Learn About The Pomodoro Technique And Get More Things Done

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I have a friend who was promoted to brand manager about eight months ago.

From working out on the field as a salesman for several years, he now spends most of his days in the office. He analyzes sales reports, plan marketing strategies, and create presentations.

He got so used to having a lot of control over his work schedule, but that changed. Today, he’s struggling with proper time management because of all the tasks that he needs to do.

In fact, he goes to the office during most Sundays because according to him, “There’s just so much work that I need to do.”

Personally, I believe that work doesn’t really end, especially in the corporate world. Tasks and projects will come to you in a seemingly endless stream. And no matter how much work you try to accomplish, there will always be one or two things that will be left undone.

So how do you cope?

Well first and most important of all, you need to love what you’re doing. Because that’s the best motivation you can have to work on what you need to do.


Second, is to never let work overwhelm you. Because if you do, paralysis and procrastination can and will happen. One solution I’ve found that can address this problem is to divide your work into smaller, less intimidating, tasks.

And lastly, you have to learn how to rest and recuperate your energy. Working too long without taking a break will drain your efficiency and diminish the quality of your work.

The Pomodoro Technique

Below is a 5-minute video explaining what is and how to do The Pomodoro Technique, which is a well-known productivity hack that I do myself and can attest that it works.

This Ignite video features business adviser and startup consultant, Greg Head, explaining how this technique can enable you to have short bursts of useful concentration amidst your busy, distracted and multitasking life.

I’m sharing this video to my friend and hope that it can help him get more things done at the office, so he wouldn’t have to work on weekends. You should also share this to your busy friends.

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10 Responses to “Learn About The Pomodoro Technique And Get More Things Done”

  1. maricel says:

    thanks for the vid fitz!

  2. gabe says:

    I’ve been reading lots of your articles for months.So far,each and every article left mark on me.Awesome!

  3. john cruz says:

    always been informative fitz.thanks so much..actually this blog has turned me into an online entrepreneur.

  4. Bill Asignar says:


    I wonder if this will also work for students as a studying tool/technique. I’m thinking if its good to recommend this to my sister who will be taking her board exam next year. hahaha…


  5. Fitz says:

    Yes Bill, it will work for students as well. The Pomodoro technique was actually invented by a college student.

  6. Bill Asignar says:

    That’s interesting.
    I should share it with her then soon.

    thanks Fitz.

  7. Chryz says:

    Love this one, actually all your articles.. you’re giving me free seminars. Thanks Fitz.. Keep it up.. Bless you more!

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