How To Choose The Right Multi-Level Network Marketing Company

Updated: October 30, 2020

Joining a multi-level or network marketing (MLM) company is a legitimate way to earn money and become rich. I personally know two people who have become millionaires because of it, and a handful of friends who earned modest profits.

But I’m sure, like me, you know a lot more people who lost money and failed miserably in this kind of business opportunity.

So what went wrong for them?

Many factors affect one’s potential for MLM success, and one of them is not choosing the right network marketing company that suits their skills and capabilities.

And this is what I would like to help you with today, to give you some tips and advice on how to decide which multi-level marketing business is right for you.

But before anything else, I encourage you to first read my other articles on this topic. They serve as a primer to what network marketing is all about:


Qualifications of a Good MLM Company:

The first thing you need to do is to check if it’s a legally registered company with a physical office and complete business permits. This is common sense and most of the time, they will pass this qualification.

After that, more due diligence is required of you to research the following:

  • The company should be stable, with reputable investors and a board of directors who have proven track records in the field of business.
  • It should have an excellent, unique and tangible product that you, yourself, are willing to pay for and use.
  • It has a clear and fair product pricing with a business model that is NOT dependent on membership recruitment to profit and survive.
  • The company should have a good support system that provides free training and education to members and a well-running system for customer service and complaints.

If you’re not willing or simply do not have the time to research the above-mentioned details. Then I can bravely say that multi-level marketing is NOT for you.

However, if you’ve done your assignment and have found a couple of network marketing companies that pass these qualifications. Which among them should you finally choose and sign up with?

How To Choose The Right MLM Company:

In a nutshell, one should choose the one that fits their needs and wants, one that complements their values and belief system.

Deciding which MLM company to join in should be like choosing a spouse. There should be the “right chemistry” between you and the business’ products and people to become successful.

Ask yourself these questions to help you decide:

  • Do I believe in their products and I’m willing to use them myself?
  • Will I be proud to announce to everyone I know that I am a member of this company?
  • Do I know a lot of people who will be interested in using this product?
  • Will I be comfortable in selling this product to people I barely know?
  • Am I willing to be known in my social network as a member of this company for years to come?

While all questions are important, the last one is something you should really think about. Network marketing success is all about focus and sticking to just one company for the long haul.

The two people I know who become millionaires have been in their respective MLM companies for more than five years already, and they both say that their secret was patience, persistence, optimism, and loyalty to their chosen business.

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  1. Thanks for this. It somehow gave a closure to your other MLM-related articles which I have been following closely. I am registered in one and I am just confirming if I made the right choice.

  2. I was glad I came across this article! I was close to joining a MLM (UNO, specifically) but decided against it eventually because I wasn’t so confident about what I was getting myself into.

    Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  3. there are lots of MLM companies in the Philippines but only a few (I mean very very few) could pass the above criteria – most of them are scammers.

  4. i have also attended seminars regarding MLM (UNO), and they were very enticing; however, i find it too good to be true. Networking is only god if you are in the top of the pyramid. Membership would cost 7,000+. Don’t want to waste that amount…

  5. Praise the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST!

    Hi, I joined Alliance In Motion Global Inc. I thank GOD for the life of our directors kasi we made it to be in the 10 Outstanding Entrepreneurs of 2010! Grabeh all glory belongs to GOD! Its more than money and experience to earn but now to be an exporter too. We are making global now! Thank GOD for the learning in the MLM

    We love our company! our people and our business!

    AIM Global Inc.

    Cheers!!! We made it for the glory of GOD!

  6. whew, halos diko nabasa yong mga maliliit na requirements. anyway, MLM is a real too good to be true. You really have to work a lot. And has to wait like waiting for a tree to bear fruits in few years, once na-achieved mo yan – CONGRATULATIONs, you made it. But there are more ways to earn money without acting like a “demon” to entice others to believe our products. Just look around.

  7. @ czar – it is up to you if you think your “demon” like when you entice others to believe in your products. I rebuke those demonic forces in the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, it is powerless and will not prosper in the power of the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST! I declare holiness and righteousness flows into my business, in the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, Amen! Please excuse me Czar, I just tell the truth to my clients its up to them if they buy or not, its not my problem I just want to help and be a channel of GOD’s blessing through the business or product that I shared with them. I still love them even if they did not buy from me.

    I think its up to the person how they present it or what is their motives in their heart. You can feel it if the person just do their marketing spell or lie or hook you up. But at the end of the day it is the relationship to GOD really matters, if they have relationship with GOD it is trust-worthy, if not it is deceiver…

  8. While I’ve been attracted to the benefits of MLM when I attended their seminars, ultimately, I wondered whether I could make it work for ME. I’m not a very salesy, networking person, so I was very apprehensive about it. While I could talk passionately about products I already love, I have yet to find an MLM company that has “stolen my heart” in terms of their product suite.

    That being said, I was wondering why you/your successful MLM businesspeople friends cited that “loyalty to their chosen business” was a key factor to their success.

    I know of people who have jumped bridges from MLM to MLM, and I’m not really sure if they are truly successful (hard to tell, because MLM people tend to *project* success but some aren’t really what they project). I used to think that it was a matter of finding a few MLM’s you’d be comfortable with, then making the products and the networking move.

    I have two questions:

    1. If the person wants to join two or three MLM companies, would it be detrimental to his/her MLM success?
    2. By “loyalty” did you/your MLM friends mean loyalty to one single company, or to the MLM field in general (so that the MLM businessman will persevere, in spite of moments of discouragement, etc.)?

    Thanks much!

  9. @ Lorie With your 2 questions these are my answers: I don’t believe on that loyalty to one single company, no such thing as that but we give loyalty to the person who are involve, because MLM is relational business, its not the products or services perce.I am not focusing on the companies but much focus on my GOAL. I joined 3 MLM busines, managing them is like managing our selves. It would reflect on how we manage our selves or finances. Just know there FAB – (Features, Advantages and Benefits) They are different products and services, like health and wellness, loading business and travel business. They have different markets and industry. Most of the MLM people or the traditional networkers is focusing only to their uplines or companies but NOT focusing on their GOALS. Then ask them how much is their savings, they said none. Many MLM people reached the top but because they dont have GOALS they came up to nothing again. It is up to the personality or character of the person not the MLM companies!

    May the LORD blessed to be a blessing to many people!

  10. More often than not, we understand a multi-level marketing company after we join and start earning money. It’s always wise to not commit too much in the initial stage and do serious work after the initial euphoria is settled.

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