here.

    Thank you. πŸ˜€

  12. Hi Sir.

    I have a dilemma, I want to join IMG (attend all the sessions and become a broker) but I don’t want to purchase any policy from Kaiser, which, from what the trainers have explained to us, is needed to become a member of IMG. What should I do then? Thank you very much and more power. πŸ™‚

  13. Hi Amanda, getting a policy from Kaiser is not required, only recommended – that was what was told to me by Dr. Lorenzo. I’ll clarify this more with him and reply here as soon as I can. Thanks!

  14. Hi Amanda. May I know when did you attend the IMG seminar? You may contact me at 09155522471 so i can address your concern personally. Blessings!

    Hi Oca. I’m coordinating with the trainer in Lucena. Will contact you asap. Ty

    Thank you for all the comments. Be assured that we will constantly improve the seminars to educate better our fellow Filipinos.

    For further questions/ clarifications, please feel free to contact me at 09155522471/ [email protected].

    God Prosper Us All!!

  15. Hi Doc Lorenzo,

    I attended session 2 two or three weeks ago. I really want to join IMG but I don’t want to buy any policy from Kaiser. Do I really need to buy a policy before I can join IMG? Thank you and more power. πŸ™‚

  16. Great article!! πŸ™‚

    Joining IMG is one of the best decision I made in my life.
    Hope you can also visit the Cebu Office. πŸ™‚

  17. Hi Sir Fitz,

    This is Mai from Pampanga. I’ve been a long-time reader of your blog. Most of your articles inspired me to exert more effort in achieving my dream for Financial Freedom. I want to attend the IMG seminar. I hope that in the near future, they can also schedule a seminar here in Pampanga. I’m also interested in their Premium Health Builder Plan.

    Thank you Sir Fitz for inspiring more Filipinos!

  18. Hello Ms. Mai. What’s your location in Pampanga? Will advise you if there’s IMG seminar near you. Thank you

  19. Hi Sir Jaime,

    I’m working here at King’s Royal Hotel located between Bacolor and City of San Fernando.

  20. Hi Mai. you may send me your contact details to 09155522471, my personal number. Will advise you of any talk/trainer near your area. Thank you

  21. I don’t know if that is true that they will not force you to buy the KAISER health insurance but for us.The truth is you will pay 3700 pesos for joining IMG and you need to recruit other people.If you will not get yourself a KAISER health insurance, you can not get commission to your recruits.

  22. Hi Garry. Based on my own experience, buying Kaiser was not forced to me. Likewise, inviting other people to join IMG is not a requirement, but only an option if you want to make this a “business” and earn from commission.

    I’ve met a couple of people who paid the 3,700 to join IMG and just attended the higher series seminars. For them, it’s like they paid for a “school tuition” or an “investment in knowledge.”

    Moreover, I think they never bought a Kaiser plan after, but I know they did invest in Philequity fund through IMG.

  23. Hi Sir Fitz! I appreciate what you are sharing here about IMG. I can understand why a lot of people had dissimilar experiences (good and bad) when they encounter the company. AS for me, learning through the WEALTH ACADEMY Program of IMG has been one of the greatest milestone in my financial life. If not for the knowledge imparted on that program, my finances will be in total disarray. For those who are interested to learn, please make sure you look for the WEALTH ACADEMY program. The main commitment of the company is to make you your own financial expert by teaching you and providing access to tools for building wealth. I agree with you that you can consider the minimal fee as your “tuition fee” in attending the powerful seminars (which, by the way, will cost you PhP3,000 to PhP10,000 EACH in other companies)and also as “accreditation fee” to have access to dependable names in the financial industry. More power to you and may you bless more people!

  24. I have learned about financial planning and investing through reading books and by trial and error in some investment instruments. But being a member of IMG here in Iligan City is like being with a support group who reminds you always to be disciplined in saving and teach you the right direction in investing.

  25. why is it that the 3700 membership/license fee covers only 3 seminars (talk 3, 4 and 5). You cannot attend higher seminar series if you dont buy Kaiser. New ruling daw. Thats unfair…

  26. Hi good day there guys! Just read this blog few minutes ago and i saw many feedbacks (good and bad).. though i would just like to say this that being a member of IMG is a great oppurtunity for me.. paying 3,700 as a tuition fee and accreditation fee for a lifetime education is worth it… 3,700 maybe a big or small amount depending on one’s perspective but if you will learn… that 3,700 is nothing…

  27. Hello and good day to all of you!

    I’ve been a member of IMG since last year. It is one of the best things in my life that I did since there is always constant financial education and support from the leaders, and this is where i learned to improve my finances better.

    To the peeps who has questions about Kaiser:
    Do you really have to get Kaiser when joining IMG?
    My answer to that is a big YES.


    1) IMG’s mission is to provide us the (better) ways in achieving financial freedom. And for that, we are taught to strategize our financial planning by following a strategy itself. For me, that is the easiest and the most practical way i ever heard of. The company is partnered with very reliable investment companies that provide investment vehicles that doesn’t take advantage in getting more money from us, makes what you pay for all worth it. One of the partnered investment companies/vehicles is Kaiser.

    2) Now, Kaiser is a long term healthcare provider and we are taught to first invest in a long term healthcare because —
    we can never get one once we already have an existing illness,
    when we get older the prices are higher,
    we have to be physically provided once an illness attacks us,
    the company’s focus is also to provide a better healthcare for us which is affordable yet gives much advantage,
    this can take care of us/our family just in case we live too long or die too soon,
    and lastly,
    because our self is our main investment. that is why the first thing that you have to get is this, when one is entering the field of investing.


