Ask Community #2: On JustBeenPaid, International Marketing Group and Philequity Fund

Updated: April 14, 2020

After three quarters, my crowdsourcing Q&A microsite, ASK has been steadily growing over the past few months.

I’m really glad that it’s slowly becoming an avenue of discussion for people who are trying to learn more about business, investments and personal finance.

It’s been a while since I featured questions from the site, so I decided to highlight today three questions which has recently been asked by members of the site.

With so many investment opportunities out there, it can be hard to decide which ones to pursue – given our limited time and money – that’s why doing our due diligence is a must before putting money into anything.

Below are three questions about three different investment opportunities, namely JustBeenPaid, International Marketing Group (IMG) and Philequity Fund.

Read below what the members of the community has to say about them.


LittleJowell asks for feedback regarding JustBeenPaid-JSS Tripler which is an online MLM business that borders on affiliate marketing.

The answers are mostly cautious, including mine:

Someone already invited me there. No cashout to join… so no harm in trying.

Personally, I haven’t signed up because I don’t know their privacy policy and I’m trying to lessen the spam I receive in my email inbox.

However, I told my friend who’s been inviting me that if he is able to cash out at least three times without any issues, then I might reconsider joining as it’s a sign that it’s not a scam.

Hope I was able to help.

Personally, I’m always careful at joining any internet-based multi-level marketing business opportunity – because there’s really so many scams out there.

On the other hand, you don’t want to totally dismiss all of them because there are a few that turn out to be profitable in the short term.

My rule of thumb – if you have the risk appetite, go ahead and join – but be a paranoid lunatic and expect you won’t get your investment back, and cash out as soon and as often as you can – because honestly, these types of businesses don’t last very long (in my observation).

Lastly, you should know that JustBeenPaid has recently been acquired by another company and is now operating as ProfitClicking – the names may have changed, but the same rules apply.

Be careful and never ever give to these sites any financial information about you such as bank account details, credit card numbers and the like.

International Marketing Group (IMG)

Meanwhile, community member Enzo asks about IMG – an independent firm which acts as an investment broker to many products such as insurance, mutual funds and even real estate. Locally, they also provide personal finance training and other income opportunities.

Currently, all responses given are positive and comes from actual IMG members who have been with the company for at least two years already.

The most recent, comes from Christy who shares:

I’ve been a member of IMG for about 2 years already. I’m thankful that I found this. If I didn’t, I guess I’m still wandering now. I’m earning and working so hard but didn’t know what to do with the money.

When we found IMG, I was not ready. I was scared, hesitant, and doubtful, but I took the risk of learning and finding out what is it all about. Now, I could say “I’m glad I conquered my fears.”

With their talks and other trainings I was able to start my own financial foundation. Most importantly, I was able to share it to my family and friends too. And, that is the mission of the company “No family left behind.”

It also taught me the importance of financial planning.

The responses have honestly encouraged me to look into IMG further and see what they have to offer to the ordinary Pinoy. So suffice to say, you’ll read more about them here soon, after I do my own research on the company.

Philequity Fund

Lastly, but certainly not the least, is MondC’s question about Philequity Fund – an equity mutual fund managed by Philequity Management, Inc. (PEMI).

All responses are quite positive as well, with Anthony sharing a more realistic perspective:

For me, Philequity is also a great company. I invest there too. The reason for putting the amount of money I allot for mutual funds in different accounts is that I don’t really know what company will perform better. I also invest in FAMI mainly because of their 3-5 year track record.

Indeed, it will be very hard to know which investment product or mutual fund company will perform better – and the best you can do is to diversify your portfolio to minimize your risk.

One thing I’ve learned about investing is that – your primary goal is not to lose money; while your secondary objective is to simply grow your money faster than inflation. And seeking the investment that will give the highest net gain is just your third priority.

Achieve two out of those three tasks and you’re already so much better financially than if you didn’t invest at all.

Bonus Tip: Do you want to know the best performing mutual funds in the Philippines? Check out the PIFA website. As of writing, Philequity Fund is the third best performing product based on the 5-year return.

This wraps up today’s post. I hope you found it informative. Kindly share if you did!

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  1. Hi Fitz,
    I agree with your observation on MLM. Even the legitimate ones fold after a few years. Not everyone earns as much as what they like you to think you can have. Only those at the very top do because they joined at the start.

