I’m Promoted To Marketing Director at IMG

Updated: April 14, 2020

It was October 2012 when I signed-up for the IMG Wealth Academy.

In case you don’t know, the Wealth Academy is a school which conducts financial management seminars.

It’s run by IMG or International Marketing Group, a financial services distribution company.

I blogged about my experience on becoming an Associate member HERE and fast forward a year later…

I’m proud to say that I’m finally promoted to Marketing Director!

It was a very sunny day when a simple program was held at the IMG Wealth Academy office in Makati, where I was given my MD Blazer and MD Pin…

Getting my blazer and MD pin.
Getting my blazer and MD pin.

… and awarded a wristwatch and certificate for the promotion.

Receiving a wristwatch for the promotion.
With Drs. Jo and Jaime Lorenzo, after receiving my wristwatch.

Promotion? Are you working in the corporate world again?

No, I’m not back to being a corporate slave. Actually, it’s very far from that.

My first intention for joining IMG was to attend all the seminars of the Wealth Academy. But later on, I decided to “do the business” and pursue the income opportunity that being a member offers.

Just like in the corporate world, you will get rewarded for doing good work and receive incentives for it. Moreover, getting promoted to a higher position is part of the reason why people strive to work hard in their company.

However, when you’re an employee, your promotion is subject for approval by your supervisors – and even if you do an excellent job, if there’s no higher vacant position available, then you will not get promoted. And of course, you are in competition with your colleagues for that promotion.

But when you’re doing the business in IMG, your promotion is not subject for approval by a boss – because it’s performance-based and there’s a 100% guarantee that you’ll move up once you achieve the performance goals. No need to wait for a position to become available to get the promotion, unlike in the corporate world.

This setup immediately fosters camaraderie among your colleagues, because you’re not in competition with anybody – and everyone is actually working together as a team – helping each other to get promoted.

Below is simple comparison:


My father received a company wristwatch after being a loyal employee for 25 years.

I got mine only after a year of working hard with my team at IMG.

And the good news is… you can too!

When you sign-up to become an Associate member of IMG, you’ll get:

Free access to all the financial management seminars of the Wealth Academy
From practical money management strategies and financial planning, all the way up to health management, estate planning and everything else in between.

The opportunity to become an agent for all the companies partnered with IMG
Kaiser, Philam Life, FAMI, PAMI, Philequity Fund Inc., DMCI, Ayala Land, SMDC – these are just some of the companies that IMG is working in partnership with.

A learning environment where financial discipline is a way of life
In my opinion, this is best reason why you should join IMG – to become part of a community where everyone is proud to be a saver and not a spender.

To share experiences and stories with like-minded individuals carrying positive mindsets, to learn from each other, and have the opportunity to work with a team to reach your financial goals.

I'm still missing the Plaque, which I'll get in Macau next year!
I’m still missing the Plaque, which I’ll get at the Macau Convention next year!


Then I encourage you to first watch a FREE Online Financial Coaching video, which you can do after you fill up the form below:

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  1. Hi! Fitz I’ve just attended their free seminar last Saturday @ King’s Court Makati and it did not become clear to me on the aspect of how would earn @ IMG. Well, maybe because the speaker seems like in a hurry and the one who talk to us after the seminar is just want us to pay the 3800 pesos fee without even explaining how and how much is the potential earning. Please help me cause I’m interested on earning passive income. Tnx! Fernan

  2. Hi Fernan, I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Did you register for the seminar under my team? Or did somebody else invited you?

    If you signed up through my form, then I can refer you to Dr. Jaime Lorenzo who can tell you in more detail and help you understand better how the business works.

    If you were invited by somebody else, then you should ask him or her first about it. As much as I’d like to answer your questions, I’d like to give the person who invited you the chance to explain the business to you first, out of respect.

    Should you still need my assistance, then just reply here and I’ll contact you privately via email so we can arrange a meeting. Thanks.

  3. Congratulations Sir Fitz…

    I’m also an attendee of the free seminar last Nov. 19 @ Kings court Makati..I have the same experience like Sir Fernan.. It wasn’t really clear to me how the system works.. and how to earn from it…

    But i guess i’ll be contacting the one who invited us..

    But all in all the seminar is great..

    Thanks, Jfren..

  4. I attended the IMG seminar here in Naga for the 2nd time in my life. I first attended it way back in 2008 at King’s Court Makati when I was still a struggling graduating college student.

    Unfortunately, although it all sounded good to me, it struck me as another networking gig and fresh from a networking company where I earned but had to stop because my studies were in jeopardy, I decided to postpone the opportunity.

    Fast forward to 5 years later, and aimed with much knowledge and encouragement on finance mostly from your site, I sought the seminar offered by the company and was lucky enough to attend it.

    Now, I look forward to becoming a member both for the learning and the business.

    Just a question though, did you get a Kaiser Plan? Is it really a good form of investment or are there other alternatives? I am asking this because I value your opinion and see you as an unbiased person. 🙂

    Thank you and congrats!!! I look forward to meeting you in the future!

  5. Congrats Fitz!

    Thanks to your blog nainspire ako mag check nang financial health, work for the future and share the knowledge to others.

    I just wish nakita ko na tong blog na to around 2008 ^_^

  6. Congratulations, Sir Fitz. I attended Series 1 and 2. I’m interested in becoming an IMG Associate. Just a quick question about the fee. After the seminar, we were told that the joining fee is Php3,800. However, when I looked at the company website, the joining fee is Php3,700. Could you kindly explain further the difference between the online registration and direct office registration? Hoping for your response. Thank you.

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