    This is not about forcing you guys to get this Healthcare. There’s alot of long term healthcare providers out there but ask yourself, am i paying worthy of what i should be getting? If you just want to be a member, then you could be. You could still learn a lot thru the Wealth Academy. Only that, with all the learnings and education you receive, not starting with the real strategy and getting your self secured only defeats its purpose. So why continue and not apply and execute the real thing? Di ba?

    All in all IMG and Kaiser work hand in hand in achieving their mission. I’ve never been a believer of any financial care provider until IMG struck me.

    I hope this explanation enlightens you all. ^__^

    Everything i explained is part of the Series 1 and Series 2 trainings that some had already attended. I must say, the delivery of it depends on the trainor. Im so sorry to know about the disappointments some have had, although you can always re-ask another associate or manager (which is better) for clarifications. Like a patient asking for a second opinion to another doctor.

    God bless us all. πŸ™‚

  28. nka-attend din ako isang beses, okay naman yung umpisa after nun may one-on-one, siguro nga hindi maganda din experience ko kasi parang namimilit silang bentahan ako ng kaiser plan.. parang kapag tumanggi ka eh malaki ang mawawala sau…

    na share ko lan

  29. Basically, IMG is merely a conduit or a broker of several products from different partnered companies. Accountability of IMG is limited to what is provided in the partnership agreement.
    From the blogs above, it can be gleaned that Kaiser HMO Heathcare plan is IMG’s main brokered product.
    Other brokered product also include Phil-Am Life Plans for traditional insurance.
    As regards investment, IMG is partnered with Philippine Equity.
    The same thing goes with other brokered products.
    For IMG to exist (or continue to operate), it has to extract a brokerage fee (hidden or not) for every product “sold”.
    Aside from the brokerage fee (which I believe is hidden), IMG also charges fees for the different “Wealth Academy Seminars” given by the company.
    The question now is if I need a Life Insurance coverage, why would I buy it from a broker when I can get it direct from the Insurance Company with full responsibility?
    The same goes with investment. Why would I invest my money from a broker (charging brokerage fee) when I can deal directly with a fund manager without any brokerage fee?
    Better yet, if I need life, health and investment plans, why would I deal with a broker when I can deal all of them from a single company who has full responsibility for all the plans I need, not to mention lower cost aspect of the plans.

  30. I have attended both Series 1 and 2 almost 2 weeks ago. Both were enlightening and interesting. Though I have no plans yet to get an insurance from Kaiser (for now), I am more interested in completing the 30+ series seminar.

    I don’t mind the current joining fee of 3800. But what puzzles me is the comment of Sir Ferdie saying that the rate would only cover Series 3-5, then the rest, you have to avail of their products.

    I hope Dr. Lorenzo would be able to clarify this for everyone’s assurance.

    Thanks and God Bless.

  31. I have just received confirmation that the initial joining fee covers series 1-5 of the seminars. You would have to buy the Kaiser insurance in order to attend the other seminars in the series. πŸ™

  32. Update: Since I am already paying for two (2) insurance policies, I was told I could attend all the seminars and just bring my existing policies so they could assess if such are cost efficient with my financial goals.

  33. Hi Pia and Mark Morfe,

    I am with IMG too, and was surprised to read about your remarks about members being limited to series 1 to 5. I talked to Dr. Lorenzo yesterday and he said ALL members (who paid the joining fee) are welcome to attend ALL the seminars (series 1 to 33) and all product trainings (conducted by partner companies) and all general training any number of times. .

    Roberto Prudente

  34. Hi! I have just read the comments regarding IMG. Thanks for that it gave me sort of ideas which answered some of my curiosity.We have just attended a free seminar conducted last friday which was referred by a friend. It tooks basic information and introduction of what IMG was all about. After then we have decided to join be a part of IMG because they told us that we can gained an unlimited seminars as a part of the 3800 fee. Can you clarify it it was true that it only covers 5 seminars only? This can be alarming. Thank you!

  35. It’s been two or three years since the first comment. I wonder what’s the update on some of the questions like:

    1. Is it required to be an IMG member?

    2. How many seminars are free?

    3. I also felt the same way, that Kaiser is required, though I understand the logic behind it. Is it really required? If it is a one stop shop, shouldn’t I choose which companies I want to invest in whether they are health, life, or mutual funds, etc.?

    Please respond. Your feedback is extremely important.

  36. Hi yan,

    Nothing much has changed since then, except the content of the seminars which of course has been updated with new lessons.

    Here’s a brief overview — the first couple of seminars are free and everyone can attend that. This covers basic money management lessons.

    Sometimes, the two seminars are combined in one seminar — to accommodate those who have limited free days to attend.

    You are required to pay the membership fee to attend the next series of seminars — which covers different topics like long-term healthcare, mutual fund investing, real estate investing, etc.

    The focus of IMG is not just education but also application.

    This is the reason why higher series seminars, while free for members, are only restricted to those who already have Kaiser — which is a health, life, and forced savings product.

    If you don’t have Kaiser, but you already have life and health insurance (from another company), then you can attend the higher series seminars — but you have to show proof that you do.

    IMG believes in having a strong financial foundation, which means having proper protection before exposing yourself to investing risks. That’s why you can’t attend the higher series if you’re not actively applying the lessons from the foundational series.

    It is a one-stop shop, but more than anything, it is a financial school. And just like college subjects, you can’t attend a higher series topic unless you pass the prerequisites — which in IMG, simply means being able to actually apply the lessons in your life.

    A lot of people have lost money in investments because they’re not properly protected — selling their stocks or mutual fund investments at a loss while the market is down because they need money to pay for a financial emergency.

    I hope I was able to clearly answer your inquiry.

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