How Two Decisions Made In Five Minutes Changed One Life

Updated: November 17, 2013

We make decisions everyday.

The first one – whether we should get up and start our day, or stay “five more minutes” laying on our bed.

How did you make that choice today?

Below, is a four-minute video that tells that story of Steve Mesler, and how two decisions that he made in five minutes changed his life.

From setback and injury to an Olympic gold medal – see how confidently making decisions led one bobsledder down an unexpected pathway to victory.

Look at what you’re doing in your life… and think of what you dream to do.

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  1. Very inspiring post!. Yes! taking risks opens you up to new challenges and opportunities and can help you define what you really want. I believe that if you want to pursue your dreams you have to trust yourself, though nothing is guaranteed but you will never know what are the things you are capable of doing until you do so. I enjoy the video thanks for sharing, highly recommended!

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