    With regards the online MLM, I believe that the best way to convince yourself that it’s not a scam is to understand how the business works. What is the business model? How does the company earn the money so that they are able to pay you the commission.

    If it’s unexplainable, you have to doubt if its legitimate.

  2. Hi Fitz!
    I am a member of IMG sinnce 2003. What was posted by Christy was true. I felt the same way before. But because of IMG, my mind was opened to the wonderful world of financial planning. Now I am an RFP already and also an advocate of personal finance for Pinoys.

  3. Hi Fitz,

    Thanks for featuring my question from your Ask Community page. Hope others will share their experience with JBP. I’m looking forward for the article on IMG since I am also reading on it and need more information before I join them.

    Regards and more power,


  4. I am glad Little Jowell is considering joiing IMG, but after making a study… Joining IMG will be a lot of help in educating you in financial planning…

  5. Hi Fits and All,

    Just to share an input. I’m one of the leaders in IMG, I conduct Personal Finance training in IMG-Wealth Academy regularly. I’ve been with this advocacy for 2 years already.

    If you want to know the whole picture of the company, get yourself wet in Wealth Academy.


  6. Hi Fitz,

    I am an IMG member as well for almost a year now. I agree with Christy. With out it, I’m probably still wandering. Now, I’m happily learning, investing and earning. I agree with Bill too, I learned about them by joining the wealth academy before I even joined. They also made sure that before we joined, we really understood what the company is all about. It was a blessing!

  7. Hi Fitz!

    Thank you for featuring my post about IMG =) I am looking forward for your next article featuring IMG!

    More power, Fitz!

  8. Hi Fitz,

    I am an IMG member too for almost a year now. Prior to that, I had been reading/studying about personal finance. I would say that their training sessions and talks are eye opener. Though I didn’t pursue it as a side business, IMG is worth sharing specially to your love ones and people you care.

    Their members are increasing here in UAE.


  9. I am an IMG member too, and just like what Christy says I don’t know where to put my hard earn money. But unlike her, I wasn’t scared but rather excited.
    I wasn’t able to sleep then after I attended their seminar. 🙂

  10. Hi Fitz,

    Thanks for featuring my question regarding Philequity. I wish more people join your community and learn how to invest. More power and keep on posting! 🙂


  11. Hi Fitz,
    I am also a member of IMG. I joined Jan 2011 immediately after attending the Wealth Academy series. It was an eye opener and very timely for me because I’ve been pondering on my savings after working for a year abroad. I am currently based in SG, working in IT of an global investment bank so I can say I am working quite well but attending the seminar made me realize some of the things we dont learn in school and financial institutions like banks dont inform us. The rule of 72 was very helpful and also I realize saving some wont be enough in the future. I have always believed I am very good in budgeting as I have been doing it since I entered college. True enough I am able to save but because I’m just keeping it just for the sake I am saving I tend to spend it on some purchases. I have practiced delayed gratification and it doen’snt kill me. I realized the value of saving and building my emergency using it. When I have built that EF I put the amounts by investing to instruments that could give me higher interest rates than the regular savings that I knew. Above all my two other sisters is also a member of IMG which make more inclined to save and invest because we have the same mindset. We are able to plan and set financial goals together. My earnings isnt put into waste because they are also careful in managing their finances. We are working towards achieving common goals which I believe would be different if they dont practice the same financial foundation. Our younger siblings have also attended the talks and they have already started saving and investing. Indeed “No Family left behind”

  12. i have problem with IMG right now . what if i want to quit? kase ndi kme ininform n lapse account and they’ve [img] been accepting our payments for 10 months for kaiser. we want to pull out my 10months na naka freez. pls help us. [email protected]

  13. Hello…I just want to know about IMG. Why the membership is 3500 and monthly payment is 2400? How can a small person afford that?

  14. I’ve been a member of IMG and now WFMA. I recently joined WFMA because i found a family here. I am not against IMG but i found an effective and solid sytem in WFMA. And everyone here in WFMA are humbled person even they are already wealthy.

  15. Just recently joined WFMA and to be honest all members of WFMA are very friendly even to the top management. WFMA wants to teach us more about financial literacy. Walang Familiang Maiiwanan.

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