A Unique WFH Strategy for Productivity (Episode 31)

Updated: December 9, 2021

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Summary of Episode 31:

Work with Me Session. (1:40)

Co-working spaces and productivity (3:47)

YouTube Channels mentioned:

The video that inspired this episode: The most ambitious Study With Me crossover

The Pomodoro Technique (7:37)

Blog post: Learn About The Pomodoro Technique And Get More Things Done

Benefits of doing a “work with me” session. (9:46)

Mentioned app: Tandem

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Why learning about productivity is important to personal finance. (16:57)

Productivity Tips: Read my blog articles here.

Developing habits that boost productivity has allowed us to take-in many projects and accomplish a lot in our days. (21:55)

Facebook Page: Lean In PH

Advice for those who are worried about losing time for their family if they start a business. (25:51)

Money wasted can be earned back, but time wasted is time lost forever. (32:26)

Video: Our “Work with Me” session

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