Four Things Bohemians Can Teach You About Saving Money

Updated: July 10, 2023

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Historically, Bohemians refer to the people who lived in the Kingdom of Bohemia, which is now the Czech Republic.

However, pop culture has changed its meaning in recent years and now refers to those who practice Bohemianism. This is the unconventional lifestyle commonly practiced by artists, writers, musicians, and actors.

While living a life of creativity, artistic pursuit, free love, and “voluntary poverty” isn’t something that might appeal to everyone, I believe that all of us can take and really learn a thing or two from these masters of frugality.

Well, actually, it’s not just a thing or two, but four things that can hopefully help you save more money today.

Sacrifice convenience and do it yourself.

When we choose what’s convenient, we often have to pay, literally, for it. Some Bohemians learn to cut their own hair, and most make and sew their own clothes.

It may be inconvenient for most of us to do things on our own, especially when there’s someone we can readily pay to do it for us. But for them, it’s all about the creative process.

Be hungry for knowledge and learn the process.

Speaking of the creative process, those who live the Bohemian lifestyle usually have an insatiable hunger for learning. Instead of buying processed meat, for example, they will often choose to buy the raw ingredients. And then take pride in being able to learn and do the process themselves.

Many times, we buy “finished products” because we don’t know how to do them. Why not challenge yourself and learn? Remember that “homemade” is usually better and cheaper.

Limit technology and live simply.

All Bohemians I’ve met love art, literature, and nature. By limiting, and for some totally avoiding, the influence of pop culture and technology, they’ve been able to remain connected and in wonderment with the simple joys and beauty of life.

We often watch movies and television or play video and computer games for entertainment. Next time, why not try going to the library, walking in a park, attending a free independent film screening, or writing some poetry?

Find your individuality and celebrate it.

Artists create and celebrate their individuality. Embracing a Bohemian lifestyle means ridding oneself of the need to follow others because they choose to blaze their own trail. They are indifferent to trends and make their own statement to the world.

Don’t let others tell you who you are, what to wear, where to go, and what to do. Find your style and learn to become your own. Soon enough, you’ll realize there’s no more need for you to buy designer clothes, to be seen in “cool and hip” places, and to be someone else other than yourself.

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  1. nyc post again, i myself do my own hair cutting using a mirror an my own razor. my haircut is just “semi kalbo”, so i just choose among the type of razor first it was quite hard that it took me 2 hours but after much practice every month i get used to it and can finish within 30 minutes..=)

  2. I’ve found it to be less stressful to live a simple life. The dichotomy for me is that I also write about technology and while I don’t watch TV, the Internet is a gateway to a wide variety of media.
    I chose a simple life because it helps me to drastically cut costs.I did find that it’s a misconception that living simply means living with less. In fact, it has improved my standard of living, because, by doing some things for myself (growing veggies, herbs, keeping hens for eggs, making my own yoghurt, mixing muesli for breakfast etc) I have more than I need at less cost.
    You’re right. There is a lot of learning involved. Plenty of mistakes too, as you learn a new skill. But once you’ve mastered the skill and incorporated it into your routine, it takes very little time to do the task, and you can never run out of it because you can quickly make it yourself.

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