Building An Online Store With Multiply

Updated: July 4, 2011

When you’re looking for extra income, the easiest way to find it is to sell something.

But aside from the contention of what to sell, two other important questions that need immediate answers are where and how to sell your products.

And for some, specially a good number of enterprising Filipinos out there, building an online store through Multiply is the answer.

Multiply ( is a social networking website whose services emphasize on sharing media such as photos, videos and blog entries to your real life connections. It started in March 2004 and now has over 11 million registered users – with Filipinos making up at least 2.2 million of that population.

While there are many other social networking sites out there such as Friendster and Facebook, Multiply has become the preferred medium for Pinoy entrepreneurs when it comes to building an online store.


In an interview with several Multiply online store owners, most of them agree on the following advantages that the social network brings:

  • It’s free to sign up. There’s no web hosting fees to pay for your online store. Moreover, you can just buy a domain name and point it to your Multiply account.
  • It’s user friendly and easy to customize. Even a “non-techie” can build his or her own online store within minutes.
  • The social networking aspect of Multiply encourages meaningful connections with potential and existing customers.

When asked about the disadvantages, they share:

  • Lack of a ratings system. Although post responses or comments can serve as testimonials, those who wish to do so would have to sign up for a Multiply account first.
  • While customizing is easy and there are numerous free multiply themes and layouts available online, a good knowledge on CSS is required to fully transform your page into a unique layout that will meet your preferences in design.
  • With so many people already using Multiply for their business and freelance activities, there is a tendency for others to “spam” your site with their own ads. While you can easily moderate and delete these comments, it doesn’t really discourage others from still doing it.
  • The Multiply Terms of Service specifies that it cannot be used for commercial use by its members, which makes your online store at possible risk of being closed down anytime.

Yes, you’ve read it right, Multiply’s TOS has a section on Non Commercial Use by Members, which has been already been subject to a lot of interpretation – the most popular being that it only applies to corporate and business entities and not individuals; and that as long as you don’t spam others and don’t get reported for spamming, you’re safe.

So while the Multiply admin has yet to make an official statement regarding this issue, online store owners in Multiply are advised to always be ready. Make sure you have a back-up of your content as well as your contacts and customers in your network.

In the meantime, one fact still remains, people have taken advantage of the popularity of social networking websites and have transformed it to become more than just a place to connect.

Update: Thanks to Paulo who made a comment below, it’s now legal and also, so much easier, to sell stuff in Multiply because of Multiply Commerce ( aka Multiply 5.0 ).

Multiply’s TOS on Selling and Shoppingsource

Multiply allows users who comply with this Agreement and our policies to offer, sell and buy goods and services via the Website. We are not directly involved in any transaction between buyers and sellers. As a result, Multiply has no control over the quality, safety, morality or legality of any aspect of the items listed, the truth or accuracy of the listings, the ability of sellers to sell items or the ability of buyers to pay for items, even if the sale and listing of such items is prohibited by this Agreement. As a mere conduit, Multiply does not provide any warranty for the products sold nor guarantee the services being offered by any user. We do not pre-screen users or the content or information provided by users. Therefore, we cannot ensure that any buyer or seller will actually complete a transaction. We cannot guarantee the true identity, age, and nationality of a user. You should communicate directly with your potential transaction partners through the tools available on the Website or otherwise. You may also wish to consider using a third-party escrow service or services that provide additional user verification.

With resourcefulness, creativity and innovative thinking, online social networks such as Multiply have become and will remain a tool for enterprising individuals to make money online.

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  1. I’ve emailed Multiply regarding their TOS a year ago, and said that as long as a certain multiply account who sells something didn’t scam or spam is okay.

  2. Thanks Ada for the clarification, that was also the answer of the Multiply Users Group to me, but the admin of the site has yet to give their reply through email. I guess I will receive the same answer. 😀




  4. hi…interesting post

    i have just made our own multiply acount for our company, which for me is a great start in introducing our product. though we have still plans to create our own domain name, for starters i think this will do. one disadvantage also on having a free online selling account is that, some big companies would think that one’s products are not to be trusted since a domain name is not made. but for me multiply is a great site to promote and gain broader market then start a private domain name. also this enhances confidence with the entrepreneur on marketing his product in the early phase of the business.

    this would be our companies multiply account.

  5. Hi. How do I start my website with multiply? I would like to advertise our laundry business here in cebu.

  6. Hi Jojo, just go to their website and create your free account. Then design your layout and promote your site to your friends and contacts. 😀

  7. We started with our multiply site a year ago ( and now we have our own domain and shopping cart. The business is good. Without Multiply, it would have been difficult to sell our product because we are just a small company and we cannot pay for spaces in Malls.

  8. I was then just an online member of multiply until I found a sideline and tried to create an online site for it. I agree that volume of sales increased and now aside from my work, I have another source of income minus the rent. 🙂 here is my precious site:

  9. Hello, I simply stopped by this website express that these designs are good. Carry on the great work, I’m going to look around a little more. Many thanks!

  10. “Multiply ( is a social networking website whose services emphasize on sharing media such as photos, videos and blog entries to your real life connections. It started in March 2004 and now has over 11 million registered users – with Filipinos making up at least 2.2 million of that population.” Almost people are using internet to their business.

  11. Selling at Multiply is way way easier. Our main objective is to let budding entrepreneurs focus more selling online and get past all the hassle of setting an online shop.

    For example, since Multiply Commerce ( aka Multiply 5.0 ) just launched, you will only have to have one BDO or BPI account and Multiply takes care of the Payment Options such as BDO and BPI over the counter payments, GCash, and Paypal. Soon, there’s also be Credit Cards and Debit Card payments. In other words, merchants will be able to offer those accounts with even opening merchant accounts for each.

    Plus aside from the Payment Facility, Multiply now has Product Listings, shopping cart and a place where you can manage your business, which is the Stockroom.

    If you wanna know what I’m talking about, just head on to, our official merchandise shop or 🙂

  12. i wonder how much is the market share of multiply here in the Philippines because e-commerce for me is not been a success here unlike in US

  13. Hi. When I’ve learned that multiply offers an e-commerce facility in their site, I joined and I tried it myself. Unfortunately, I do not have a good knowledge in customizing a site and i’m having a difficulty of building my own one aside from it will take too much of my time. I saw your blog and I thought that you might be a help of referring me to someone who knows about this. I can hire him to customize my e-commerce multiply account.Your reply will be appreciated. Thank you.


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