It’s Been Five Years Since I Spent a Single Centavo on Buying Undergarments

Updated: December 27, 2014

Yes, it’s been five years since I spent a single centavo on buying undergarments such as socks, sandos, undershirts, underwear and even pajamas.

No, I’m not being a cheapskate or should I say, extremely frugal.

The truth is, I actually don’t have to buy them because I get them for free every 2-3 months.

How? Through my BDO Rewards Card.

There are many rewards cards out there, almost all department stores, major grocery outlets and retail boutiques have one. Restaurant chains and coffee shops also have some sort of a rewards card these days.

I have about 4 rewards cards in my wallet, which I regularly bring; and several others at home, which I only take with me when I know I’m going to use it.

But among all these cards, the BDO Rewards Card stands to be my favorite and never leave home without because it’s the card where you can earn points the most number of ways.

Earn points from shopping in SM and Retail Partners

Most rewards cards can get you points only when you shop in their store. But with BDO Rewards Cards, you can earn points from shopping in all establishments owned by SM.

Aside from the supermarket and department store, you can earn points at the cinema, bowling alley, skating rink and even at the Nido Science Discover Center among others.

They’ve also partnered with other merchants such as ACE Hardware, Forever 21, Toy Kingdom, Uniqlo, Shell (used to be Petron), and many others.


Earn points from your BDO Account

The mere fact that you can also earn points from your bank activities make the BDO Rewards Card truly unique. Where else can you get points by simply maintaining a savings or current account?

Other than that, you also earn points from your consumer loans, UITF accounts, credit to account remittances and whenever you use online banking to pay your bills.

Perks and Privileges Abound

With all these many options to earn points, it’s not surprising that I get around 500 free shopping points every month, which I then use to buy my undergarments and other necessities every so often.

And I’ve been doing that for around five years already, and you can too.

Apply for a BDO Rewards Card today by visiting your nearest BDO branch. You can also check out the BDO Rewards Card page online to learn more.

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