Are You a Specialist or a Multipotentialite?

Updated: December 30, 2020

In my speaking engagements, I normally share the story of how I used to be a civil engineer who decided to become an entrepreneur, and later on a financial planner.

And whenever my audience are college students, one of the questions that I am always asked is why did I take up engineering in the first place, and not a business or finance-related course instead.

My honest answer is because I wanted to be an engineer since I was a kid, and it was just later on in my life, when I was already working in the corporate world, that I discovered that I have a passion for business and personal finance.

Almost immediately, worried faces would show and I could imagine them reluctantly asking themselves if they’d turn up to be like me — someone who “threw away” their college education to pursue a different career.

As if I read their minds, I’d say, “When you discover your calling, don’t be afraid to pursue it even if it meant abandoning your academic background. You are not throwing away your education by doing so because you’ll still get to use a lot of the things you learned in college, such as analytical thinking and social skills to name a few.”

“And more importantly,” I’d continue. “Don’t ever feel guilty if you have many interests and you want to pursue them all. It’s okay, and perfectly normal. Some of us are just born to be multipotentialites — or someone who has more than one calling in life.”

Why Some of us Don’t Have One True Calling

Recently, I stumbled upon this video that perfectly relates the struggling thoughts I had when I realized that I didn’t want to be an engineer anymore.

This 12-minute video by writer and artist, Emilie Wapnick is an illuminating talk, which describes multipotentialites and how they are different from specialists; and why one is not really better than the other, as both have important roles in society.

Entitled, “Why some of us don’t have one true calling” — it is a light but informative discussion that encourages all multipotentialites to embrace their plural nature.

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  1. Hello po sir Fitz, Thank you po sa post nyo na ito ngayon nalaman ko po na isa pala akong multipotentialite. Graduate po ako ng Electronics and Communication at habang nag aaral ako ang hilig ko is mag aral kung pano kumita ng pera online. Tapos gusto ko din maging isang web developer, Kaya nung nag trabaho na ko habang nasa work nag aral ako ng mga codes. Tapos pag tangal tagal nalipat ang interest ko sa pag aaral ng mobile application. Tapos nag blog po ako at nag quite sa trabaho dahil nakita ko na mas maganda yung kikitain ko po sa pag bblog. at eto dumating naman sa point na gusto ko naman masubukan yung pag iinvest after ko mabasa yung ibang post niyo po. Tapos nalipat na naman yung interest ko at pinasok ko naman ang Multi Level Marketing.

    Ang ganda po ng shinare nyo. Akala ko dati sabi ng pinsan ko dahil wala akong talagang master na isang bagay para akong “Jack of all traits” pero after ko mapanood yung video mas naunawaan ko na yung sitwasyon ko po. SALAMAT po

  2. Great share, thanks Fitz! Now I understand better what ‘powers’ I can bring to the table, hehehe 🙂 No longer labeled as just “one” role, but as someone who can be many and still be great at the many. The stigma of “Jack of all trades, Master of none” seems passe, because NOT EVERYONE is called to be a Master of a single, focused role. Multipotentialites bring balance to the world, and are able to bring “multi-flavors” to an otherwise single dimensional approach in viewing a person or situation. I mean, honestly, who is really single-dimensional in life? They say man only uses 10% of one’s brain. So maybe a multipotentialite is able to reach in and tap into more than 10% of his brain 😉

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