Business Lessons From Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs of 2010 Part 1

Updated: September 27, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to attend the Entrepreneur 10 Awards – an annual event by Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines that honors ten small to medium-scale entrepreneurs who have been able to reach great heights in their field of business for the year.

Held at the Grand Ballroom of the Hotel Inter Continental Manila, I felt really honored to be able to meet this year’s awardees.

But more than meeting them, I was also able to learn their success stories and pick up a few business lessons from the experiences they’ve shared to the audience that night.

I know most of these names will be unfamiliar to you – but I assure you that they’re nothing short of remarkable in what they’ve done.

Myrna Bituin
She’s the owner of Betis Crafts Inc. – a company that exports luxury furniture and home pieces for high-end brands in the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

What she has taught me: Don’t be afraid of the global market. Persevere and believe that your products are world-class.

Eduardo Cabantog
He’s the president and CEO of Alliance in Motion Global Inc. – a multi-level marketing company that exclusively distributes Nature’s Way products in the Philippines and other Asian countries.

What he has taught me: That a multi-level marketing business, if done the right way, can be successful and sustainable.

Carlos De Guzman
He is the owner of CMPP Foods Corp – the company behind Sangkalan Grill Restaurant. A former medical representative, he quit his job to follow his passion for cooking.

What he has taught me: Give what your market wants, innovate and provide quality products and service at affordable prices and you’ll grow your clientele

Mario Enriquez
He is the managing director of Extramind F&A Outsourcing – a bookkeeping and accounting business consulting and outsourcing firm that has active partnerships in the United States and Hong Kong.

What he has taught me: Find something that’s easy for you and hard for others to do, that’s how you find the right business to go into.

Domingo Ferrer
He is the president and general manager for Domferrer Designs Inc. – a furniture and houseware manufacturing company that started back in 1985 when the Philippine economy was discouraging.

What he has taught me: The best time to start a business is always now. Opportunities are out there, amidst bounty or in spite of crisis.

There are five more Outstanding Entrepreneurs to learn more. Be sure to catch Part 2 of this article by subscribing to Ready To Be Rich.

Business Lessons From Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs of 2010 Part 2


  1. Oh, you were there pala. I was the one who did the voice over of that event.

    True enough, the names were very unfamiliar to me. But I was so inspired at how they were able to reach where they are today.

  2. I was truly inspired by this people. Most especially Mr. Eduardo Cabantog our company president…

    All glory belongs to GOD!!!

    For the victory! Cheerss!!!

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